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In an easy way, the house can be defined as a building made by people for shelter and living purposes. They carry out their essential activities in the houses. House is basically constructed for the family. Family totally turns a house to become home with the care and affection of the family members. House is a place that gives a sense of comfort, safety, and well-being.

Short and Long Essays on My House in English

Essay on My House for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short My House essay 10 lines.

My House Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) My house is located in the small town of Madhya Pradesh.

2) My house was constructed by my grandfather several years ago.

3) My small house consists of three rooms and two halls.

4) My house is painted with purple and white colors.

5) We have a large neem tree outside of my house.

6) My house is my comfort zone where I feel peace and relaxed.

7) In the backyard of my house, we have a small garden.

8) My mother is responsible for keeping my house neat and clean.

9) In my house, I live with my parents and one elder sister.

10) I enjoy decorating my house and love it very much.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My House


House is a place where we do live. This is the basic requirement of any individual. We build our houses according to our necessities. It requires wood, cement, mortar, iron, and bricks to construct the houses.

About my house

I am blessed to have a house in the Adarsh colony of Gorakhpur. My house is a small house as we belong to a middle-class family. My house is really a sweet home constituting of my father, mother, we three sisters, and grandmother.

We have two bedrooms, one big veranda, kitchen, living room, washroom, and a small lawn outside for gardening and garage purposes too. My father ensures the whitewashing and maintenance of the house once a year. There is a vacant plot in front of my house which is equipped with different kinds of trees and plants.

This adds more beauty to my sweet small home. We, three sisters, share one room and it is painted blue according to our wish. We use the same room for studying purposes. We keep our room always clean. My mother is a lady with a sense of maintaining cleanliness all around the house and even outside the house.

We are a small but happy family in our small house. My house gives me a feeling of safety and comfort. I love living in my house, my childhood memories are also embedded there. On the occasion of festivals and celebrations we decorate our house, it looks beautiful.


My house is the best place where I can relax. When the name of the house comes to our mind, a feeling of affinity arises. My house is a place filled with positivity and blessings. My family makes my house a beautiful place.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Speciality of My House


It is usually said that food, clothing, and house are three essential commodities for any person. Usually, we observe that every person struggles for attaining these three aspects and later on fulfills other desires. If we have a house to live, brings a feeling of complete satisfaction to our minds.

Description of My House

My house has been constructed in my village area. It happened that during my father’s service we had been living in an apartment provided by the government. But after the service period was over, my parents decided to move to our village to reside there only, as it is a peaceful place. We already had our house in my village.

Attributes – We have five rooms, a kitchen, a washroom, and a big veranda. We also have a small hut there. During summers it proves to be the best dwelling place. The size of the house is larger as compared to the houses in cities. My house is surrounded by lush green fields. It provided us with a sense of beauty. There is a very low pollution level in the village as compared to the city. In spite of having my house in the village, it is equipped with each and every facility. People in villages are of very helping nature.

My house is like a mini-mansion when observed from outside. We managed for maintenance and whitewashing our house every year during Diwali. My family made my house a home for me. It includes my mother, father, two brothers and me. During festivals, all the members of our family reunite and celebrate. There are many of the special memories which we have in our house.

Utilization of Space outside My House

As my house is constructed on our own field; so, there is much vacant space in front of our house. My father used this space for gardening and making small shelter spaces for animals like cows and dogs. A little construction work was also required for the same. We arranged food and water for animals and birds over there. These activities and my family made my house a most adorable place to live. This area is one of my favorite portions of the whole house.


House is a beautiful creation of our parents for us. I love my house as it gives the feeling of safety and liveliness. Family member’s love and affection make our house sweet home.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Dream House


Houses are the structures built by human beings for dwelling. There are different kinds of houses constructed according to the climatic conditions and availability of space. Houses can be apartments, single-family houses, bungalows, cabins, etc. It depends upon the needs and financial availability of people.

Concept of House

The need for shelter has been observed from an early age. The early men used to live in caves for shelter and protection. Since life was unorganized and non-systematic during that period. The scenario started changing as the need of man started increasing. It was the necessity only which gave rise to such advancements. People need houses to live with their family members.

The construction of a house must be done in a sensible way either it is a smaller or larger one. The creation of a house depends upon needs and imagination. Thus we can see that renovation in the structuring of the house goes on according to the requirements.

My House

I am living in a 1 BHK flat in Delhi, along with my family members. There are four members in my family. Since we are living in a metro city, we get small houses in large rents. We live in a small house not fitting according to the family requirements but the care and affection of family never made us realize the space. There is only one bedroom so we two children have accommodated ourselves in the living area.

We have a proper kitchen, washroom, and a small balcony too. Our house is painted and remains clean always. We do not have much space but it is enough for our small family. We have a park in front of our apartment, which provides a good view. We also have a roof and sometimes we go there for getting good air. I have a small home, but it is properly managed and I love my place.

There is a lot of problem in metro cities if a person is having a larger family. The big flats are costly and thus people are compelled to live in small areas and are more prone to health-related problems due to poor housing.

 A Vision of My Dream House

I wish for my own house in the future, as we are living in a small house. I wish for my dream house to live with my parents and sisters. According to me, house should be equipped with all facilities like proper washrooms, kitchens, and airy rooms. I never dream of a big house, instead of a place which gives me the feeling of happiness and security and affinity. I am enlisting the features of my dream house.

  • Good Ventilation and Spaces – My house would have proper ventilation and there must be spaces all around the house. This will help in making the house airy and lively too.
  • Space for Garden – My house would have space for gardening, as plants help in air purification and provide a good look.
  • A balcony Attached to my Room – My house would consist of a balcony opening through my room; it will provide me with the outside view. My dream house should have a good view in front, either of any park or playground.
  • Lively Rooms – My house will consist of lively rooms, by painting them with different shades of colours. I want a reading place to be built in my house.
  • Water Harvesting System – My house would have the water harvesting system to collect the rainwater of the roof and save it from wastage.


House is the best place which renders us the feeling of love and affection along with security. It is the place where we feel most relaxed and free. I love my house and all my family members who are making it a sweet home.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the root word for the house?

Ans. The word house has been derived from an old English word ‘hus’ that means shelter.

Q.2 Where did early humans live for getting shelter?

Ans. Early humans lived in caves, tents, and natural environments for getting shelter.

Q.3 When did humans start living in houses?

Ans. Humans started living in houses about 10,000 years ago.

Q.4 Why do mud houses remain cool?

Ans. Mud is a bad conductor of heat and thus the mud houses remain cool.

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