Paragraph and Short Essay on Indian Politics

As we know our country is the largest democratic country in the world. The opinion of the public is of utmost importance in a democratic nation. The political parties are the faces to represent democracy. Indian politics constitute the political system, politicians, and their working. Get here some essays to know in detail about Indian politics, hope you will like to read them.

Paragraph on Indian Politics

About Politics in India (250 Words)


India is ranked as the second-largest country based on population and is also a democratic nation. The formation of the government takes place according to the decision of the people. There are large numbers of political parties and they take part in election campaign.

About Indian Politics

Indian politics is related to the procedure to form the government and carry out various works required for the development of the country. Politics is necessary for the formation of government in a nation. The political parties in India are the representation of the different sections and regions of the country. The Politicians belonging to the particular political parties contest the election.

People of the nation above 18 years of age have the right to cast their votes and choose their representatives. The political party attaining a higher number of votes cast wins the election by a majority. The reign of the winning political party is five years. The party which losses the election from the winning party is termed as the opposition party. There are many political parties in India. Some are recognized nationally, while others are regional parties.

The political system in any nation is responsible for the growth and development of the nation. Indian politics soiled due to the presence of corrupt politicians working just for attaining power and money. They are least concerned about the problems of people as well as the development of state and nation. The increased scams, crime, corruption are the result of the weak system of the government.


Indian politics require a lot of mandatory changes that will enable the growth and development of the nation. There are no possibilities for the development of India in the presence of such corrupt politicians. There are still number of unsolved problems in Indian Politics.

Short Essay on Indian Politics

Why Do We Need Educated Politicians (400 Words)


Indian politics basically reminds us of the government, political parties, elections, and politicians. Democracy was attained after the completion of British rule when India gained Independence in 1947. Democracy favours the formation of government according to the people of the nation. Indian politics is required for the formation of the government by working according to the structure of the constitution.

Basic Structure of Indian Politics

The formation of government is a basic requirement of a nation. The government cannot be easily made up without the involvement of politics. In Indian politics, the representatives or leaders of the government are elected by the people. People cast their votes in the favour of their favourite candidate. Further, the party receiving the highest number of votes wins by the majority and becomes the ruling party. The opposition party is one that is defeated by the ruling party. The decisions are to be taken by the ruling party but the regular check on work, wrong deeds, and changes to be made are suggested by the opposition party.

In India, there is the existence of dual government. The central government is formed at the national level and at state level there are state governments. The Prime minister is the real head of the nation whereas the president is the nominal head. Bicameral Legislature prevails in India which consists of Rajya Sabha as the upper house. It has strength of 250 members out of which 238 represent states and union territories and 12 are nominated by the president of India. The lower house is the Lok Sabha that represents the house of people. There are 543 members of Lok Sabha elected directly by the people.

The Need for Educated Leaders

Indian politics is the most corrupt form of politics and it remained as it was in the past. The candidates standing to contest for election do not require being educated. They must be fulfilling the criteria of 25 years of age and citizenship. The powerful people are standing and winning the election.

The uneducated minister or politician could not access the problems properly and therefore would give improper decisions. They are unable to run the country in the right way. The leaders of the country must be an educated person. The real problems existing in our country can be easily understood by an educated leader. The educated leaders will involve themselves for the betterment nation.


The development of the country is hindered due to the wrong motives of the politician. They are weakening Indian politics. The people must become aware of the irrational motives of corrupt politicians. They should raise their voice against any kind of injustice and criticize the improper working of the government.