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Online shopping in simple words: The form of shopping in which people can easily purchase goods and services by using the internet is called online shopping. Online shopping gives us an idea of the availability of everything online at a cost of our data. Online shopping is a growing and trending aspect. It provides customers with buying various products and services, and sellers to carry on their business and transactions in an online mode. It is time saving and convenient way of shopping. It can be said that it is the development of traditional shopping ways to make shopping more accessible, relaxing, and flexible.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Short and Long Online Shopping Essays in English

Find here number of essays on online shopping vs offline shopping under various words limit for the ease of students of different classes. These essays justify all the aspects of online shopping vs offline shopping, so, you can better understand the topic in all perspectives:

Online Shopping Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Shopping by making use of the internet is called online shopping.

2) Online shopping allows us to shop for anything from our phones.

3) With online shopping, the days are gone to go to physical markets to buy things.

4) People, who don’t know how to use smartphones, cannot do online shopping.

5) Through online shopping, you can order your favorite things at your doorstep.

6) In online shopping, you can compare the prices of products and can buy the cheaper ones.

7) Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc are some famous sites for online shopping.

8) While doing online shopping, you can only see the products virtually.

9) Online shopping does not provide you with the product instantly.

10) Online shopping is a modern and flexible way of buying goods.

Essay 1 (100 words – 150 words) – Challenges of Online Shopping


Online shopping is the better way of buying several items of your own choice at one place and get it delivered wherever you do live itself. Therefore we can define online shopping as one of the convenient and interesting ways of shopping. It reduces market crowd and saves our money and time.

Challenges of Online Shopping

Instead of providing best ways to make choices without getting out of our comfort zone, online shopping has many negative aspects too.

  • It requires a good knowledge of using smart technologies as well as net surfing.
  • There are many sections of society that do not have easy access to the same and thus are dependent on traditional ways of shopping.
  • Old people need to specify the products after touching thus they prefer traditional shopping and have not much confidence in online shopping.


Online shopping has turned out to be an essential need of the time. Because, nowadays in the so competitive world, people are busy in their offices and do not have time to shop. And this technology is making their life easier and fast.

Essay 2 (200 – 250 Words) – Essay on Online Shopping is a Boon for or Against

With the emergence of the internet, people can now shop online using their mobile phones or other related electronic devices. Online shops are virtual stores from where people can order the stuff of their choice.

Online Shopping is a Boon: For many people, online shopping is a boon as it offers many advantages. It not only saves your time but also helps to save your money and energy. Instead of spending a whole day in the market, you can buy things by sitting at your home. The prices of products in online shops are comparatively lower than those available offline. One reason behind this is that there is no need of maintaining any physical stores. It also offers different methods of payment. During festive times, online shopping offers discounts on various products. Online shopping is a convenient way of shopping these days.

Online Shopping is a Bane: Everything has a dark side and so is online shopping. The major drawback of shopping online is to compromise with quality. Sometimes you may receive the wrong product and returning can be a headache. You can only check the quality when you receive the product. Even on ordering your product you can get it delivered after some days. No instant service is available in online shopping methods. When doing online shopping, you will miss out on the joy of shopping with your friends or family. Precautions are a must in Online paying, as it involves several risks.

So, we can say that Online Shopping is both, boon and bane, we have to choose and use them as per our interest and skill.

Essay 3 (300 Words) – Essay on Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping or Traditional Shopping

Today, customers have the option to shop either online or offline. Both the methods have some advantages, and they do show some disadvantages. Online shopping is a method of purchasing goods via the internet. Offline shopping is the traditional means of going to the market physically to buy goods. Before the advent of the internet, people only had the option to buy things offline.

Online Shopping

The biggest advantage of Online shopping is time saving. People need not physically go to various shops to purchase items. You can select items of your choice from your phone. Shopping online is a good way to save your energy and money. You need not burn fuel to go to the markets. Another advantage we can enjoy in online purchasing is availability. You can go for online shopping at any time that best suits you, irrespective of your location. The online stores are open 24 hours a day. You need not take a holiday to go shopping.

Offline Shopping or Traditional Shopping

There are many reasons for which people go for offline shopping or traditional shopping instead of shopping online. The major advantage of going to physical stores is that the quality of the product can be checked on the spot. You can even try the clothes for perfect fitting. This feature is lacking in the online market. In traditional shopping, you get the product directly in your hands. No waiting for long days to receive the product. For purchasing items of daily use, traditional stores are far better than online stores. In offline shopping, you can bargain for prices, while in online shopping prices are fixed. Offline shopping gives you the facility of easy return.

So, we can say, both modes of shopping have their own advantages and disadvantages; we have to use them as per our choice and safety.

