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Trains are the lifeline of India and connect the entire country. I am a vagabond and I like to travel and when it is a train, it adds extra excitement to the journey. Although it takes time to travel by train, it is one of the best ways to enjoy my journey.

Short and Long Essay on Train Journey in English

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Train Journey Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) One of the common and cheapest transportations is trains.

2) I love traveling and always prefer a train journey.

3) Train journey takes more time than other transportation.

4) I feel the train journey is more comfortable and relaxing.

5) We meet different people during the train journey.

6) The talking and laughter with new people make a train journey enjoyable.

7) Although foods are available on a train journey but we prefer taking homemade food.

8) A train journey is always full of fun, excitement, and memories.

9) Watching the route from the windows is amazing.

10) Every time I travel by train, I collect so many happy memories.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My Memorable Train Journey


Trains always fascinated me since my childhood days. When I was young, I use to run to watch a train because there was a railway line near my house. There was proper barricading still it was visible. The sharp horn or train used to make me feel crazy and forced me to run. I was really very much fond of trains. So, now it was my trip to Mumbai and I was just 10.

A Memorable Journey

Although I have traveled a lot, this trip holds a special place in my heart. It was not my first trip still I was super excited. We visited the railway station at 9 AM and the train was delayed by 2 hours due to bad weather and fog. We were waiting on the platform meanwhile another train came and board the platform. Luckily it was the engine in front of us. I never noticed the engine so carefully; I forced my father to take me closer.

When I went close the driver inside cheered me up and accepted my wish to see the engine from inside. I was just 10 but I can still remember each and every detail I saw and the chauffeur told me. There were a few gear buttons and a small staring wheel. He told me that they never sleep while driving and follow all the rules for the safety of passengers.

Finally, we came down and after some time our train arrived and on the entire journey, I was amused about the engine room and how the drivers run a train. In my entire journey, I asked many questions and my father answered all of them because he is also an engineer and knows about trains.


The way a small seed can have such a big tree similarly a single thought can give you a new direction. From that day I decided to become an engineer and develop technology so that our drivers could also sleep and the journey could be equally enjoyable for the passenger and the chauffeur.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How Trains Made our Journey Special?


All of us have different memories with trains sometimes we love a journey whereas sometimes we also get bored. Many of us don’t like a train journey when they have to go far. Indian Railways was established on 16th April 1853 under the British Government and by Lord Dalhousie. The first-ever train in India was started in between Bori Bunder to Thane in Mumbai. This was how a train started in India. Before this, people use to travel on foot or on some animals like horse, camel, etc.

What is Special about a Train Journey?

We travel for a purpose sometimes the reason is good and sometimes it can be bad. Depending on the situation one should choose the mode of travel.

In the beginning, there used to be a steam engine and on long-distance travel, people use to get black due to black fume. My grandfather used to tell me about the amazing train journey in the old days.

Gradually diesel engines were introduced and now we have electric engines. The journey was special in every era. Trains connected people and states and also brought a lot of development. It was one of the easiest means of transport.

We all have traveled by train and have a special memory about a special journey; I remember a beautiful moment I had in one of my motherland’s travels.

A Special Trian Journey

We use to live in Ahmedabad because of my father’s occupation and my hometown was in UP at Allahabad. I use to visit my grandparents every year during my summer vacation by train. It was a vacation and I was on my journey to Allahabad. It was a two days journey and I met a small child who was very small and only use to smile and say a very few words. It was a south Indian family traveling to the same destination Sangam.

The child was crying continuously and his family members tried all but failed. I was sitting aside and was watching the incident. Suddenly he started crying on a high note and I was playing with a ball. I step down and offered my ball and luckily the boy stopped crying and started smiling. Everyone amazed and stared staring at me. Soon they got happy and also the child and I played with the child, he enjoyed my company.

Since they were from a south Indian family, they offered some south Indian dishes they brought with them and some tasty snacks. To be honest I really liked the food and this was one of my best train journeys.


I love traveling and it adds a lot of memories and we meet different people and visit different places. We learn and know new things and while visiting a new place I finish my research on my train about the place which helps me to make my trip more memorable and to know the authentic place.

Essay on Train Journey

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Best Train Journey


Nowadays people prefer traveling by plane on a long-distance journey because the train takes a lot of time. But I am just the opposite because I enjoy a train journey. I love traveling and watching new places which we also see from the window. When you travel alone books are the best partners and when you are with family or friends then it is family time. Usually, I love a train journey but I can’t forget one of my school trips.

My School Trip

Every year in the month of August a social and cultural event is organized on different branches of my school. My school has many branches and is present in the entire nation. Every year a new venue is decided and we have to visit that place. I live in Delhi and we have to go to Chennai to represent our school. It was not a trip but we had to represent our school and there were near about 50 students who participated in different events.

It was 5 PM when we started gathering on the platform and meanwhile, the train arrived at 6 PM and we were in. All of us got our seats and soon the train left the station. Normally there are near about 60 berths in an AC coach and we were 50. The entire coach was filled with students and our journey started. It takes 1 day 17 hours to reach Chennai via train. There were some other passengers on remaining berths.

A Journey with Friends

Our journey started and we made different groups there were both boys and girls in our group. You can imagine a bogie full of students and there were only 4 teachers to take care of us. But our teachers were very good they didn’t stop us and they also enjoyed the journey with us. Soon it started to rain and it was an amazing experience to witness the rain on a train with my friends. Soon we started playing antakshari.

The entire bogie was divided into two groups and we started our game. Meanwhile one of the old age men on another birth started singing one of the famous songs ‘Zindagi Ek Safar hai Suhana’ and all of us followed and the entire coach was singing the song. It was an amazing moment and other passengers also enjoyed our company and joined us.

It was not only memorable for us but also for the old man, he told us that in his entire life he never enjoyed a train journey so much. After this, we had our dinner and all of us shared our food and enjoyed that evening. The next day there was a long queue for the washroom, all the students-maintained silence and rushed on the breakfast. The entire journey passed in an amazing way. We played various games and we also practiced our act in between and spend time with our friends.

A train journey can be so amazing, I didn’t realize before. Although I love traveling, this journey was something very close to my heart.

Some Special Moments

  • When we spend some time in a certain place, we start feeling attached and the same happened, after spending near about two days on the train we got used to the environment and the beautiful scenario passing behind seems like a movie on our window. We passed through beautiful mountains rivers and it was raining at the same time.
  • It was so special when our teachers sang with us and also danced, it was just possible because we traveled on train otherwise; we could never enjoy so much on an air route.
  • We were away from our parents but our teachers took care of us and it was really special for me.
  • We shared our thoughts, happiness, food, bed sheets, towels, etc. All these things brought us closer and strengthened the bonds of friendship.


Traveling helps us in many ways and the mode of travel makes your journey either the best or the worst. So, choose your mode carefully. It is not a big deal for those who always travel and love a train journey. But there are many who don’t like to travel via train because it takes a lot of time. But as per my experience if you have time and are traveling with family or friends then you should choose a train.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which country in the world has no public railway network?

Ans. Iceland is a country that has no public railway network.

Q.2 When did the first train start in India?

Ans. The first train started in India in 1853 from Mumbai to Thane.

Q.3 Who is called the father of the Indian Railway?

Ans. Lord Dalhousie is known as the Father of the Indian Railway.

Q.4 When was the first electric train started in India?

Ans. The first electric train was started on 3 February 1925.

Q.5 Which is the fastest train in India?

Ans. Vande Bharat Express having a speed of 180 km/h is the fastest train in India.

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