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We all have seen money and also know how important it is. We need everywhere either to buy a bottle of water or a packet of bread. We work hard to earn money to buy our needs. Really it is very important and inspires us to work hard.

Short and Long Essays on Money in English

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Money Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Money is the medium of exchange that allows us to make payments.

2) Between 650 and 600 BC, the first-ever money Mesopotamian shekel came into existence.

3) In 1861, currency notes were established.

4) Money helps us to live a comfortable and luxurious life.

5) People work hard to earn more money.

6) We can buy services and goods through money.

7) Commodity money, Fiat money, Near money, Deposit money, etc are some types of money.

8) Money is required to fulfill our dreams.

9) Earlier coins of gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc were used as money.

10) Today, digital money is introduced into the world.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Money


The collective amount of coins and notes is denoted as money. We can buy all our stuff and fulfill our needs with the help of money. We can’t imagine life without money because we have to pay for everything.

Barter System

It is the medium of buying these days because in old days people use to get things by exchanging anything in return when money was not invented. They use to exchange goods or some other services or things. This system was termed as Barter System.

It is not every time we need money sometimes, we need food grains whereas something else, so those who use to work in lands use to offer food grains and use to buy things. Similarly, different people use to offer things as per their ability and what they had.

The First Currency

The Mesopotamian shekel was the first-ever money that came into existence between 650 and 600 B.C. Whereas, it is a belief that in India it started in the 6th Century BC. Whereas, the currency notes were first time seen in the year 1861. Before the currency notes, different rulers use different metals like copper, gold, silver, etc. They use to issue different coins with their symbol on it. Money has a vast history and today it seems so simple to have a 1000 ₹ note but it took centuries to develop money in the form of currencies.


Money is an important part of life and we work for earning more and more money. In today’s era the more money you have the more peaceful life you can live. It has become one of the most important things.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Money and Its Types


Money is a five-letters simple word but has a lot of value. It is moving valuable than anything, people can go up to any extreme for earning money, and sometimes people also commit some crime. Actually, all of us like to have good food, a good dress, want to give a good education to our children, etc and for everything we need money. When people won’t able to match their needs they adopt some awful ways to earn money. I can say that money had made us blind and we just focus on earning.

Different Types of Money

Money has been categorized into various types and they are fiat money, commodity money, representative money, currency money, Deposit Money, Near Money, etc. 

Fiat Money: A money apart from currency notes. It is something like gold and silver and according to this; the government issues the printing of notes. We can say that it helps a nation to print notes and decides its economic growth. Anything publicly stated as money from the government authorities is fiat money. No one can deny from taking this money and if someone does it is considered as a case of violation of government orders. This type of money is called Fiat Money.

Commodity Money: The money earned with the exchange of goods like wheat, rice, cotton, etc. things which are manufactured and sold it can be some precious metals like Gold, Silver, too. When they are used to make something and sell. This type of money is known as commodity money. The money earned due to commodity.

Representative Money: It can be stated as the money which we use. A piece of paper or coin printed with some amount is termed as representative money. All of us use this money for buying different things in our lives.

Near Money: The other form of money which we have in the form of assets. These assets are property, land, home, Gold, Diamond, etc. We can get money in exchange for these things so it is termed as near money.


There are different types of money and all have some of its types but currency notes are something commonly used in our day-to-day life. Money is one of the most important needs of human beings. Different nations have different currencies and all of them have different values and this also decides the economic growth of that country.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Money: Types, Uses, and its Characteristics


Money is a medium of payment we need to buy different things. It was a time when people use to live in villages and small towns and use to exchange things instead of using money. But everything has changed today and all of us want to be a part of the development and trending towards city life. A life where you have to buy water and the day is not far when we also have to buy air. But the main thing we need to fulfill our needs is money. So, you can analyze the importance of money in our life.

How Money Came into Existence

Before money, people use to follow the barter system and there is no strong evidence of when money was used. Still, people believe that coins and notes came into existence in 5000 B.C. Different kings started their own coins made up of different metals.

  • Vima Kadaphises a Kushan emperor was the first king to introduce gold coins for the first time, around 100CE.
  • Chandragupta II of the Gupta emperor was the first king to introduce silver coins.
  • Apart from these, two other kings used different metals like copper, bronze, etc as money. These coins use to have the symbol of the emperor and they can be still seen in various museums across the nation as well as in the world.

Type of Money

According to economist Crowder, the currency is one of the three important inventions made by humans in modern times: currency, the wheel, and vote. Money has been categorized into different types; Near Money, Currency notes, Non-legal tender, Fiduciary Money, Bond, Cryptocurrency, Deposit Money, Legal Money, Representative Money, etc.

Uses of Money

There are different uses of money and I have listed some of the best below;

  • Money is used as a medium of exchange for a commodity.
  • Money is used for storage in banks for our bad times or in the form of savings.
  • We can manage all kinds of needs with the help of money.
  • It helps us to buy some assets, which are sometimes more valuable and decides our status in our society.
  • If you have the money you can plan and execute your plans in a better way, and this is the reason why the rich are always rich and the poor is always poor, in most cases.

Characteristics of Money

There are some important characteristics of money like;

Durability: Money is termed as durable which means it never changes its importance for example you bought a car, but after some years you when you will sell it, you will not get the same amount. But money is something that remains the same for a long time. It is equally valuable even today and after some years.

Portability: We can carry anywhere easily and this is what portability defines. It is very easy to carry an amount of money. Yes, we need to carry them with lots of attention, but it is not very difficult to carry an amount of money.

Divisibility: We can easily divide a piece of land but it is simple to divide an amount of money. If you have to divide 100 Rs. among 5 people you can easily perform this task and this is because money is called divisible.

Acceptability: It is acceptable everywhere, where ever you go the value of your money will be the same depending on the nation. A dollar is something accepted in the entire world and where ever you go if you will offer a dollar it will be accepted as a dollar.


It is quite easy to spend some money instead of defining it. It has a lot of meaning I have mentioned some of its uses. Still, it is a very big topic, its importance never changed as per time. Every country has its own currency and different notes. I can say that we can’t imagine life without money in this era.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is money in simple words?

Ans. The currency notes and coins that are used by us to buy things whatever we need are termed as money.

Q.2 When did the concept of money begin in the world?

Ans. The concept of money started in 5000 B.C.

Q.3 How many currencies are there in the world?

Ans. There are about 170 official currencies in the world.

Q.4 Which is the strongest currency in the world?

Ans. The strongest currency in the world is Kuwaiti Dinar.

Q.5 What is the name of the first coin in India?

Ans. The first coin in India was Karshapanas that have been created around the 6th century BCE.

Q.6 Which country was the first to make the paper money?

Ans. China was the first country in the world to make paper money in 770 B.C.

Q.7 Who prints the money in India?

Ans. The Reserve Bank of India is an authority for printing and managing the currency in India.

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