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All of us think sometimes as what is the purpose of our life, some of us want to succeed in our life whereas some of us just want to achieve some goals. No one cares about what they really are, what special qualities they bear which make them different. Apart from our carrier growth, we should also practice some other inner goals which I have discussed below.

Short and Long Essays on Who Am I in English

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Who Am I Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I am a good student who always completes work on time.

2) I am a punctual and discipline student who always listens to the teachers.

3) I am a helpful person who always takes care of needy people.

4) I am a responsive citizen who follows all rules and regulations.

5) I am a patriotic person and love my country very much.

6) I am a good human who respects elders.

7)  I am a positive thinker and believe in hard work.

8) I obey my parents and take care of them as I am a good son.

9)  I am a nature lover and love spending time with nature.

10) I am a happy person who is gifted everything by God.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – I am a Good Citizen of India


The phrase seems small but it has a lot of meaning. A good citizen has a lot of responsibilities and they should always respect their country and always wish for its betterment and growth. They should equally contribute and treat their nation as their family. Many people take birth in this nation but they shift abroad for their higher education or earning money.

Some Qualities of a Good Citizen

  • A good citizen should always respect our national flag, animal, symbol, etc. Those things which represent our nation should be handled with care and attention.
  • It is the responsibility of a person to keep his surroundings clean; either it is his workplace or a public place.
  • A good citizen should always follow rules and regulations of the country.
  • They should also follow road rules, public rules, and should never be a reason for trouble for others.
  • They should use their knowledge to serve their nation rather than immigrating to other countries.
  • The nation should be their first priority and should be ready to serve the nation if needed.
  • A good citizen should timely pay his tax.


The nation of our motherland and one should really contribute to its development. Many of us search for different reasons to save our tax. But this tax helps for making new roads and providing different facilities for us. I have mentioned some of the major points above but there are a lot and one should treat his nation as his own home and this will definitely make you a good citizen.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – I am a Creative Thinker


Creativity is something that tells about a person as to how he thinks and how he behaves. A creative person always brings an amazing solution that satisfies everyone. They are born artists and you can’t make someone creative. Creativity defines them and they express their feelings in their creativity rather than explaining in words. A painter paints his feelings in his paintings and this makes him unique. Similarly, a writer writes a story, a singer sings. Their art form speaks more about them. So, a creative thinker is a person who always brings the best ideas for the betterment of people.

Some Qualities of Creative Thinkers

Thinking in a good direction is something known as a creative thinker and when we develop this habit it helps us to learn a lot of things. I have mentioned some basic qualities of a creative thinker.

They Bring Change

It is not always you can say someone to change but some good ideas and the ways of presentation brings change. Creative thinkers get some beautiful way to explain and as a result people easily understand their ideas and their message.

They Develop New Ideas

All of us have different qualities and when someone utilizes it in a good way, they really create history. It was Albert Einstein who was not an active student but was an active thinker and his creativity brought Noble to him. Creativity helps us to make new things and thinking adds laurel to it.

It Develops a Learning Habit

When we continuously think or ponder on a certain thing it helps us to learn and develop. It provokes us to learn new things and know. A teacher gives the same lecture in the class but some of us become a scientist whereas some simply opt a job of any field. All this is because of a sense of thinking in a different way. The more we ponder on a certain topic the more it helps us to understand and learn.

Makes Us a Good Person

A positive or a creative thinker always analyses a situation and they never decide on the basis of one person. They accept the fact this helps them to be a good person. You would have seen very knowledgeable people with a very kind heart; this is because their mental ability makes them strong and humble.


Thinking of daydreaming has both positive as well as a negative impact, depending upon what you think. Have healthy thoughts and this will never disappoint you. Don’t fight with your inner thoughts, if something bothers you just go and know what the reason is behind. Creative thinkers not only think of themselves they think about their nation as well as the world, which makes them great.

Essay on Who Am I

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – I am a Good Person


When the world is running behind success there are very few who think to be a good person. It is very necessary to be successful but at the same time, we should also remember that all of us are human beings. Our profession should not be our identity our identity should be defined in our profession. All of us train our children to become a doctor or an engineer, whereas there are very few who teach their child to be a good person.

Who is a Good Person?

All of us feel that we are the best, but have you ever thought about what makes you best. Does your heart melt when you see a poor or have you done anything extra to help a needy? If not, then what makes you a good person.

Actually, all of us have certain beliefs and we consider that to be the best. But in reality, many of us just live in a misconception. It is not only doing charity that makes you a good person. It is your way of talking, your attitude, your gesture, and many more things together make you a good person.

All of us are too much busy in our day to day life that we never make time for ethical classes. We never sit and think about how to become a good person too. We plan our goals, carrier, syllabus but no one talks about learning good qualities.

Spiritual practices have always kept a step back for the old days or are termed as old fashioned. But no one really cares about what it really means. Being spiritual does not mean praying to God all the time. It makes you humble, kind, and a positive thinker.

Qualities of a Good Person

They are Polite

They not only pretend to be polite they are actually polite and never use offensive words for anyone, either they are alone or with someone. Their politeness makes them unique; all of us have some people like this in our friend circle.

They Think of Everyone

They share either it is joy or a plate of food. They believe in sharing and they think about everyone. In Hindu mythology there is a tradition of making food for animals too, they make chapati for a cow, dog, etc. Either they have a pet or not they serve it to the street animals but they make. Actually, it teaches us to share and once we get habitual of it, it develops as a habit and we start thinking for everyone.

They Are Always Positive

All of us have a person in our contact list that is always positive. They not only make us feel light but also help others. Some people carry positive vibes and whatever the situation be they bring out something positive within it. All of us just love to be in their company; actually, it comes from practice.

They are Knowledgeable

Some of us feel as if we have a lot of work and others are free so they do charity or perform other charitable acts. They also feel superior and knowledgeable but actually they are not, because knowledge makes us kind. There is no doubt that one can be perfect in his profession but good people are experts in every profession and their knowledge makes them kind and liberal.


Apart from carrier growth, we should also focus on our mental growth; because nowadays all of us are focusing on our goals no one is concerned about society. The increased crime rates and loot are the outcomes of our frustration and failure. When we will learn and practice good habits, we will try new things rather than opting the wrong way. So, whatever profession you choose never forget to be a good person. There can be a time when you have to leave your profession but your deeds will always make you different.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is self-identity?

Ans. Self-identity is the perspective of a person for his own identity.

Q.2 What makes a person becomes a good citizen?

Ans. The right conduct, respect for people in society, and devotion towards the nation make a person a good citizen.

Q.3 What is meant by false identity?

Ans. False identity means that pretending to be something that a person is not in reality.

Q.4 Why is identity important?

Ans. Identity is important as it defines a person by self or by others.

Q.5 Is identity gifted or created?

Ans. Identity is not gifted but it is created by the actions that we choose in our life.

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