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We often hear the word “generation gap” but most of the time we fail to understand the actual meaning of it. A generation gap is really a topic of concern in today’s era. Almost every family suffers from this problem. In today’s world, the generation gap can be seen even in the difference of ten years of the age gap. Since the generation gap is a serious issue to be known and discussed, here we have provided you with the actual concept and flaws of the generation gap. So let us have a glance on it through these essays:

Short and Long Essays on Generation Gap in English

Essay on Generation Gap for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Generation Gap essay 10 lines.

Generation Gap Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The age difference between two generations is termed as a generation gap.

2) Today, generation gaps pose a serious problem.

3) The generation gap refers to the difference in opinions on a single issue.

4) In the 1960s, sociologists first discussed the generation gap.

5) A generation gap can be maintained by proper understanding.

6) Lack of communication is the major problem in the generation gap.

7) The generation gap creates the difference in various aspects of life like clothing, lifestyle, language, etc.

8) The generation gap can badly affect relations, emotions, and the lives of people.

9) Development and technological changes are the major causes of the generation gap.

10) The generation gap can provoke fights and misunderstandings between family members.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What is Generation Gap and its Examples


When we talk about the generation gap, the very first thing that strikes our brain is, it must be something about two very different people whose ages vary at least ten years or we may say a minimum of 10 years.

Literal Meaning of Generation Gap

Generation: The word “generation” has been originated from the Latin word “generare” which was later taken as “generate” which means “to create or produce”. Generate is a verb whereas generation is a noun.

Gap: gap literally means “a space or interval” or “a break in continuity.”

What actually the Generation Gap is?

It is nothing more than having a contradicting point of view on several topics among the present generation and their previous generation. Generation gap takes place because of a lack of attributes to make each other understand and agree on common grounds.

It is considered as a very big issue by almost each and every person. It is a topic of conflict in one’s own family. It often hollows the family. Now let us see a few examples of the generation gap.

Common Example of Generation Gap

a. If our parents are not so much aware of the online studies that we often prefer to attend, then they might think that their ward is wasting his time over the internet. And here if the ward is not able to make his parents understand the exact fact then he may suffer from the generation gap.

b. We often see our grandparents believe in the tradition of getting their grandchildren married approx during the age of 18-25. But today there are many youngsters who don’t believe in getting married so early. So here too they suffer from the generation gap.


From the above points discussed we can conclude that no doubt, the generation gap affects the relationship between people of two different generations. So, we should try our best to establish a rapport between two different generations so that our relationships cannot be harmed.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Causes and Effects of Generation Gap


The generation gap is a common problem which is suffered almost by every part of the society. It is not a new problem; it is increased so much that it became a topic of discussion and concern. The concept of generation gap is not only limited to its meaning instead it has wide sense. It is also called the generational gap. It is a difference in beliefs, opinions, and thoughts of two different generations. Somehow in the generation gap, people find it difficult to agree with the opinions of the other generation.

Main Causes of Generation Gap

When we take a glimpse of our history then we can be aware of the fact that during the 18th century, there was a very slow development taking place because of which there were very rare changes in the mindset of the people as well as in technologies. So during that time, it was easier for people to stay with the same beliefs and thoughts for a long period of time. Therefore there was no concept of generation gap as people use to follow the same traditions for many generations.

But when it comes to the 20th or 21st century then we can see that there has been a rapid change in the mindset of people as well as in the technologies. In today’s era, people’s lives change in ten years. Every next day we are introduced to some new technological developments. And this leads to a conflict between parents and students because parents are hardly aware of the new technologies whereas their child becomes very smart. Children often get irritated in explaining their parents about the newly arrived technologies and this causes conflict between both the generations.

One of the most common causes of the generation gap is the “communication gap”. Generally what happens is, children always remain busy with their digital gadgets, and thus they are not able to give time to their parents. And this gives rise to the communication gap between parents and children and because of this generation gap occurs.

Effects of Generation Gap

It has many negative effects. It causes conflict among the people. For example, if someone is not agreeing with our point of view then it is very obvious that there will be a conflict between us. It also causes daily family disputes. Sometimes because of the generation gap children don’t respect the decisions of their parents and vice versa. People from one generation also keep on criticizing people from the other generation.


Here we can conclude that the generation gap is really a very serious issue and we all should try to get over this problem. It is very important to sort out this problem for the betterment of the coming generation.

Essay on Generation Gap

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Reasons for Generation Gap and its Solutions


As we all know that people, no matter at home or in school or in office, everywhere they suffer from the generation gap. It is a matter of concern not only for the people of the current generation but also for the people of every generation.

A generation gap is a difference between perception, belief, and thoughts among the people of two different generations. Generation gap may occur among family, in school, or in office. In the generation gap, people from two different generations hold two different perspectives about the same concept.

Suitable Examples of Generation Gap

One of the very common examples of generation gap is between parents and their children. They share psychological and emotional gaps which gives rise to a lot of high and lows between them. There is also a lack of understanding between them; sometimes children prefer to talk in some different languages which are not so common for their parents, and it becomes difficult for them to understand.

Generation gap also occurs among teachers and students, sometimes what happens is, some old aged teachers do not easily agree with the schools given by students and this weakens the bond between them.

We often see people comparing two different generations by saying that our generation was better or our generation is far better than the previous generation. So these are the few examples that easily show the generation gap.

Why Generation Gap is Increasing?

As we can see that these days the generation gap is rapidly increasing. Every next-generation suffers little more than the previous generation. This is because of the brisk change and development in the technologies as well as in the beliefs and lifestyle of people. In today’s era youngsters want their things to be done and their problems to be solved as soon as possible whereas previously people used to keep patience and wait for the things to be done in a proper and systematic manner.

No doubt that the previous generation has more experience than the current generation but people from this generation don’t want to learn from their seniors instead they prefer doing things more shortly and easily. They forget that learning always has been a better process.

Youngsters should always try to learn from their seniors instead of being limited to their gadgets. Learning has always been a to and fro process; it always agrees with give and take. So the youngsters should prefer learning from their seniors and teach them about the newly arrived technologies. In this way, both will able to enhance their knowledge.

How to Reduce Generation Gap?

As the generation gap is a serious issue, it is very necessary to reduce this gap. There are many ways to reduce the generation gap. Such as:

  • Give and take respect

The current as well as the previous generation should respect the thoughts, views, and beliefs of one another. Respecting one another views strengthens the relationship between both the generations.

  • Removing the communication gap

Both the generation should try to remove the generation gap between them. If there will be no communication among people then there will be no exchange of thoughts and views and it may create problems among people.

  • Establish a friendly rapport

Both generations should try to establish a friendly rapport among them. So that it will be easier to discuss each other point of view.


We can conclude that the generation gap is an issue which is slowly and gradually creating problems among people. It is not possible for one to fight this issue, so we all should try to fight together for the betterment of society.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the generation gap?

Ans. It is the differences that are created in the younger and older generations.

Q.2 What are the causes of the generation gap?

Ans. The differences in age, habits, behavior, and opinions are the causes of the generation gap.

Q.3 What are the consequences of the generation gap?

Ans. Misunderstandings, conflicts among family members, and lack of communication are the consequences of the generation gap.

Q.4 Why is the generation gap a serious issue?

Ans. It is a serious issue as it can disrupt the relationship between the older and younger generations.

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