Paragraph and Short Essay on Indian Army

Indian army is stated as a shield for the entire nation. It protects the country from all kinds of attacks, wars and internal problems thereby providing national security. The real warriors and heroes are our soldiers of the Indian army. Find here paragraphs and short essay on army of India to know in detail about their life full of struggles and patriotism. I hope you will like reading these:

Paragraph on Indian Army

Indian Army: the Backbone of Nation (250 Words)


The Indian army is positioned among the powerful armies of the world. Indian army is responsible for the peace, integrity, and security of the nation. The army comprises of soldiers and army officials.

Indian Army: the Backbone of the Nation

Soldiers are like a backbone for maintaining peace inside the nation. The people of the country are safe and can enjoy life. These things are possible only because of the continued efforts of the soldiers on the borders. They lead a life full of difficulties but secure the life of the people of the nation. We celebrate festivals at our home with excitement and joy, but the army is still doing its work i.e. safeguarding the nation. The lives of soldiers are full of challenges. They do not fear of sacrificing their lives for the sake of our motherland.

The President of India has supreme control and command over the Indian army and Chief of Army Staff becomes head of the army. The Indian army along with protecting the nation from any foreign attack and wars is also responsible for the rescue operations after the occurrence of disaster and natural calamities. The Indian army came into force after Independence when India was free from British control but was originated during British rule only.

The army of the nation is like the soul of the nation. When the police and other forces are incapable of controlling any adverse situation, the army is only the option to deal with such situations.


The Indian army is the great honour of the nation. The soldiers are filled with immense power, intelligence, and capabilities.

Short Essay on Indian Army

Duties and Obstacles Faced by Indian Army (400 Words)


The Indian Army is the grandeur of the nation. It is placed in the fourth position in the world for the strongest military strength. Such achievements are not an easier task for the country. The total credit goes to the soldiers and officials of the army.

When we are safe at our places and sleep peacefully, the soldiers are waking up for the safety of the people of the nation.

Duties of the Indian Army

  • National Security and Integrity – The soldiers are responsible for protecting the nation from any war, foreign attack, or problems inside the country. This will help in maintaining the unity and peace of the country.
  • Support in Rescue Operations – The soldiers help in the rescue operations after the occurrence of the disaster or natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes, etc. They are skilled professionals and therefore are capable of handling such situations.
  • Vigilant Every Time – The soldiers have to remain vigilant by keeping all eyes, ears, and minds open even during sleep. They need to keep them prepared every time for handling emergencies.

Obstacles Faced by Soldiers

The life of a soldier is not easy. Any common person cannot be capable of doing the activities done by the soldiers. There are many problems faced by our soldiers. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • The process of becoming a soldier is not a very easy task. It requires hard practice and effort to complete the training program after the selection procedure. The training of the soldier is very harsh.
  • The soldiers have to survive the coldest temperature of places like Siachen and the heat waves of Rajasthan. They have to work with full attention in such conditions.
  • The soldiers do not get more time to enjoy family life. They are away from the family and close ones most times. They sacrifice their own life pleasures to make the people of the nation secure from any kind of adversity and war.

“Sarvatra Kavach” for the Protection of Soldiers of Indian Army

The Sarvatra Kavach is the body armour that is meant to protect the body of soldiers. This body armour is prepared by the Indian Army and will be soon brought for trial. It is prepared by using materials in India only and therefore is said to be ‘Made in India’.

It will protect the soldiers from injuries caused by small arms. This initiative has been drawn by Major Anup Mishra, an army official. He had been injured by the bullets during his service period.


The Indian army grants its services to the nation without fearing death. The soldiers are performing their duties instead of many adversities. They love to stand for the country. The effort of the Indian army is speechless and a subject of pride for our nation.