Essay 4 (400 Words) – Online Shopping: A Positive Approach to Digitalization


Online shopping is an emerging e-commerce technology. What can be more soothing and easier than facing the rush and crowd of the markets offering a limited range of products at a time? Yes, it is online shopping, making the way to shop easier and more convenient. The sellers are making the product details online which can be easily seen while browsing the website. There are many websites that have easy access.

Pleasure of Online Shopping

We are well aware of this fact that most of the people find shopping as an interesting aspect. Generally, women and girls are addicted to shopping. Now, since technology is advancing day by day and letting newer ways to develop, we have been benefitted by a way of shopping by sitting at our places and browsing over the internet. We are able to get various range of products in a single place. Also, we can search for the product related to men, women, and kids by entering the categories in the spaces meant for the same. We search, select, and order for the products and services and get it delivered to our places.

This is helping the people in remote areas too. We could search and order for the latest apparel through online mode. Generally, the shops are taking the time to bring and present the same.

The most preferred online shopping sites are Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, etc.

Online shopping – a Positive Approach to Digitalization

Online shopping involves transactions or business over the internet. The buyer purchases the products and services required, by means of choosing the same over the internet. Therefore the technology is leading towards the digitalization concept. The normal shopping has been given a new face by the addition of technological aids. Offline or traditional ways have been advanced by making it online. It is a successful change in the business strategy. The new ideas and methods have been implemented to make it flourish, and provide greater revenue or economical benefits.

Online shopping is the result of a change in business strategy therefore helping in competing. It is proving it to be an easier, convenient, and better option and therefore is the best example of the concept of digitalization.


We can say that online shopping is a trending business. We can search for our choices over the internet by sitting in one place. We can get our desired products and can also gift the same to our close ones. Online shopping successfully reduced the pressure on traditional shopping methods and is time-saving too.

Long Essay 5 (500 Words) – Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping


Technological advancements are changing our standards and lifestyle. One of the fascinating aspects of technology has favored is Online shopping that is the best way to business and safe transactions over the internet. It provides us broader way to search, choose and delivered the desired products and services at our specified addresses.

People these days are tugged up with several work pressures. They are spending much of their time intervals in offices or other important works. Traditional ways of shopping require a larger time to be consumed by visiting different stores for different products. Therefore online shopping provides a way to tackle the same by saving time and effort.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Everything in this world is connected with both positive and negative aspects. The same is with online shopping too. On one hand, it is benefitting, and on the other hand, it has disadvantages too.

Advantages of Online Shopping:

  • It provides us with a convenient way of shopping.
  • We can see different products and services just by one click. Different variants are available in the required size and shapes.
  • It saves us from the rush and crowd of the markets. Also, saves our time wasted in roaming from one shop to another and standing in queues for hours for billing purposes.
  • We get products in our price ranges and also at a lower price.
  • We can order dresses according to our choice and occasion requirements. As most of the time, we are unable to get the dress we want, in offline shopping.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping:

  • The products we buy, generally when delivered, do not match with one we have ordered.
  • If we require the product immediately, then we cannot have that option or we will have to pay extra charges.
  • Offline shopping has a benefit to buy the product and use it immediately, but when we opt for online shopping the same benefit is not granted.
  • Many of the times we save our card details for the transaction purpose, hackers use the same card details for the cybercrime.
  • The returning of any product may be chargeable and time taking too.
  • Most of the time, damaged goods are received.

Online Shopping – Best Option during Pandemic (Covid-19)

The outbreak of COVID-19, throughout the world was most devastating for us. During those times, moving outside was banned and different countries were under lockdown for several months. People, all over the world, preferred online mediums to get their products and services ordered and delivered.

Therefore it can be stated that online shopping has been the best choice or alternative. People have been provided with the option of getting delivered every product at their doorstep.


Online shopping is the love of youngsters of today’s generation. It is an interesting way of exploring several products with variety and different prices at the same portal or place. Online shopping has blessed us with emerging ideas to give surprises to our closed ones on their special days. But on other accounts, it has some of the impacts too.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who invented online shopping?

Ans. Online shopping was invented by an entrepreneur Michael Aldrich in 1979.

Q.2 When did the concept of online shopping begin in India?

Ans. The concept of online shopping begins in India in 1995.

Q.3 Which was the first online shopping site launched in India?

Ans. The first online shopping site launched in India was Amazon.

Q.4 What is an online store?

Ans. The website through which customers can easily purchase goods and services is called an online store.

Q.5 Which is the world’s largest online shopping retailer?

Ans. The world’s largest online shopping retailer is Amazon.

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