Speech on Teacher’s Day

Teachers’ Day is a significant occasion celebrated on the birth anniversary of former President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on 5th September every year. The day is widely observed in schools throughout India and children love giving speeches on the occasion. Keeping their need in mind, I have given below three speeches on Teachers’ Day of varying word lengths.

Short and Long Speech on Teacher’s Day for Students

Speech 1

Good morning Principal Sir, my dear friend and very special thanks to all the teaching staff.

As you all are aware that its 5th September today and we have gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and of course, teachers’ Day.

The day calls for thanking our teachers for their resilience and a never-ending desire towards our education. It is our teachers from whom we learn the important lessons of academics and life. They not only make us educated but also wise and capable to face the odds.

If the parents give birth to a child and care for him or her; teachers are the ones who shape their personalities. Our future depends on you all – my dear teachers. And, for that, you all, every one of you, deserves a standing round of applause. May I thereby, request my dear friends and the non-teaching staff to please stand up and give a great round of applause to our teachers. This is not only for the teachers present here but also for all the teachers who are giving their service to society.

With this, I rest my speech and request _______ to announce further programs. Thank you all and once again a very big thank you to all the teachers present.

Speech 2

Good morning teachers, principal sir, office staff, and my dear friends. As you all know that today is 5th September and we have gathered here to celebrate teachers’ day.

There are two main things that we have to do today. One is remembering Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and another is to honor our teachers in the best possible way for their commitment and dedication.

Many of us know Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as the Indian statesman who was the first Vice President and the second President of India. But what is lesser-known fact about Dr. Radhakrishnan is that he was a teacher and a motivator above all. During his non-political days, he had taught in many prestigious universities in India and abroad.

He taught at the University of Mysore, University of Calcutta, and also the University of Oxford. He was an exceptional teacher and we commemorate his birthday by celebrating it as teacher’s day.

I think that every teacher carries the same urge to contribute to society by igniting little minds. Service to society is the fuel that drives the teachers and I take this occasion to thank them. I want to thank the teachers present here, from the bottom of my heart.

Without you Sir and Madam, we children would have remained at the bottom of the society; vulnerable and helpless. I said so because, while everyone else can take care of the children and feed them – the responsibility of infusing sense into their lives and giving objective to it, is only done by the teachers.

Without you all, my dear teachers, we wouldn’t be able even to dream, forget about turning them into reality. Nothing can replace what you have done for us and your commitment to our education and life goals.

Even then, my dear teachers we, the students of _______ have arranged for a felicitation function in your honor, followed by some dance and cultural performances.

Hope you all will enjoy it! Thanking you all once again!

Speech 3

Good Morning Principal Sir, respected teachers, and my dear friends. Today on 5th September, we celebrate Teacher’s Day and I would like to dedicate my speech to our much respected and very deserving teachers.

Today we also commemorate the birthday of one of the greatest teachers India ever had – Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was a philosopher and a statesman, who also served as the first Vice President and also the second President of India.

As we all know that teacher’s day is celebrated to express our gratitude towards the teachers who work tirelessly to impart knowledge and make the society learned and the world a better place to live.

Teachers are the people involved in the noblest and significant job of imparting knowledge. They are the builders of society and shape its future. It is hard to imagine a civilized society without its teachers. As I see it – without you, my much-respected teachers, sitting right in front of me, each one of you; we would be living in a society marred with illiteracy, poverty, and chaos.

The society owes its teachers the highest honor for their selfless and devoted service. Today on teacher’s day, it is our duty to make sure that we return the gesture in the best possible way.

Teachers play a significant role not only in academics but also in shaping the personality of their students. Students idealize them, listen to their words carefully, and try to follow them. Teachers are an inspiration for the students.

They both share a very sensitive and very cordial relationship. Sometimes the teachers have to act in a strict manner, but that is only to teach a lesson to their students and to make them wiser.

Friends, we all have dreams! Right? Some want to become doctors, some engineers while others may have dreams of making it big in business. But, have you ever thought about what the dreams of a teacher are?

Well friends, a teacher has thousands of dreams; though, none of it is his/her own. Let me explain! His/her carries the responsibility of the thousand dreams of his/her students on his/her shoulder. The teachers have a single objective of making the dreams of their students come true.

If we have the ability to dreams, it is our teachers who give them wings. We are just a bundle of energy, but only the teachers know how to change that rather useless form of energy into the most constructive way.

The way we think today, the confidence that we have on ourselves, the dreams that we know we will achieve one day – all have been made possible by our teachers.

You, my teachers are our greatest gift from God. Parents love us and pay our bills but you all give meaning to our lives. As I said, without you all, we would be like unguided missiles. Filled with potential and capability but disoriented and not knowing where to go.

My dear teachers, it’s not possible to return your nearly godly gesture in any possible way. But, this teachers’ day we have made some special arrangements and organized programs in the honor of you all.

Also, we have unanimously decided to keep you all free from your academic obligations for the day at least. We hope that with this small gesture of ours, we would be able to express the respect and sense of gratitude we feel towards our teachers.

May I now ask my friends to cheer thrice loudly, hailing the teachers? There you go!

Thereby I end my speech, hoping that I was able to express my feelings for the teachers.

Thank you all!

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