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The phrase ‘knowledge is power’ is a very commonly used and popular phrase signifying the importance of knowledge in life and the power that it holds. I have given below three essays on knowledge is power, of varying lengths, covering all the aspects of the phrase.

Short and Long Essays on Knowledge is Power in English

I believe these essays of 100 words, 250 words and 600 words may help you elaborate the topic in an easiest way:

Knowledge is Power Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Knowledge is power when it is applied to the benefit of humanity.

2) Knowledge helps us to live life to the fullest.

3) We should use our knowledge in an appropriate manner.

4) The inappropriate use of knowledge is viewed as a crime.

5) Knowledge and intelligence make humans supreme creatures.

6) Progress without knowledge is impossible.

7) Knowledge helps to eliminate ignorance from our minds.

8) It is the only thing that increases if shared.

9) Knowledge enables us to avoid numerous difficult situations.

10) A physically disabled person can be powerful with knowledge.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Meaning and Origin


‘Knowledge is Power’ is a quotation that’s being used for ages. It conveys the significance of knowledge in life and teaches that knowledge is the actual power one can have.


‘Knowledge is power’ means that the knowledge that a person has acquired is the only true power that he has. Powerful in a way that it can shape your career, make you successful, and helps you overcome hurdles in your way. Nothing else could help you like the way your knowledge does. You make your future plans relying on your knowledge and steadily make progress. Knowledge helps you earn money, respect, and success in whatever field you are.

Moreover, come what may, you can’t lose your knowledge and it will always stay with you. Rest all the materialistic possessions come and go, but your knowledge stays with you.


The Latin translation of the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, an English philosopher and Statesman. The phrase “ipsa scientia est” appears in one of Bacon’s Latin works titled ‘Meditationes Sacrae (1597). The phrase translates to ‘knowledge itself is power’ in English.

However the exact phrase ‘scientia potentia est’ was written for the first time by Thomas Hobbes, who served as a secretary to Bacon. In his 1668 version of the Leviathan, Hobbes mentioned the phrase ‘scientia potentia est’ meaning ‘wisdom is power’ in English. It is an understandable fact that wisdom is acquired only through knowledge.


Knowledge is power is a very important phrase, telling us the significance of knowledge and that it is the true power a man can possess.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How Knowledge gives Power


The quote ‘knowledge is power’ is widely used to convey the importance of knowledge in life and its true worth. Knowledge is the real power that any human can possess. It is much worth than physical power or any other possessions.

Value of Knowledge in Real Life

In real life, knowledge is worth more than anything else. It is a very basic skill that helps you walk through life and also make progress. Knowledge in real life is of two categories. One is the knowledge that you acquire through your senses as you grow up, other is the knowledge that is fed to you by your school, institution, etc.

The knowledge that you acquire by watching others around you, helps you in making everyday decisions based on wit and wisdom. It is the knowledge that tells you that bees can sting or you might get yourself injured if you take that jump. These are common worldly knowledge that you acquire as you grow up. Knowledge of this kind is very useful in real life.

Why Knowledge is Valuable than Money?

Knowledge is more valuable than money because it cannot be bought with money; rather money can be acquired using knowledge in the right way. Moreover, money is temporary and can be lost owing to several conditions. You can lose a great amount of your money in paying your medical bills or other miscellaneous expenses. But if you have the required knowledge and the skill sets, you can make use of them anytime to gain back money and materialistic possessions.

Knowledge-Power Relationship

Knowledge is indeed the real power a man can have. It is the power to control your life and make steady progress in the right direction. Without knowledge, you might have physical strength but that is only temporary and will be lost with time. On the other hand, knowledge is your true power and will help you walk through life. With knowledge, you can achieve whatever milestone you desire in your life. Without knowledge, you would be powerless and clueless about what to do with your life. The knowledge-power relationship is a direct one – as you gain more knowledge, you certainly become more powerful.


Knowledge is the true power that one can acquire in life. Compared to it all other powers are worthless and have lesser value. Knowledge is the real power that drives your life and makes you successful.

Essay on Knowledge is Power

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Knowledge is Power, Learning is Superpower


‘Knowledge is Power’ is a quotation that establishes knowledge as the greatest virtue of a man. It states that the true power a man could have is the knowledge he possesses. Everything else is temporary and can be obtained using knowledge in the right way.

Importance of Knowledge in Life

Knowledge is very important in life; in fact, it is the basic foundation stone upon which life progresses. Knowledge is the most essential quality a human could have. So many things in life – money, love, relationships, career, etc. all depend on one’s quality of knowledge. These can be obtained through knowledge. The best thing about knowledge is that it is permanent – once you have acquired it, no power in the world can delete it. Rest everything i.e. money, wealth, relationships, can be lost with time, but knowledge grows every moment and can well be used to claim back the losses.

Knowledge decides your life’s worth and how successful you would be. Friends will respect you; people will love you when you have knowledge. Without knowledge, there would be no acknowledgment. Therefore, knowledge is very important in life.

How Knowledge Gives Power?

The relationship between knowledge and power is the strongest and truest relationship among all. Let me explain. What do you understand by power? Most people confuse power with physical prowess, but that’s only a misconception. The real power rather lies in your knowledge that you possessed. Knowledge makes you witty and in a way more powerful than someone physically stronger than you but less knowledgeable.

The power that knowledge gives you can be used to handle your life and achieve your life goals. Can anything else – money, friends, relatives, etc will help you achieve that milestone? Absolutely not! Only knowledge can get you what you want to do in life. This is the real power of knowledge.

Also, there are many real-life situations when only your knowledge can help you but not your physical strength. Your physical strength has its own limitations and can’t be applied to face real-life problems. There you need wisdom and wit that only knowledge can give you.

Knowledge is Power Learning is Superpower

Knowledge and learning are inseparable. When you gain knowledge, you learn too. Learning unleashes your true potential as a human. It acquaints you with your own abilities like memory, grasping power, etc., and constantly improves them.

It is the superpower than lies within you and needs to be improved regularly. Something that is only possible when you strive to learn. Only when you learn that you will possess knowledge. For example, if someone is known to have good knowledge of Physics, that means he/she is familiar with all the concepts of the subject and is always ready to face a test. But, how has he/she has possessed the knowledge? Only through regularly learning the new concepts of the subject! Isn’t it so? Only if you learn that you acquire knowledge. It is true for every field of knowledge. When you don’t learn or have only superficial knowledge of anything, that doesn’t really help.

Superficial or part knowledge isn’t good and rather it may be harmful at times. Part knowledge will impact your ability to see the final results. Only if you have learned enough to gain complete knowledge of something, that you will be knowledgeable in true sense. It is, therefore, true that ‘knowledge is power and learning is a superpower’.


Knowledge is the most valuable skill a human can acquire. Without knowledge, there is no wisdom and hence no growth or progress. Knowledge and learning are two essential prerequisites for prosperity and growth in life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by knowledge?

Ans. Knowledge means to know or understand something and it is attained by learning and experience.

Q.2 Who created the famous quote “Knowledge is Power”?

Ans. The famous quote ‘Knowledge is power’ has been created by Sir Francis Bacon.

Q.3 How is knowledge a power?

Ans. Knowledge is power because it makes us intelligent and helps us in making better decisions.

Q.4 Is education important for gaining knowledge?

Ans. Yes, education helps us in attaining knowledge and skills.

Q.5 What is the best way of improving our knowledge?

Ans. The best method of improving our knowledge is reading.

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