Paragraph and Short Essay on Indian Festivals

India is a country with rich collection of different cultures. This culture is best represented in the festivals celebrated all over the nation. Every festival and fairs celebrated throughout the nation has its own significance. These paragraphs and short are written very well using simple English language for all the school students to fulfil their need as per their respective classes.

Paragraph on Indian Festivals

How Indian Festivals Represent Religious Diversity (250 Words)


India is a nation which is known for its religious diversity. There are people belonging to different religions and communities residing in this nation. People of every religion celebrate different types of festivals. Every festival has a reason or a mythological story behind its celebration. Festivals are a mode of providing refreshment to us.

About Indian Festivals

There are many festivals that are celebrated throughout the nation while some are only celebrated by different communities and on a seasonal basis with great enthusiasm and joy. Festivals are the best way to provide relaxation and enjoyment in between our busy lives.

Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Raksha Bandhan, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Christmas are some of the important religious festivals of India. These are not only celebrated by one religion but by the people throughout the nation and world. Holidays are provided on these occasions. People usually wear new clothes and decorate their houses for the celebration. There are family gathering on the occasion of most of the festivals and people greet and wish each other. There are also some festivals which are celebrated to give honour to our great leaders or freedom fighters called as national festivals.

Festivals add a spirit of happiness and joy in us. The people forget religious differences and treat each other with love and brotherhood. People remove hatred feeling and celebrate the festival together. Festivals convey the feeling of togetherness and harmony among people of the nation.


There are many festivals celebrated throughout the nation. These festivals along with their celebration provide us some important lessons. They help in eradicating the conflicts between the people and enjoy the celebration.

Short Essay on Indian Festivals

Importance of Indian Festivals and their Celebrations (400 Words)


India is regarded in the whole world for its unity in diversity. The people of India belong to different religions and communities. Every religion is celebrating different festivals according to their belief. Festivals are a great way of bringing enjoyment and happiness among people.

Indian festivals depict the culture of India. The rich cultural heritage can be observed by the way the festivals are celebrated by the people. There are many of the rituals which are carried on by the people from generations. These rituals are followed by the people till now in celebrating the festivals.

Indian Festivals and their Celebrations

There are many festivals celebrated all over India. Some are celebrated only by the specific religion, or on the arrival of different seasons or to honour the freedom fighters and great personalities. The main motive of celebrating festivals is to promote brotherhood, happiness and joy among the people of the nation.

  • There are people following different religions residing in India. Every religion has its own festival and importance. The festivals which are celebrated by different religions are known as religious festivals. There are many religious festivals which are celebrated not only by the particular religion but by the people of the whole country. Some of them are Holi, Diwali, Eid-ul-fitr, Christmas, and Raksha Bandhan.
  • There are certain days which mark importance. They are celebrated to signify honour to our great leaders, freedom fighters, social reformers. These days are celebrated as national festivals.
  • Several festivals are celebrated on the arrival of new seasons and harvests. These types of festivals are celebrated in different regions of the country. People mostly worship the forces of nature like wind, water, trees, etc to celebrate the regional festivals. In most of the regional festivals fairs are organized in rural areas. Most of the population resides in villages and fairs are most important to the village people. Some of the regional festivals are Chhath celebrated in Bihar, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and Vasant Panchami in northern India.

Importance of Festivals

The festivals are meant for rejoicing and refreshment. People forget all the conflicts and hatred with others and celebrate the festival together with the feeling of harmony and brotherhood. The festivals along with enjoyment also teach us moral lessons and values.


The festivals are the subject of a lot of celebration, happiness, excitement, and joy. Every section of society celebrates the festivals according to their status. This is a merry-making time for the people of the nation. The festivals make people put aside all kinds of differences and celebrate with joy and harmony.

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