Essay on Save Trees Save Nature

We always call nature our ‘mother’, do you know the reason? Nature has the capability to reproduce. Just like mothers, who give birth to a new life, nature also gives birth to many new lives. Just like a mother, nature does not expect anything in return, it only serves you with all the things it has. Although we consider nature as a mother but never treat it like that. Today, humans are blindfolded by greed for money such that he is unable to see things more precious than wealth. Today we will understand the role of trees in saving nature.

Short and Long Save Trees Save Nature Essay in English

Here, I’m providing short and long essays on Save Trees Save Nature in different word limit. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 including higher classes. However, this topic holds extreme importance for people in understanding the importance of trees in our life.

Save Trees Save Nature Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Trees are a very crucial part of nature.

2) To save nature, we must save trees.

3) Trees play several parts in maintaining the ecosystem on Earth.

4) Trees are the most beautiful jewelry of nature.

5) Existence of nature is totally dependent on trees.

6) Trees secure nature by making it pollution-free.

7) Trees are cutting down for bad reasons that are affecting nature.

8) Nature is totally incomplete without trees.

9) Trees are the home of wildlife animals.

10) The more we plant trees, the more our nature will heal.

Short Essay on Save Trees Save Nature (200 – 250 Words)

Nature supports the life of many living organisms. And the life of nature is supported by trees. Without trees, nature will become lifeless and useless. They play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. From the main necessity to survive (oxygen) to small things like toys, pencils, baskets, brooms, etc are provided by trees. We get almost everything from nature. Many trees are responsible for giving us fruits, spices, oils, etc.

Trees give us priceless things without expecting anything in return. Humans are blessed to receive this precious gift from god. We should understand its importance and our responsibilities towards them. Harming trees refers to harming nature. This means we are indirectly ruining our mode of survival. Being an intelligent animal on this planet, we can’t promote this foolish act. We all know the importance of trees and hence the need to be saved.

Due to growing urbanization and industrialization, the forest cover of India and many other countries are now decreasing. The increasing deforestation is now a major threat to nature. The government is also trying to raise awareness among people regarding saving trees. But a healthy nature will only be possible when all humans join hands together. Just by planting trees, we will be successful in restoring our healthy nature.

Long Essay on Save Trees Save Nature (500 – 600 Words)


Nature is the physical world that is gifted to us by god. Nature includes all the things in the environment that are not man-made. This comprises water, trees, plants, animals, the sea, etc. Nature supports life and gives us many things to live life peacefully. Apart from several benefits, nature is also a good healer. Many people like spending time with nature. Even some diseases require the treatment of nature therapy. Therefore, if we want a safe nature we should first ensure the safety of trees.

Trees – The Forefront of Nature

Trees are at the forefront of nature. A wide species of flora and fauna that makes a healthy nature is supported by trees. Trees are responsible for consuming an excess of carbon dioxide from nature and giving us oxygen to survive. Everything in nature is facing the threat of pollution. This danger can be reduced by trees. Whether it is purifying the air, protecting the soil from erosion, maintaining climate change, or serving as the home to other living organisms, trees are the life of nature.

Common Uses of Trees – Importance of Trees

Trees give us many things. Humans are dependent on trees for every small to large necessity. Some of the uses of trees are mentioned below:

  • Fuel: In earlier times, trees were the primary source of fuel. People use to collect wood from the forest and then used it to cook food by burning them. However, in rural areas, people still use wood as fuel.
  • Food: Many fruits like apples, mangoes, cherries, etc are grown on trees. Many dry fruits and spices that are good for the health of humans are obtained from trees. The leaves of some trees are also consumed by humans.
  • Timber: Before the arrival of bricks and cement, houses were made from woods. Now also trees are used for making doors, windows, furniture, boats, railway sleepers, staircases, carts, etc.
  • Art: Trees are also known for creating art. Bonsai are used for decorating houses. People also plant trees in their indoors. Tree shaping is another art that attracts people’s attention to the beauty of the trees.
  • Other: Many trees have medicinal properties and hence are used in making medicines. Other things like rubber, paper, jute, etc are obtained from trees.

Government Schemes to Save Trees

The government is also trying to prevent trees from the unwanted cut. For this many rules and regulations are enforced in India. Some of the programs initiated by the government are as follows:

  • National Afforestation Programme (NAP): This scheme aims to conserve trees and focus on restoring degraded forests. It also encourages people to contribute more and more to planting trees. This scheme is implemented from the fund distributed between both state and the center.
  • Green India Mission (GIM): This mission was started in 2014 to protect and restore the damaged forest cover of India. This mission is among the missions under National Action Plan for Climatic Change (NAPCC).


If the overcutting of trees is not stopped then it will lead to the extinction of trees. Once trees are gone forever, it will be difficult to survive on this Earth. If correct steps are not taken in time, we will lose the remaining forest from the globe as well as the chances to live. We should plant trees today so that we can enjoy a healthy future tomorrow.

I hope the above provided essay on Save Tree Save Nature would be helpful in understanding the need to save trees in order to save mother nature.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Save Trees Save Nature

Q.1 Which is the tallest tree in the world?

Ans. Hyperion (coastal redwood) is the tallest tree in the world.

Q.2 Which trees are used for making paper?

Ans. Pine, spruce, fin, etc are some trees used for preparing the paper.

Q.3 Which is the oldest tree in the world?

Ans. Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is the world’s oldest tree.

Q.4 In India, who is referred to as the “Forest Man of India?

Ans. Jadav Payeng, a man who spent around 30 years of his life in planting trees is entitled to the “Forest Man of India”.