Essay on Why Winter is the Best Season

Winter is the Best Season

The vision of cold and foggy mornings, droplets of dew resting on the florets and leaves of plants, a sip of hot tea or coffee gives us the essence of the winter season. Everybody is seen fully covered with winter clothes like sweaters, mufflers, long coats, etc. This season is liked and awaited by many of us. It has its unique specialties which make this season an admirable one.

Short and Long Essay on Winter is the Best Season in English

Here is an essay that explains the uniqueness of the winter season. I think it might be helpful to students in exams, writing essays, and completing their projects and assignments.

Winter is the Best Season Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Out of the four seasons, I consider winter the best season.

2)  Watching the foggy morning in sweaters is amazing.

3) We use to wear winter clothes from head to toe.

4) Sitting in front of a bonfire or heater is pleasurable.

5) In winter we can enjoy various winter fruits and vegetables.

6) In winters we can see various migratory birds coming to our country.

7) The winter flowers make the atmosphere graceful.

8) Winter vacation is another joy of this season.

9) Various festivals like Christmas, New Year, and Makar Sankranti falls in winter.

10) The joy of eating delicious food with hot beverages comes only in winters.

Short Essay on Why Winter is the best season (250 words)


There are four seasons in India namely summer, winter, monsoon, and spring. Every season is having its own beauty and significance. Winter is the most love season by all among all the four seasons. The winter season is experienced in India from November till February. December and January are regarded as the coldest months of the winter season.

Why is the winter season loved by all?

Winters season is one of the most beautiful seasons among all four seasons of the year. There are some specialties that make the winter season a special one.

  • The chilly winds in the winter mornings refresh us from inside.
  • Different beautiful flowers bloom in the winter season and they enhance the beauty of this season.
  • Various fresh vegetables and fruits are available in winter.
  • The people enjoy a variety of recipes and a popular sweet delicacy called gazar ka halwa in the winter season.
  • The mountains and hilly areas have an elegant view in the winter season as they are covered with snow.
  • Popular festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and Makar Sankranti are celebrated in this season with great enthusiasm and joy.
  • Children enjoy winter vacations as they do not have to wake up early in the morning.
  • People make plans to visit the mountainous regions in the winter vacations with their family and friends. They enjoy the games like making a snowman, ice skating, snowball fighting, etc.
  • Winters are the best time for studies as there is no problem of sweating or heat in this season.


The coldness of the winter season is felt more in villages and mountainous regions. The people burn woods and sit around it to keep them warm. In winters people are mostly seen basking in the sun or sitting around the wood fire to keep themselves warm. They also enjoy hot drinks like tea and coffee during the gossips while sitting around the fire. Winters season is a great time to enjoy and feel happy.

Long Essay on Winter Season: A Best Season (1200 Words)


The winter season is the best among all the four seasons of India. Many places in India experiences normal winters but some places are covered by snow because of heavy snowfall in those regions. The feeling of laziness in stepping out of our cozy blankets reminds us of the arrival of this season. Games like snowball fighting, ice hockey, gliding, and making snowmen are mostly played by people in winters.

Why do I Love Winters?

I love winters among all the seasons of the year. The winter season arrives along with a lot of freshness. We get rid of excessive sweating and hot sun. We get school holidays which are referred to as winter vacation. This is the most loved time of mine. I use to wake up late from my cozy blanket in the morning without the tension of attending schools and regular studies. Many of the time we have a plan to visit different places during the holidays. Last year we enjoyed making snowballs and throwing them on each other, making snowman, gliding, skating on snow, etc in Dehradun. The school and office time also gets rescheduled during winters according to convenience.

Different types of food dishes are prepared in winter and served hot. Most of the time we prefer enjoying hot beverages like tea and coffee to get rid of cold chills. My grandmother and mother knit sweaters during winters. Every year I get anyone clothing scarf, sweaters, and dresses of my dolls knitted by my grandmother. Every morning and evening I along with my friends and sisters play badminton. This helps in enhancing our energy, get rid of laziness, and making our body fit.

The Christmas and New Year also fall in the same season and adds more fun and liveliness to this season. The Christmas tree and churches are decorated before Christmas Eve. Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and joy by cutting Christmas cake, singing hymns, dancing around a lighted bonfire, and exchanging gifts. I love everything about this season.

