Essay on Christmas Celebration in School

Christmas Celebration in School

The arrival of the month of December reminds us of two great occasions. The first occasion is Christmas which is followed by the celebration of New Year. Christmas celebration at the end of the year gives a good farewell to the passing year. It is a great occasion in the ending month of the year for which we are eagerly awaiting every year.

Short and Long Essay on Christmas Celebration 2022 in School in English

I have provided below 10 Lines Essay on Christmas Celebration in School, a short essay of 250 words, and a long essay of 1000 words that might be helpful and enhance the ideas and knowledge of students on the topic of Christmas celebrations in school 2022.

Christmas Celebration in My School Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The biggest festival of Christians is celebrated on 25 December as Christmas.

2) This day is celebrated by people of all religions with great joy and enthusiasm.

3) The festival of Christmas is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

4) The Christmas celebration doubles the joy of children, who eagerly wait for Santa Claus.

5) Many schools celebrate Christmas and New year before winter vacation as schools remain closed on this day.

6) Students start preparing for Christmas a week before.

7) Christmas trees are decorated in schools,which is an important part of the Christmas celebration.

8) Children along with teachers organize various programs related to Jesus Christ.

9) Christmas is celebrated by singing carols, dancing, and exchanging gifts.

10) Christmas cake and chocolates are distributed among the children in schools.

Short Essay on Christmas Celebrations in School (250 words)


The festival of Christmas that falls every year on the 25th of December is regarded as the biggest festival of Christians. It marks the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ the founder of Christianity. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in the whole world. The festival is not only celebrated by Christians but also by the people of all religions.

The festival of Christmas is most awaited by children. They love celebrating the festival of Christmas because they eagerly wait for the gifts given by the Santa Clause. The festival of Christmas doubles the happiness of the winter season in India.

Christmas Celebration

The preparations for the Christmas celebration are started a week before the arrival of Christmas. People happily decorate the Christmas tree. The decoration of the Christmas tree is an important part of the celebration of Christmas. The children are most excited for this festivity as Christmas is celebrated in every school before it closes for the winter vacations.

Organization of Christmas Celebration in Schools

In most schools, Christmas and New Year are celebrated together before the winter vacations. The programs related to the birth of Jesus Christ are prepared and presented by the students and teachers. The Christmas cake is cut by the principal and is distributed among all the school staff and children. Lastly, the function is ended by the arrival of Santa Clause with the song “Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way”. The Santa Clause gives blessing to children and distributes the gifts among them. The cake and gifts are also distributed to poor children by the school staff on this day.


Christmas celebration makes the end of the year a beautiful one. It spreads love and harmony among people of different religions. The ending of the Christmas celebration marks the beginning of the New Year celebration.

Long Essay on How Do We Enjoy Christmas Celebration at School 2021 (1000 Words)


I think we all are well aware of the name of Jesus Christ, popularly known as God’s messenger. Every year 25th of December is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is the biggest festival of Christians but celebrated by the people of every religion all around the world. The day is also termed as ‘big day’ or ’bada din’ and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. The children are most excited and waiting for this festival.

Commemoration of Christmas Festival

Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians and is celebrated by people all over the world. The festival is celebrated with great happiness and joy. The number of people belonging to Christianity in India is limited in number and is dispersed. Despite this factor, the festival is celebrated with great pomp and show as people of all religions celebrate this occasion.

The preparation for this festival starts one month before. People buy dresses, different items of decoration, and gifts for each other. It is very exciting to do shopping for making this occasion a happening one. The houses and churches are cleaned and whitewashed and decorated before the arrival of the festival. The Christmas tree is decorated fully with stars, balloons, and lights.

The Christmas tree symbolizes new life and a new spirit. The festival is celebrated by singing carols, hymns, prayers, the lighting of bonfire and dancing around it, parties and exchanging of gifts and wishes. People after offering their prayers arrange midnight parties at their homes and enjoy different kinds of food and drinks.

