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All of us dream of attaining some of the other things in life. They can be called our goal of life. Ambition is the driving force that makes us work for achieving our goals. It is necessary to be ambitious in life so that there will be a motive behind our living. Without a motive, life is like a burden. Find here some essays of your interest to get in detail about your ambition.

Short and Long Essays on My Ambition in English

Essay on My Ambition for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short My Ambition essay 10 lines.

My Ambition Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Ambition is a way to reach your dreams.

2) Everyone has some ambition in their life and I aim to become a doctor.

3) My aim is to help everyone by becoming a doctor.

4) A doctor is considered as the second form of God.

5) A successful doctor treats everyone the same and helps them with their problems.

6) To become a doctor in the future, I will work hard to crack the entrance exams.

7) I want to help all the needy by being a good doctor.

8) By becoming a doctor, I will serve all the poor without a fee.

9) I will work hard and put every effort to save every single life.

10) My ambition will help me to fulfill my dream of making my country healthier.

Short Essay on Holiday (200 – 250 Words)


Ambitions are a necessary thought. Everybody has some or other ambitions in their life. Without ambition, life seems to be without any motive. Ambition gives us the energy to achieve our goal. There can be many obstacles and hindrances in getting our objectives to be fulfilled, but if we have a clear ambition then it is not difficult.

My Ambition in Life

From my childhood, I have the ambition to become a doctor and serve the whole nation and humanity. As I have seen the white dress of the doctors, at first I was fascinated by the same. But I also have a love for their noble work too. I wanted to provide free services to the people who were poor. Secondly, I have seen many of the patients dying because of not having money and facilities. I wanted to work for them. People consider doctors as God figures and this feeling gave me immense respect for this profession.

I never wanted to become a doctor full of greed. The scenario today has been changed a lot, many doctors have changed their aim from serving mankind to money-making. But still, there are doctors who can be a role model for others. From my childhood, I dreamt of becoming a doctor and my ambition did not change, it remained the same.


An ambition gives a proper perspective to our life and thinking. Thus we should have one or the other objectives in our life and also work harder to attain the same.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My Ambition to Become a Social Worker


Everybody in this world has a desire to become something, attain some of the positions. Some dream of becoming doctors, engineers, scientists, writers, political leaders, and many more. The aspiration to become something is called to be having an ambition.

My Ambition to Become a Social Worker

During my childhood, I dreamt of becoming a doctor and serve my nation. It may sound funny that I am afraid of seeing blood and patients. So I dropped the aim to become a doctor. I have seen many small children begging and working in many of the shops and restaurants.

So I came to a decision to become a social worker. At least I can do something for their betterment. This will provide a sense of satisfaction to me after work. I also have a great love for animals and nature. As animals cannot speak up and express their pain and feelings, therefore I want to make people aware of the same and further teach them to look after them.

I just have the main motive behind becoming a social worker that I could do something for the people and nature. I have seen many of the children working to make their families survive, but they are unaware of the beneficial government schemes. Therefore it is a good deed to make people aware of the same. There are many children in society who are not properly guided and therefore are directed to the wrong path. So if I would work in this field, it will give me immense pleasure.

Working for Nature and Society

The work of a social worker is to work for a social cause. After becoming a social worker I would be able to make people understand the importance of education, by conducting surveys and awareness programme. According to me, we should also care for our surrounding in which we reside.

We should never allow anybody to do activities which may destroy the balance and nature. The animals, plants, and trees along with other organisms have the same right as we do have on this planet. But we could see that we are forgetting our responsibilities towards our nature. As a social worker, I would be working for the upliftment of society as well as nature too.


There must be an ambition in everyone’s life. Life without an aim is meaningless. The objective in life to do or become something drives us with positivity and courage to fulfill the same. One should not waste the precious gift of god i.e. life in vain, instead, make it worth.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Ambition in My Life


Life is a mixture of struggle and happiness. Ambitions make our life a sensible and beautiful one. Every one of us dreams to become something or the other in our lives. This is our ambition, which makes us work for the same and achieve it without getting disturbed by the hurdles of life. So we can say ambition is that driving factor which makes us successful in making our dreams comes true.

Significance of having Ambition in Our Life

  • It is their ambition only which makes people reach higher positions.
  • Having an ambition in our life helps in identifying the goal of our lives.
  • Ambition makes our life lively and energetic. If we have some motive then we continuously work in order to get it fulfilled.
  • Ambition inculcates in us the feeling to work hard to accomplish our dreams.
  • Ambition creates a situation for us to achieve our goal at any cost of hard work and firm determination.
  • Boosts the confidence level of an individual, and brings discipline in one’s life.

My Dream to Become a Teacher

The main motive of my life is to impart the knowledge I have gained, to others. As I believe in the fact that knowledge enhances as much it is distributed. I wanted to become a teacher as this will help me a lot in fulfilling my motive. Secondly, I found the teaching profession as one of the noblest professions.

Reasons for Opting to become a Teacher

It creates a lot of opportunities to learn about different aspects. According to my opinion, a teacher is a person in a child’s life, who is guiding the child about right and wrong after parents as first teachers. As a teacher I want students to consider me as their friend so that I may closely get to know about them.

Teachers are provided with an opportunity to get to know different types of children from various societies, thus making them more social. After I become a teacher, I will ensure that children are not only learning the subject matter but also moral values, ethics, and culture. The main thing is that I have seen an image of motivational speakers in me, so I think I will be better at motivating students to understand their aim and work for the same. At the same time, I am trying to inculcate as many features as one could in me, for becoming a successful teacher.

Uncertainty to Ambitions due to Pandemic Situation

There is a lot of uncertainty that has been created during the pandemic situation.

Many people have been fired from their dream job which is a great loss to their carrier and family. Many of the companies have not visited the colleges for placements, thus making students disappointed and concerned for their future. Even numbers of students were deprived of exams due to the critical situation. Therefore it can be stated that pandemic has raised the situation of uncertainty and depression among students and people.

But one must not lose hope and courage as life is filled up with hurdles, and we are the one who has to pave our way.

Risks of becoming Over-Ambitious

  • The over-ambitious attitude is a dangerous one. Every success we get is a step-wise process. Over-ambitious nature accounts for attaining everything in life, but at a faster rate which may prove bad.
  • The person may lose the pleasure of the family and attention too, in fulfilling his ambition only.
  • Life may also become short, as in a race to achieve a lot in less time one may pay less attention to the health requirements.


We all are not born with ambitions; instead, we have to inculcate it among us as we grow up. Ambitions are something that we desire to achieve in our lives, and thus we have to work sincerely with a lot of efforts to accomplish our goals.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by ambition?

Ans. The strong desire to achieve something in life is called ambition.

Q.2 How can we turn our ambition into reality?

Ans. Hard work and dedication can help to turn our ambition into reality.

Q.3 Why is ambition important in life?

Ans. It is important to have ambition in life because it gives us direction to achieve our goals.

Q.4 What do we say to the people who lack ambition in their life?

Ans. The people who lack ambition in their life are called unambitious people.

Q.5 How is life without ambition?

Ans. Life is meaningless and boring without any ambition in life.

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