Essay on Life after School

Life after School

Life is a collection of experiences gained at different phases. Every student dreams of the fantasies of college life during their school days. We think of enjoying our life fully after stepping out of school life. Life after school is not that easy as it appears. Every one of us has a different opinion about life after school which might be better or bitter.

Short and Long Essay on Life after School in English

I have shared my ideas and views on this topic in the long essay that might be helpful for students of class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and higher standards to know more about the topic.

Life after School Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) School life is the best phase of every student’s life.

2) During school, students are only limited to scoring good academic marks.

3) Life after school becomes complex and full of career tension.

4) After school every decision should be taken carefully as it can affect our career.

5) Life after school is a new experience when we meet new people.

6) After school, teachers are less engaged in helping us, we need to work hard ourselves.

7) Hanging out and enjoying with new friends is delightful after school.

8) This is the stage where we are required to plan for the future and work accordingly.

9) After school we realize our potential and worth.

10) At this phase, good company leads to success and a bad company leads to failure.

Short Essay on Life after School (250 words)

School Life is a very important phase in everyone’s life. These are the days when we have to just go on with the flow. It is the phase when there are no responsibilities and future tensions. The only tension we have in school life to concentrate on our studies and bring good academic results.

Moreover, we get good support from our parents and teachers for the same. We all dream of life after school when we are in school life. We feel that the day we step out of school life there would be only freedom and enjoyment. It is true that life after school is totally different from school life. It is a challenging but also an interesting and important phase of life.

The Scenario of Life after School

Life after school is tougher and challenging than school life. The real scenario of life after school has been mentioned below.

• Life after school is the real struggle and exam of our life.

• It is the phase that is most important for building our carrier.

• There is no one to guide and point out our mistakes at every step like school life.

• It is the real-time to apply the knowledge that we have attained in school life.

• In this phase of life the decisions must be taken very wisely.

• We might face many failures but should never be hopeless as failures are the way to success.


The way we face the time period of life after school decides our future. If we act sensibly and value the importance of this phase in life we can become successful in our life. This is the phase of life that directs us towards becoming responsible and good citizens of society and nation.

Long Essay on Life after School Filled With Challenges (500 – 600 Words)


Life after school can be stated as the phase of excitement, fear, frustration, new experiences, etc. Everything is suitable and secure in school life. After completing Higher Secondary Education every student has to step out of school life and further shape their future.

Entering into the College Life

School life is the most loved phase in every person’s life. The students start deciding about their future during school life only. Every student has different aspirations and dreams. After completing school life, the student faces a lot of problems to search for the right college to continue further education. Many times it happens that there is no one except the internet to make us aware of all these facts. The selection of college and applying there for studying is not an easy task. It requires clarification and proper decision-making, as it is related to our future.

After completing college studies, one steps out for making a career in the desired field. We have to face a lot of struggles, competition, and disappointments to establish ourselves. There are many fields that have the requirement of skills.

Life after School Filled With Challenges

Life after school is very challenging. This is the time when we have to bear responsibilities. If we do not take things seriously and get a failure, we have to be responsible for our actions. There will be no one to guide us about anything. We have to figure out between right and wrong. This is the phase that helps us to recognize ourselves and the potential we have. We have to use the potential in the right direction and distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

During this phase of life, we leave behind our school friends. We meet new people, develop new friendships. It is also a bit difficult to be with different kinds of people, but it provides us with experience. It also helps in developing the power to recognize a person.

The expectation of family is over-laden after we complete our education. We have to study and make our carrier so that we can provide financial support to our family. It is our responsibility towards our family to look after their needs.

Time to Build Our Personality

The implication of knowledge acquired in the school when applied in the right direction makes us successful. A student should be conscious about the future of school life itself. This will enable the student to get less panic after school life is over. Such students are determined and have already prepared for the planning of the future.

This phase is totally based upon working on our self. The most important thing is to improve our resume. We should work on our skills and learn several new skills. It will help us in getting the job of our choice.

Planning Needed for Life after School

  • Deciding the Goal – There must be a proper objective of life. Without any objective life is meaningless. Making some goal of life gives a clear picture of things to be done to achieve our aim. It helps in motivating our self to full our dream. There are many students facing frustration if they are aimless in life.
  • Proper Decision Making – The decision making power at this stage is also granted to us. The decisions should be made accordingly. It is because any wrong decision will lead us to a negative outcome. The finances required and college selection is also included in decision making.
  • Maintain Distance From Negative People – It is necessary to not connect with people with misleading behavior. It is very difficult to figure out the right person in this stage of life. Therefore we must be conscious while making friends.
  • Refreshing Our Self – There must be time for enjoyment or fun. Life must not be made boring. There must be certain activities like enjoying parties, trips, watching movies, hangouts with close ones to refresh ourselves from daily routine work.


Life after school is a phase involving new experiences and arrival to a new world. There will be no dress codes like schools, but nothing can replace the beauty of school life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is school life better or college life?

Ans. College Life is better as there is a lot of fun and freedom along with studies whereas during school life we have a lot of rules and regulations to follow.

Q.2 How should I prepare for life after school?

Ans. We need to decide our goal, set our plans, choose a good college, and get skilled to become successful in our life.

Q.3 Can I get a job after school?

Ans. Yes, but acquiring skills is more important as it will be helpful in carrier development.

Q.4 Can I choose my own favourite subjects after school?

Ans. Yes, we can choose our favorite subject to study and build our carrier in the same field.