Essay on Make in India Scheme

Make in India Scheme

The name of our country if reflected among the highest manufacturing nation gives us immense pleasure and proud feeling. The scheme Make in India is about initiating the manufacturing of different items in our country despite getting those products imported from other countries. This scheme will provide an opportunity to enhance the talents of the people in India.

Short and Long Essay on Make in India in English

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Make in India Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) On 25 September 2014, Narendra Modi, PM of India launched the Make in India project.

2) The Make in India initiative will help to boost the country’s economy.

3) Under this project, 25 sectors are focused on enhancing job opportunities.

4) The main motive of this project is to encourage manufacturing in India.

5) This project is trying to enhance foreign investment in the country.

6) By creating more job opportunities, is a step towards reducing unemployment and poverty.

7) This project will provide a chance for the people of India to show their talent and skills.

8) Make in India project will also focus on the development of rural areas.

9) However, increasing industrialization will be harmful to the environment.

10) Small businesses and the agriculture sector will be affected by this project.

Short Essay on Make in India (250 words)


India is stated as the fastest developing nation in the world. There are several initiatives and programs that have been launched for the welfare and development of people and the nation. The project ‘Make in India’ has been brought by the Government of India to enhance manufacturing in India. This initiative has been launched on 25th September 2014 by then Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The campaign was focused on 25 sectors for the creation of job opportunities and investments. The development in these 25 sectors will help in boosting economic growth in the nation. A lion with its entire body full of wheels is the symbol of this mission. It signifies progress, strength, and intelligence.

The Objective of the ‘Make in India’ Campaign

‘Make in India’ is the mission that has been initiated to make India a manufacturing hub. The main agenda of this campaign is that even if anything sold in any part of the world must be manufactured in India. The manufacturing can be done by both national and foreign companies.

The mission of this initiative is also to enhance foreign investment in the nation. This will help the foreign companies to set their businesses in India. The manufacturing sector contributes 15% to the GDP of the nation. The campaign aims to foster the contribution of the manufacturing sector to GDP by 25% by 2022.

The rate of poverty and unemployment is high in India. The campaign ‘Make in India’ is targeted to reduce the poverty and unemployment rate in the nation by creating new job opportunities. The initiative also focuses on the development of people in rural areas in India.


The campaign ‘Make in India’ is a better initiative for the development of the nation. This will help in reducing the dependency of India on other nations for different products. The enhancement of skill development in the youth is required to make this mission successful in the nation.

Long Essay on Aims and Pros & Cons of Make in India Scheme (500 – 600 Words)


Make in India is a scheme that literally can be explained as an initiative to enhance manufacturing in India. There are many products that are simply assembled in India but the manufacturing of the product is carried on in some other countries. Ultimately the products and goods are imported by our country. The symbol of this scheme is a Lion which represents the king of the jungle with confidence and pride. The wheels on the body of the Lion signify progress and development.

The Vision behind Initiating the Scheme – Make in India

The scheme made in India is launched to achieve some objectives. These are enlisted below:

  • Make India a Global Manufacturing Hub – The main objective of this scheme is to enhance the manufacturing of different products and develop into a leading manufacturer of various products by involving foreign investments. This will also help India in developing its relationship with all the countries.
  • Boost the Country’s Economy – This scheme involves the process of manufacturing products in our own country and supplying the finished goods to the whole world. This will increase the production capability of the country and thus help in economic growth and development.
  • Provide Employment to Masses – It requires more set up of industrial units to foster the manufacturing process. The newly built industries will have the need of working people. Therefore there will be the creation of different jobs which will provide employment to a number of people. This will also help in raising the economy of the country.
  • Achieving 25% GDP till 2025 – The contribution of the manufacturing sector is 16-18% approximately at present but the scheme Make in India focuses on making this rate 25% till 2025.

Various Sectors Recognized by the Government to Make Them Self-reliant

There are different sectors recognized by the Government which have to be worked upon to make those sectors self-reliant. There are total of 25 sectors in the list namely: Automobiles, Automobile Component, Biotechnology, Aviation, Chemicals, Defence Manufacturing, Defence Export, Electronic System, Electrical Machinery, Food Processing, Information Technology, Leather, Media and Entertainment, Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Ports and shipping, Railways, Renewable energy, Road and highways, Space and Astronomy, Thermal power, Tourism, Textile and garments, Wellness and health care.

The foreign investors will help in funding the sectors which are facing financial issues. The incurred profit after manufacturing will provide benefit to the country’s economy as well as a foreign investing firm.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Scheme “Make in India”


  • The raw materials required for the manufacturing of different products is mostly available in our country. By promoting this scheme there will be proper utilization of the resource in our country only.
  • This scheme will provide a chance for people having talent and skill. There will be various openings for the employment of employed masses.
  • This scheme will be helping in enhancing the economy of our nation.
  • This scheme is catching the interest of several foreign investors to set up their businesses in India and supply their products worldwide.
  • The successfulness of this scheme will be helping in eradicating poverty. The lifestyle of people in villages will also improve as most of the people will be employed. The construction of industry near any village or town creates a lot of opportunities for the people of that area.


  • The development of new industries will be causing a great loss to the environment. It will degrade the quality of water, air, and soil in that area.
  • This will create ignorance for the agricultural sector. No one will be paying heed towards agricultural works.
  • The small businesses will suffer a great loss. They will face greater competition from foreign investor companies.
  • This will surely destroy the relations from countries which have already established in the same field as no one desire to invite competitors.


The scheme Make in India will help in the development of the country in various ways. The proper execution of policy will slowly eradicate the problem of poverty and unemployment from our country.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When was the scheme Make in India launched?

Ans. The scheme has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th September 2014.

Q.2 What is the motive behind the Make in India scheme?

Ans. The main motive of the scheme is to develop our nation into a manufacturing hub and foster foreign investment.

Q.3 Is the scheme really helpful?

Ans. Yes it is, but the programs and policies under the scheme need to be brought into action instead of just saying the same or representing it in papers.

Q.4 Is the Make in India scheme capable of fulfilling the job requirement of youth?

Ans. The scheme is targeted towards creating millions of jobs by 2022 that might be capable of fulfilling the job requirement of youth.