Essay on What Makes your School Unique

A school is a place where we don’t even gain bookish knowledge but we also learn to make friends, mischief and laughing together. All of us love our school and our parents want to admit us to the best one. They find a school with some unique features which can make us smart as well as knowledgeable at the same time.

Short and Long Essays on What Makes your School Unique in English

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What makes your school unique Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) There are many schools in my area but my school is unique.

2) My school has the biggest infrastructure which makes it unique.

3) Highly educated and cooperative teachers make the education system better.

4) My school also provides attention to other curricular activities.

5) Self-defense class for girls makes my school unique.

6) My school also provides medical facilities in case of any emergency.

7) The healthy studying environment makes my school the best.

8) The unique competition and encouragement are another plus point of my school.

9) Other classes like moral education, physical education, etc are also conducted.

10) I feel proud that I’m a student at one of the best schools in the city.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What Makes your School Unique


I am Supriya of class 3 and my school’s name is R. K. Public School and I want to tell you some facts about my school which are really good and makes my school unique. There are different schools in the city but I find R. K. Public the best in many ways.

Some Best Qualities of my School

Best Infrastructure; My school has one of the best and biggest infrastructures and it is helpful in many ways. Nowadays there are very few schools which provide big playgrounds. My school has a separate playground for the primary wing as well as for the secondary wing. And we can play whenever and wherever we want, we don’t have to wait for others.

Best Teachers; Apart from the infrastructure the main soul of our school are our teachers. They are so good and cooperative that I love their company. I am free to ask whenever I am confused and I also call my teachers when I face any problem while completing my homework at home.

Unique Birthday Celebration; The third is the orphanage and the old age home, yes! In other schools when it is someone’s birthday, they generally celebrate it by distributing chocolates, but my school has a unique feature. The birthday boy is taken to an orphanage or an old age home and they distribute chocolates or whatever they have bought with them. They even spend some hours with them. Really, I like that moment and I eagerly wait for my birthday every year.


All of us visit the temple and we do some good things like we help others, we share, we donate, do some charity, etc. And all these features are also taught in my school and I can proudly say that my school is best and I love being there.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Why my School is the Best?


School is something that automatically brings a smile on our faces. Imagine if we don’t have to go to school, I am sure that we cannot learn so much at home or on any online platform. Actually, we not only learn from the book we also learn from friends, our seniors, teachers, etc. It is our atmosphere which teaches us a lot and that is why school plays a very important role in building our future.

I am a student at DP Memorial School, Bilaspur and I am in class 6th. I want to highlight some unique features of my school which are really good and will also encourage others.

My School

  • I am in this school from class 1 and let me tell you, I have never cried while coming to school. Just because of my teachers and the playful environment. The teachers were so good and cooperative that children never cry. Others should really learn from our school. Actually, they provide toys and other music technology to teach in primary classes. It is not a playschool but they believe in practical education and one the child gets comfortable they provide bookish as well as other writing knowledge.
  • There are very few subjects and the other activities like music, drawing, a computer is optional and they are taught practically. So, children don’t have to carry books or other additional notebooks for these subjects. They submit the drawing copy and colors at school, which makes their bag light.
  • There is a different sleeping room in our school and in case any child sleeps in the class, they are not punished. Teachers understand that there could be any reason behind because a child does not sleep every day. They take the child to the room and let them sleep as much they want. The students in the primary section are treated with a lot of care. They understand the child physiology and have designed the school accordingly.

It is not so easy to manage these many things, but our teachers are so good and have a lot of patience. They never scold them and children also love them.


All schools are good but my school is unique in many ways. It is a role model and others should really learn from it. When I tell someone that I am a student of DP Memorial, it automatically brings a smile on their face because it is really famous in the city. I am a proud student of this school and I also work hard to make my teachers feel proud of me.

Essay on What Makes your School Unique

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Why is my School Special to Me?


It will not be wrong if I say my school is my second home. I have learned some basic things like how to walk, speak, etc. at my first home, whereas I have learned how to behave, make friends, face the world, etc. at my school. I really love my school as well as my teachers. I just can’t express my feeling in words as to how much gratitude I have for them. Really my school is very special to me. There are some unique qualities and rules of my school which are rare and should be really promoted.

Some Best Things about my School

All schools provide education but what makes them different? It is their faculty, facility, and future guidance. All school has their best teachers but when your teacher is also your friend then it sounds different. Yes, my teachers are my friends since I was in my standard 1.

Diary Writing Tradition: Actually, there is a dairy writing tradition in my school and each and every student has to write a diary and it is their teacher who checks it every day. Children write whatever they liked and they didn’t liked. This helps teachers to understand their feelings and what their students think. In this way, they behave in the same way as the child want. This gave me a new best friend every year in the form of my class teacher.

New Punishment Ideas: I don’t think any student from my school has ever been punished by scale. They never had stood in the hot summer ground. The punishing style is a bit unique. A child has to clean the ground with the cleaning person and have to help them. They can also be asked to help teachers to collect copies and submit them in the staff room. Actually, they have to do this the entire day.

In the beginning, it seems very hectic but slowly it develops a helping habit and we start helping our family members or help our parents in their daily work. Really it is an amazing idea and teaches us a lot. Because there is no platform that can teach how to help in household works.

The Best Teachers: Our teachers are specially trained, apart from their professional qualifications they are given some special training to understand the child’s phycology and it helps them to deal with a child. Although, they are thought all these in their professional training.

Children psychologist visits our school every month and they give different training. This helps teachers to understand us and perform in a better way and I can proudly say that this is the reason behind the 100% results of our school.

Our Principal Ma’am: She should really be awarded the best principal award. Really, Mrs. Prabha ma’am is one of the most inspiring and active women of our school. Although she is a principal, she never stays in her office. She comes and meets everyone at the lunchtime or in between our class.

She is so humble that we can easily talk to her and we never hesitate if we have to discuss something regarding school. Her door is always open to everyone. I want to share one of my incidents. I was in class 4 and was carrying my handkerchief in my hand and was running here and there. Actually, it was our lunchtime and she saw me and taught me 3 different ways to keep my handkerchief rather than carrying it in my hands. Although I was not so mature to understand the importance of my principal teaching me, it was something different that why I can easily remember that incident till now.


When people will start thinking about educating the country, rather than making money from the school, then the nation will change. And a school does not mean to follow the traditional form of education. There should be some creative change and that will make a school unique.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How did the school get its name?

Ans. The word school is derived from the Greek word ‘schole’ that means ‘leisure’.

Q.2 Why do we need to go to school?

Ans. We need to go to school as it gives us the education and skills that are required for a good future.

Q.3 Is it necessary to attend school daily?

Ans. Yes, it makes us punctual and helps in getting good results.

Q.4 Who invented the modern school system?

Ans. Horace Mann invented the modern school system in the world.

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