Specialties of Winter Season

There are a few characteristics that are related and unique to the winter season. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The winter season starts slowly after Diwali festival in the month of October or November and ends in the month of February.
  • Days get shorter and nights get of longer duration during winters, so everyone enjoy long hours of sleep.
  • Schools get closed for almost a month from 25 December to 14 January; this is the main reason why students love this season the more.
  • People are seeing burning wood pieces on the roadside or in front of their houses to keep themselves warm. Neighbours gather there and they enjoy morning and evening togetherness.
  • In the low sunlight, all the family members spend their time on the roofs and children enjoy kite flying whole day.
  • Numerous migratory birds like Siberian cranes; Great Flamingo, White Pelican, etc. visit our country during the winters.
  • The climate becomes favourable and pleasing during the winters. We can see many plants like dahlia, poppy, rose, etc blooming with flowers. Example: Palash tree is full of flowers and seems as if a tree is dressed like a bride.
  • A variety of fruits and vegetables are available in winters which would be helpful in preparing various types of food and snacks. These are served hot. People enjoy drinking tea and coffee at regular intervals to keep their bodies warm and energetic.
  • It is best season for health building for everyone because we get variety of fruits and vegetables at affordable price. We enjoy lots of recipes in winter such as gajar ka halwa, aloo/matar paratas, saag, mashroom, and so many.

Winter Tour to Mountainous Regions

The regions like the valleys in Himalayas, Uttrakhand, and other mountainous regions are covered with ice and snow because of the heavy snowfalls in those regions. So, many families enjoy winter vacations in these areas especially to experience blood-freezing cold in winters. People, especially wear long coats, boots and cover their ears and nose. They enjoy games like playing each other with snow, ice hockey, skating, etc. The heavy snowfall most of the time blocks the pathways and roads in these areas, so, they lose their connectivity most of the time.

Importance of Winter Season in Real Life

  • Winter season brings a lot of fairs and festival to entertain us such as Christmas, New Year, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Vasant Panchami, and finally Holi at the end.
  • We also enjoy celebrating one the most important national festivals, the Republic Day that falls on 26th of January. We enjoy live telecast with our family at home directly from the India Gate, Delhi.
  • It is the best season for the farmers because Rabi crops can be grown at low temperature only if there is not frost and rain.
  • We can take a good sound sleep during winters that is necessary for our health. It also makes us available with our most favourite recipes, that’s why; it is called as body building season of the year.
  • It is the best season for study purpose, eating purpose, sports and athletics purpose, travelling purpose, etc.
  • Morning and evening walk during winters are healthier as the pollution level is low at these times of the day. People inhale more fresh air loaded with oxygen during winters.
  • The people get rid of insects, reptiles, and bugs as they are hibernating during this season due to excessively cold temperatures.
  • This weather is of great help to plants to attain more energy by chilling dormancy. The crops give a better yield if there is no rain or frost.

Some Drawbacks of Winter Season that cannot be Ignored

The winter season is full of challenges for the poor sections of society. They are not equipped with different types of facilities to protect them from the icy cold winters. Some people are not having homes and therefore they have to spend their nights outside. Every day in the newspaper we come across different news about the death of people from cold.

Many animals also die as they cannot survive the extreme temperature. The blankets and burning of firewood at regular intervals on the roadside are arranged by the government and public but they are not enough to fulfill the needs of people. Travelling is greatly affected in this season as several flights are canceled and trains are delayed from reaching the destination on time.


The winter season is full of joy and adventures. People plan picnics and visit different places during the winter holidays. Many birds, insects, and reptiles gather food before the arrival of this season as it would not be easy for them to collect food during cold weather conditions. Many people especially old and children prefer to remain indoors during the winter season. We should contribute some clothes and food to the poor people who are unable to afford the same.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which is the coldest country in the world?

Ans. Antarctica, having a temperature of about -67 degrees Centigrade, is the coldest country in the world.

Q.2 Which festivals make winters more interesting?

Ans. The festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and Makar Sankranti fall in winter that makes winters full of fun.

Q.3 What attracts people in mountainous regions during winters?

Ans. The mountainous regions experience snowfall during winters that attract people from different regions in the world.

Q.4 What games do we enjoy in winters?

Ans. Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cycle racing, badminton, etc are the games we enjoy in winter.