Essay on What I Did During Lockdown

We had faced a long lockdown amid the outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19. Post the lockdown, everyone is back in business to bring the life back on track. People are also getting interested in knowing how everyone spent their lockdown days.

Short and Long Essay on How I Spent Lockdown Period in English

I have compiled some essays on How I Spent Lockdown Period under words limit of 120 words, 250 words, 400 words and 600 words to provide a glimpse of how I spend my lockdown days.

What I Did During Lockdown Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Lockdown was a critical and terrifying time for all the people.

2) Initially when the lockdown started, it felt joyful.

3) During lockdown my mother taught me cooking.

4) I also learned many things regarding gardening during this lockdown period.

5) I have also done many good activities like helping the poor and needy during the lockdown.

6) I read many books and novels during this leisure time.

7) Most of the time, we watched television for Covid news throughout the world.

8) I also studied a lot during this lockdown period.

9) I love sketching, so I made many sketches during his period.

10) I utilized the lockdown period by taking dance and music classes.

Essay 1 (250 Words)


The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe in the first quarter of 2020 has taken the world by surprise. There is no vaccine as yet and the disease was also highly contagious. It spreads like fire in the wild and soon took the whole world in its grasps. Governments imposed lockdown to keep people from socializing. I have given below a detail of ho I had spent my lockdown.

Fed the Animals

With the hotels and eateries shut down and people forbidden from moving out, the roads were stranded and so were the animals like dogs, cows, and oxes, etc. They were the most vulnerable as they can’t speak for themselves and suffer in hunger almost silently. I made it a routine to find out such animals and feed them to the best I can. I must admit that it was a very contenting gesture.

Helped the Poor

There are billions of daily earners who earn every day to fill their stomachs. People like rickshaw pullers, barbers, auto drivers, daily laborers, etc. earn every day to eat a square meal a day. These people were the most impacted by the lockdown and it became a matter of life and death for them. I also helped the poor by resolving to feed at least one person every day.


The lockdown was a bitter experience but wasn’t actually that much bitter after all. I also did many good things that made me content and others happy. It’s always how you face the adversities thrown at you. It is rather a matter of attitude than anything else.

Essay 2 (400 Words)


Recently the country went through nearly two months of lockdown. As you know that, during the lockdown socializing was prohibited and only those facing some kind of medical emergency or engaged in relief works were permitted to go outside. I have compiled in this essay some of my most important lockdown activities.

Adhered to Safety Norms

The first and most important thing I did during the lockdown was to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the government and also the instructions given by doctors and officials.

I adherently followed every instruction that the respondent gave to the public on television. Washing hands often and wearing masks were the most important of them all. I washed my hands too often and also asked other family members to do the same. Whenever I got out for buying essential groceries, I wore a mask and maintained a good distance from everyone. It was essential in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Joined Relief Works

As the lockdown was mandatory and was also imposed countrywide, there were many who lost their jobs or were stranded hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. All the means of livelihood and transportation closed, such people were faced with a life and death situation.

The government had made extensive arrangements for the distribution of food packets and groceries to such needy people. I contacted a local politician as I felt an urged to help out in some way or the other. I am glad that he respected my feelings and allowed me to volunteer. Thereby, I joined the relief work of reaching out to the poor and stranded and distributing food packets.

It became a normal routine for every day to start with my team in the morning and go to the designated spots. As there was always a risk of getting infected, we had all our PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments) on and practiced all safety guidelines. I must admit that despite the risks involved, it was the most contenting and satisfying decisions I have ever made in my life. It is something that could only be experienced rather than told.


One may think that there is not much to do during a lockdown, but it is a fallacy. There are many sensible things to do during a lockdown than you would ever do during the normal days. What actually matters is how you approach and see it.

Essay on What I Did During Lockdown

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words)


Recently we went through a tough and rather challenging phase of lockdown. It was never experienced before occurrence and most of us were not sure about how to respond to it. The first thing everyone did was to lock him and her in the house and practice social distancing as the doctors and authorities suggested in the wake of COVID-19 spread. In the essay, I have narrated the things I did to spend my time in lockdown.

Read a Book

Apart from the grievances, this lockdown has also taught me some good things. For instance, I have developed a habit of book reading and to my surprise, it’s as better for your mind as it is for your knowledge. After spending a good amount of lockdown on reading books, I could confidently say that book reading is a matter of wisdom – It makes you wise and keeps your brain active during comparatively lethargic times. You can choose from a range of books of your choice but as I like adventure and jungle lore, I read books written by the famous hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett.

In House Socialization

Before lockdown, my life had been as usual busy for years. There was hardly any time to spend with my own family. I was rather spending more time with those who didn’t matter than those who really mattered. But that’s how life is when you work for a living and sustain your needs.

I am glad that lockdown gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my family, a lack of which I was seriously regretting before. The time that I had spent with my family during the lockdown, was a memorable and enriching experience. I call that in house socialization. In our daily lives we socialize with everyone else but seldom talk to our own family members. This is a harsh truth, I am glad I was able to negate this lockdown.

Called up Old Friends

One thing that I did during this lockdown, and am glad about is, calling up some good old friends of mine. They were my college friends and also the colleagues I had worked with. Speaking to some of them after a long time was really an enriching and blessed experience. I was actually worried about their health amid the Coronavirus outbreak and called up to know how they are doing.

I am glad that each one of them was faring well in good health and spending time with family. One more thing that I learned is that – even if you don’t call a friend for a long time, the friendship very much remains in the hearts of both of you. I also requested my friends to adhere to the guidelines issued by the government from time to time, regarding COVID-19.

Watched NEWS

Last but not least – I watched the news every day and at definite intervals to keep myself informed on the COVID-19 updates. It was very much needed to keep my family informed about it and also the methods to prevent getting infected.

Also, as a responsible citizen, I felt the need to know how the country is dealing with the pandemic and what steps the government has taken to support daily wage labors and petty traders amid the crisis. I was happy to see that many government officials and people from essential services risked their own lives to keep others safe.


There is no doubt that lockdown was a financial and social crisis brought in good faith to keep the pandemic at bay. But as a coin has two sides, so does the lockdown also had both good and bad attributes. During the lockdown, I tried to keep all the good things and filter out the bad.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on What I Did During Lockdown

Q.1 What is meant by lockdown?

Ans. Lockdown is a protocol in which the movement of people is restricted and they have to stay in one place.

Q.2 Which country was first in the world to implement lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic?

Ans. China was the first country in the world to implement lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q.3 Where in India was the first complete lockdown implemented?

Ans. The first complete lockdown was implemented in the Rajasthan state of India.

Q.4 Why was lockdown implemented by different nations of the world?

Ans. Lockdown was implemented by different nations of the world to curb the spread of Covid-19 infection.

Q.5 Where was the first lockdown implemented in the world?

Ans. The first lockdown was implemented in America after September 2011 attack.

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