Essay on Is Online Learning the Future of Education

Online learning is one of the fastest-growing modes of education and people are widely accepting it. It has become one of the most popular means of education and nowadays and it is also quite easy and convenient to have an online class instead of offline. Get here some essays on this topic to have a more clear view about it.

Short and Long Essays on Is Online Learning the Future of Education in English

Essay on Is Online Learning the Future of Education for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Is Online Learning the Future of Education essay 10 lines.

Is Online Learning the Future of Education Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Online learning is widely accepted by all teachers and students.

2) The advantages of online learning are proved fruitful for both teachers and learners.

3) People find online learning effective and easy.

4) With online learning, education is not restricted to time and place.

5) Online learning allows you to select courses of your choice.

6) Online learning is a new and comfortable mode of gaining an education.

7) In online learning, you can shape the process of learning according to your comfort.

8) Online learning helps you to generate skills like self-discipline.

9) You can save on travel costs by learning online.

10) During the pandemic, online learning showed that it can be the future of education.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Is Online Learning the Future of Education?


The E-learning program is one of the fastest-growing learning platforms. These are available online and every year a large number of students take part in it. The fast-growing online network is definitely going to be the future of education in many ways.

How Online Learning is the Future of Education

It has been not very long when smart classes were introduced and they were marked successful. Promoting the same culture another smart class that has been introduced is an online platform. All of us use the internet and learning through it can really take education to another level. It is one of the best platforms and e-learning is one of the latest mediums of education.

It is getting popular day by day and is also one of the easy and convenient mediums. All of us want the best on the money we spend. When we get quality education on our doorsteps, then why one will prefer an offline course.

Study materials are easily available online and one can easily access any course of their choice. There are many institutions that have started online classes and students find it more convenient. They save their traveling time and can easily focus on their studies.


E-learning is getting more popular than classroom services. They provide everything like lectures, other activities, solving the question and answers, discussion on a topic, etc. This is helpful not only for students but also for parents. They don’t have to take their child everywhere because classes are available at home. And I can say that online learning is going to be the future of education.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Importance of Online Learning


Students go to school and college for their studies. But what about those who want to learn when they are at the office. It is quite not possible to leave a job, so the internet is one of the best media to resolve their issue. Nowadays there are many online learning portals available and they can be availed from any corner of the world.

Importance of Online Learning

There are many benefits of online learning and they are good for everyone;

Easy Access to Experts: If you live in a city where there is no good coaching for a particular subject, then it can bother you. Online learning is something that gives an opportunity to connect with experts through your phone and computer from any part of the world.

Saves your Travelling Charges: Sometimes it costs a lot to attend offline classes and also consumes a lot of time. So, we can say that online classes are helpful in both ways. They consume less money as well as time.

They are Flexible: You can schedule your class at your convenience. Sometimes it’s hectic for people to attend classes, but online classes can be scheduled as per your need and availability. One can also miss his offline class if he doesn’t attend the class, whereas online classes get recorded and you can also save it for the future. It is quite a good deal and really encourages people to develop this platform as a learning booth.

Wide Range of Programmes: Sometimes we cannot get a particular course offline which is easily available online. There are a variety of courses and they can easily be accessed. Nowadays different coaching and schools are proving online study material and other learning modules. So, it is easy to learn anything you need.

Less Crowd: In an offline class generally there are more students whereas most of the online classes are given alone. Depending on the course, teachers are available for each student on their time and this also helps them to interact directly with the teacher. Solo classes are also good because a teacher can easily focus on a child.


Internet is one of the latest mediums of education and we have seen the live demo in the COVID-19 lockdown. All the classes were available online and this also encouraged people to bring education on an online platform. The only thing a student needs is an internet connection and a phone or a laptop.

Essay on Is Online Learning the Future of Education

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – What is Online Learning and How it is Helpful


Learning is a never-ending process of life, either you are a child or a grown-up man, having a learning attitude will always help you. Every day we learn something and if you are a student then it is quite more. Children go to school for education but what about others. Online learning is for everyone.

What is Online Learning

There are different forms of learning like online, offline, distance learning, E-learning, etc. A traditional classroom is something called offline mode of education; whereas a kind of education that can be obtained online through the internet is an online medium of education.

There are some universities that started providing online classes for students who were unable to attend class due to some reason. This concept was appreciated and introduced at the school level as well in other forms of education.

A mode of education in which students are educated online with the help of their phones and laptops is an online mode of learning.

Nowadays there are different courses available online and anyone can easily take admission in them. It does not matter where you are, you can take admission in any course from any part of the world. In this mode of education, teachers connect online and you can easily discuss your problems and solve questions with them.

How Online Learning is Helpful

It is especially beneficial for those who want to save their time from traveling. It also provides flexibility, because teachers and students can have their own time as per their convenience. It is quite easier than an offline one because students can easily record their classes and listen to them as many times as they want.

Sometimes due to other family responsibilities, many of us unable to complete their studies, so online learning is the best option for them. Either you are working or a school student you can have online classes. In the corona pandemic, schools and colleges were closed for more than 6 months, but students were properly provided classes online.

What are the Best Features of Online Classes

Online learning is something related to e-learning (Electronic Learning), a medium of studies which is delivered through an electronic media. During online classes a student can learn many things like;

  • They can learn various tools which are really helpful for all of us. It helps us to explore and learn new features of different tools.
  • You can change the language, fonts, design, etc as per your own convenience and learn easily.
  • Teachers and students are more closely connected as compared to an offline class because there are few students at the same time.
  • Teachers are available to help you, whenever you want.

How Education will Become Online?

Remote teaching got more popular during the corona pandemic. Many top-graded portals are already available online whereas many developed in-between. They are cheap as well as good, so people like them and it is a new style of learning and most of the children like it.

Whatever mode of education you provide, your child should feel connected and it is mostly found in online learning. This sector is totally new and is liked by people all around the world. It is gaining popularity which also shows that it is going to become one of the most popular modes of learning.


Learning is all about acquiring knowledge and it does not matter what is your medium. But the internet is known as an ocean and it contains more knowledge than a book. So, the online medium is better than an offline one.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by online learning?

Ans. The process of learning by using electronic resources and the internet is called online learning.

Q.2 When did online learning begin in the world?

Ans. Online learning was first started in 1982.

Q.3 Who is called the Father of Online Education?

Ans. Sir Isaac Pitman is regarded as the Father of Online Education.

Q.4 Why is online learning disadvantageous?

Ans. Online learning is disadvantageous because it inhibits social interaction among students.

Q.5 Is online learning cost-effective?

Ans. Yes, it helps in saving money wasted in traveling to school, making school buildings, and buying classroom accessories.

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