An Account on Christmas Celebration

  • Long years back somewhat in between 6-4 BC in the coldest month of the year, a baby said to be the ‘Son of God’ was born to Joseph and Mother Mary in Bethlehem.
  • Mother Mary gave birth to the child in a stable.
  • The baby was named Jesus Christ and he grew up to save people from evil by spreading the messages of love and harmony among people.
  • Jesus was called the incarnation of God as he was born by the blessing of God to Virgin Mother Mary.
  • The angels after the birth of Jesus gave the message of the arrival of the messenger of God to the shepherds.
  • 25th of December, that is not exact, is marked as a day to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus who made sacrifices and gave several preaching and teachings and was born as the saviour.
  • There are also many other religious hypotheses behind the celebration of this festival.

Christmas Celebration 2021 in My School

The celebration of Christmas and New Year is organized in all the schools. Christmas is celebrated in my school with great enthusiasm and zeal. The kids are most excited about the celebration of the fest. There is a church inside our school premises as our school is a mission school. The church is cleaned and decorated with garlands, lights, ribbons, and balloons. The Christmas tree is decorated with stars, balloons, and lights by the students. The stage is decorated by workers and they are assisted by the senior students.

The beginning of the program is initiated by a welcome song. Many programs and plays depicting the birth and rejoicing after the birth of Jesus Christ are performed by students. Christmas carols are sung by the choir group. The principal delivers a speech dedicated to the festival of Christmas and gives his warm wishes to every one of us. At last one of our teachers dressed in the costume of Santa clause i.e. red attire and great white beard and mustaches roams on a bike and throws gifts among students, especially kids.

Every student receives a Christmas cake in their respective classes from their teachers. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are done on the same day as school closes for winter vacation. The ending day of the year and before the beginning of the school holidays is cherished by a beautiful celebration.

Arrangement of a Program on Christmas Eve for Poor Students

The teachers along with the co-ordination of some students organize a program on the same day after school hours for the poor students residing nearby the school premises. Every child is provided with a set of new dresses. The arrangement for their dresses is done previously by our school administration. Different small programs are presented by teachers and students for their enjoyment. They also participate in the program. Further, the gifts are distributed among them along with Christmas cakes. This is the charity work which is done by our school. They also come to school for taking free classes and learning. The smile on their faces gives the real satisfaction of celebrating the festival.

My Christmas Eve Celebration

We celebrate Christmas every year at our home with our friends residing in the colony. We decorate the Christmas tree and keep it in our veranda. The Christmas tree appears beautiful after decorating it. A Christmas cake is baked by our mother. After decorating we celebrate by dancing to the music, clicking pictures, etc. Many times we visit the holy church which appears like a paradise on this day. Since our childhood, we used to hang socks. It is believed that the Santa clause will keep the gifts inside the shocks when we hang them during the night in the outer premises of the house. My father keeps chocolates inside the socks to make us happy.

Exchange of Gifts and Wishes on Christmas Eve

People of the Christian religion start preparing for the celebration of the festival 3-4 days before. They buy gifts for every member of the family and close ones. They give gifts after offering a prayer to God. The name of the person giving the gift is not mentioned. The person receiving the same had to guess the name of the person who had given the gift. The cards with the written wishes of merry-making are also exchanged by the people greeting Merry Christmas.


Christmas is the festival that teaches us to live with harmony and love. It also teaches sharing and helping the poor and needy. There is a lot of satisfaction in sharing our things with others. This festival is celebrated by people of every religion. It is celebrated in the whole world with great excitement and joy. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingles all the way is the favorite song of kids and reminds them of the coming of Santa uncle.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What does Christmas signify?

Ans. The festival Christmas signifies how to make others happy and live for others.

Q.2 Which country in the world does not celebrate Christmas?

Ans. Christmas is not celebrated in North Korea and there is no freedom to practice the religion of our choice.

Q.3 What does the Christmas tree symbolize?

Ans. The Christmas tree symbolizes a new life or new spirit.

Q.4 What was the first Christmas Carol?

Ans. ‘Angles Hymn’ recorded in 129 AD is considered to be the first Christmas Carol.

Q.5 What does the star on the top of the Christmas tree represent?

Ans. The star on the top of the Christmas tree represents Faith.

Q.6 Who was the first Santa clause and started distributing gifts on Christmas?

Ans. Saint Nicholas, the bishop Myra situated in Anatolia around 270 AD, is regarded as the first Santa and he distributed gifts to poor and needy children.