Harshita Pandey

Harshita Pandey has been a professional content writer, writing online blogs and articles for reputed websites for many years. She is a graduate in philosophy from Banaras Hindu University, BHU (third-best university of India). Writing is her passion from childhood and she loves to play with the words. She loves reading books to enhance her knowledge and also to keep people updated on several topics. She really tries hard to make her writings valuable.

Essay on Music

When we hear the word music, a pleasant feeling comes to our hearts. Music is something which saves us from our boredom. It gives peace to our hearts and soul. There are different forms of music. Short and Long Essays on Music in English Here I have provided three different essays of different word lengths. I …

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Leadership Essay

The actual meaning of ‘leadership’ is ‘the action of leading a group or an organization.’ ‘lædan’ is the root word of leadership, it has been taken from ‘old English’. The word leadership was firstly used in the 14th century for describing a person who was in charge. We can define leadership as, a practical skill …

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