Essay on Alcohol Ban

Alcohol Ban

Many times we must have spotted people fighting or lying roadside or in drains unconsciously after drinking alcohol. The condition in which they are found is a pity but at the same time is shameful. The families have to suffer as men beat their wives and children and spend their money on alcohol instead of giving it to the family. Imposing a ban on alcohol might be a great help in getting rid of these cases and saving a lot of families from destruction.

Short and Long Essay on Alcohol Ban in English

Here some essays with a detailed view on this topic for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. I hope it might be of great help to understand the topic.

Alcohol Ban Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Alcohol is a bad addiction that is dangerous for both people and their families.

2) Alcohol ban is a step to stop the circulation of alcohol in society.

3) Alcohol leads to several lung diseases and even causes death.

4) Alcohol addiction is responsible for ruining many families.

5) Today young generation is consuming alcohol as a trend.

6) Seeing the effects of alcohol, the government has imposed an alcohol ban in many states.

7) Alcohol ban aimed to stop selling and consuming alcohol in the country.

8) Alcohol ban helped in reducing violence against women.

9) States like Bihar, Gujarat, and Nagaland have imposed an alcohol ban.

10) Other states like Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, etc repealed the alcohol ban.

Short Essay on Alcohol Ban (250 words)

‘Drinking is injurious to health’ is clearly written on the bottle of alcohol. It is a warning that is highlighted on the bottle of alcohol itself but still, people buy and consume alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and people consuming it slowly become addicted to this drug. The habit of alcohol consumption is like a sweet poison that seems to be good initially but becomes fatal in the future.

Need for Ban on Alcohol

The habit of alcohol consumption has become a crucial problem in society. The consumption of alcohol has now become a fashion trend in society. There are a number of people who die due to excessive alcohol consumption for a longer time. There are also numerous problems resulting due to excessive alcohol consumption by people. The consumption of alcohol has become a social evil in society. There are fights in many families because of alcohol addict people. This is because these people waste money on alcohol instead of giving it to fulfill the needs of the family.

The young generation of society is becoming more addicted to this drug. They drink for merrymaking and enjoyment without realizing the future side effects of alcohol. The ban on the sale of alcohol in the nation can only help in eradicating these problems from society. Alcohol Ban means there will be no availability of alcohol in the nation. The people will themselves leave the habit of consuming alcohol when they do not get the same.


The excessive drinking of alcohol results in liver cancers and other organ damages. Road accidents in drink and drive cases lead to the death of many people. Many schools and college students have destroyed their lives because of the consumption of this poison. There must be strict restrictions imposed on the sale of alcohol. The prohibition on alcohol is only the step that can be the best solution to this crucial issue.

Long Essay on Why Alcohol Should Be Banned (500 – 600 Words)


The consumption of alcohol is a common problem in society in India as well as in other nations. The overuse of anything is harmful and is equivalent to poison. The addiction to alcohol totally ruins the life of a person. It makes a person lose health, wealth as well as respect in family and society. The people who are addicted to this drug are wasting money instead of utilizing it in a proper way. A ban is much necessary to control the adverse effects of this misuse.

Alcoholism Becoming a Common Trend

The drinking of alcohol at parties, festivals, and other occasions has become very common. Many people think drinking habits to be subject to their self-esteem. If any person is not involved in drinking, they are considered as a poor class fellow.

College students are also greatly influenced by this habit. They develop the habit of drinking for the purpose of enjoyment. This makes them suffer a lot in the future.

Alcohol Consumption Causing Detrimental Health Effects

The consumption of alcohol makes a person lose sensitivity and thinking capability. The person utters unwanted words as the body is no longer under control for a longer duration depending upon the dose taken. Alcohol is also causing several types of cancer in the people who are greatly addicted to it.

The liver is the organ inside our body responsible for the detoxification of toxic materials. Therefore alcohol is also detoxified in the liver. Taking a small amount of alcohol is not causing any kind of harm. The higher dose intake and on daily basis is harmful and causes liver cirrhosis in many cases. It is mostly untreatable resulting in the painful death of the person. It also leads to several heart-related problems. Alcohol consumption is greatly responsible for the rapid death of many people due to heart attacks or incurable diseases like cancer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ban on Alcohol


  • Lessening of Family Disputes and Domestic Violence – If there is no availability of alcohol, there will be fewer fights in the families. Majority of the fight is due to the money required for drinking or ill behaviour of drunken people. There are many men who are losing their temper, abusing and beating women after drinking and this comes under domestic violence. The cases of domestic violence can also be reduced as a result of the prohibition on alcohol.
  • Accidents will be Reduced – There will be a decline in the accidents caused by rash driving after drinking. The loss of innocent lives can be prevented up to a large extent. The crime rate will also be reduced which is often caused by over drunk people.
  • Financial Wastage can be Prevented – The unwanted money wasted in buying alcohol will be saved if there is no availability of alcohol. The families would not suffer due to the financial crisis. The peaceful atmosphere of families can also be also retained.
  • Health Problems due to Alcohol Consumption will be Reduced – The heath issues caused by drinking would be controlled and no one has to suffer from serious health problems and diseases like cancer and heart problems.


  • Financial Loss to the Government – The ban on alcohol will stop the revenue which is generated by manufacturing alcohol and its sale. This will incur a great loss of the economy to the government.
  • Black Marketing will be a Practised – The ban on the legal availability of alcohol will create opportunities for black marketing of alcohol. The unwanted higher rates will be charged. It will also not be safe to consume those products as it is not manufactured and sold under the supervision of the government.

Alcohol Banned in the Various Indian States

There have been continuing efforts taken by the government of India to impose a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages. The states like Bihar, Gujarat, Nagaland, Mizoram, and the union territory of Lakshadweep have a ban on the sale of alcoholics. Any kind of violation of rules will be subject to penalty and punishment.


Alcohol is a threat to families, society, and the nation. The legal supply of alcohol must be banned immediately. After prohibition on the sale, all people could not afford it easily. There will be a fear of punishment and penalty prevailing in the mind of people.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What happens if alcohol is consumed every day?

Ans. Alcohol consumption every day makes a person alcohol addict which is the root for serious health issues along with liver and heart diseases.

Q.2 Does alcohols cause an increase in weight?

Ans. Alcohol cause weight gain as it contains excess calories and promotes your appetite which makes you hungrier.

Q.3 How does alcohol affect the liver?

Ans. Heavy consumption of alcohol reduces the alcohol detoxifying capacity of the liver. This damages the liver which leads to liver cirrhosis or Fibrosis.

Q.4 How the alcohol ban came into existence?

Ans. Article 47 of the constitution under the Directive Principles of state policy gives directions to states to prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs which cause serious health issues.

Q.5 How much effective is the alcohol ban in India?

Ans. The alcohol is not sold in states like Bihar, Gujarat, Mizoram, Nagaland, and the union territory of Lakshadweep but is freely sold in other states.