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Small families have become common these days due to large scale migration towards cities and metropolis. Working parents with one or two children have become the norm.

Short and Long Essays on Small Family in English

In these essays given below, I have discussed several aspects of the small family; also comparing it with the big family. Hope you will like and enjoy reading these essays:

Small Family Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A small family consists of only two generations.

2) Parents and their maximum two children form a small family.

3) In a small family all the needs of children are fulfilled.

4) A small family has less expenditure.

5) In small families parents take proper care of their children’s education, health, etc.

6) In a small family, children can feel alone.

7) A small family is more stable than a joint family.

8) In a small family, parents can take every decision independently.

9) In a small family, children miss the love of grandparents and other members.

10) Today most people support a small family as it is considered a happy family.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Importance of a Small Family


A small family is the one with parents and a maximum of two children. It is also called a nuclear family owing to its small size. It’s good to be living in a small family because there is better management of resources. In the essay, we will understand some of the norms in a small family.

Why is it Good to have a Small Family?

It is good to live in a small family because it effectively sustains the need of all its family members even with average resources. With fewer family members, there is less to spend and much to save, making the family financially stable.

A small family can better look after its children’s education, health, and entertainment as compared to a big family. Children in a small family get the best education and go to the best schools and also enjoy festivals and other occasions.

Norms in a Small Family

There are some norms set by the government with regard to a small family. The most important norm of a small family in this regard is that it should have a maximum of four members, including parents and their children.

Though, the norms may differ slightly from place to place. Like in some places the definition of a small family may be inclusive of the grandparents as well.


A small family is a happy family due to a number of advantages it has over a big family. But that doesn’t make the big family any inferior and it has its own advantages.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Difference between Small and Big Family


We all have heard of the phrase ‘Small family happy family’. It is a phrase that indicates the greatest advantage of a small family and conveys that a small family is the most preferred option than a big family.

Small Family Definition

A small family is defined as a family that has parents and a maximum of two or three children. Speaking on theta term, an ideally small family is the one that has two parents and two children. Though, the definition of a small family may change from family to family and society to society. Some people may consider a family of four with grandparents as a small family. But that sets the limit of a small family and the presence of any other family member will categorize the family as a big family.

Difference between Small and Big Family

There are lots of differences between a small family and a big family. Below we will discuss some of the main differences between a small and a big family.

  1. Small Family Saves Better

A small family has lesser members and less to spend; thereby, saving a lot even with average income. On the other hand, a big family with an average income will have to struggle to survive.

  • Big Family has Better Support System

Unlike a small family that has only a couple of persons to look up to in need; a big family has a number of members to provide emotional and other support when required.

  • Small Family Celebrates Better

Because a small family saves better it celebrates better. Festivals and other occasions in a small family are celebrated with opulence. On the other hand, a big family may find it difficult to celebrate fully as it will obviously have to cater to the needs of a large number of members.

  • Small Family Lives Conveniently

A small family can easily manage an outing in the most convenient way possible. Big families, on the other hand, drop the idea of a picnic or outings, due to a lack of convenient transport and other issues. Small families can travel in a small car or a bike, while a big family has to spend more money on bigger transport options.


Either big or small, a family is the most important thing in a person’s life. But, a small family provides a more convenient and flourishing environment for the kids. That doesn’t mean those big families aren’t good. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small Family


A small family is a family in which parents and their one or more children live together. It is also called a nuclear family because of the few members it has. In this essay, we will discuss various aspects of a small family including its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Small Family?

A family in which parents and their children live together is called a small family. Usually, a family with a mother, father, and a maximum of two children is an idle example of a small family. On the other hand, a family with parents and 4 or 5 of their children, can’t be considered small in any way. To be small a family must have a maximum of four members.

Small Family Happy Family

It is often quoted by people that ‘small family is a happy family’. Well, it is true and there are several facts to substantiate this claim. The happiness quotient of a family depends on how satisfied are the members. The satisfaction shouldn’t be only monetary but also psychologically. They should be getting all the vital necessities for living along with emotional support and love. A small family provides an ideal condition for these requirements.

If the family is small, the parents can fulfill all their children’s needs, even with limited resources. You don’t have to be a millionaire to feed a family of four; you just have to be on payroll somewhere and manage your expenses. But, to feed a family of say 7-8, you probably need a magic wand to keep all of them happy. Therefore, I absolutely agree with the phrase – ‘Small family happy family.’

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small Family

Despite so many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages of a small family. Below in this section, we will go through some main advantages and disadvantages of a small family.

Small Family – Advantages

  1. Better Living Standard

A small family has less to spend on vital things and hence a lot could be spent on maintaining the family’s living standard.

  • Better Education for Children

With fewer children, the parents could save enough for the children’s education. They can provide the best possible education for their children.

  • More Savings

With fewer family members and less to spend, a small family has better savings for the future. It would help them in building a house, buy a car or in marriage, etc.

  • Better Health Cover

A small family has better savings to spend on good healthcare for its members. A big family, on the other hand, has to compromise on the quality of healthcare, due to low savings.

  • Happy Family Environment

Last but not the least; it is an established fact that a small family is a happy family because of the above-mentioned reasons and other similar reasons.

Small Family – Disadvantages

  1. Socially Hesitant Children

Children born and brought up in a nuclear family are found to be introverted and hesitant in interacting with strangers. This could be a drawback when they grow up as adults.

  • Non-Sharing Attitude

Having spent their lives in a nuclear family, the children never learn to share their things with others, which is again a personality drawback.

  • Over Attention

Children in a small family get more than needed attention from parents, which could spoil their attitude.

  • Less Support

A small family has lesser emotional and other support from external quarters when required.

  • Risk of Loneliness

In a small family where one or both parents go out to work, and children go to school, there is a certain amount of risk of a member feeling lonely in the absence of others.


Despite the disadvantages, a small family is indeed a happy family that could very well look after its own needs and requirements.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Small Family

Q.1 How many types of families are there?

Ans. There are three types of families Nuclear family, Joint family, and Reconstituted family.

Q.2 Is a small family a happy family?

Ans. Today, a small family is considered a happy family because it provides more freedom, comfort, and convenient life to the children.

Q.3 What is another name for a small family?

Ans. A small family is also known as the nuclear family.

Q.4 Why small family is more preferred in developed countries?

Ans. In developed countries, people are educated and they wanted a small and happy family. Another reason is that a small family allows them to earn more and live a comfortable life.

Q.5 When the term nuclear family was introduced?

Ans. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term ‘Nuclear family’ was coined in 1947.

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