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Have you ever thought about your life without technology? No, then you must think over it. From mobile phones to satellite, pc to a supercomputer, friends to the boss, and life to death, everywhere technology plays a vital role in connecting our lives in every sphere and making life easier. So, let us see how technology acts as a global force in driving mankind towards evolution.

Short and Long Essays on Technology in English

Have a look about technology through these essays of 100 – 150 Words, 250 Words, 500 Words and 600 Words limit:

Technology Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Technology is the practical application of science to human activities.

2) We rely on technology for everyday work.

3) Technologies are responsible for the development and evolution of products.

4) For our safety and security, technology plays a vital role.

5) Modern technology has enabled people to connect all over the world.

6) By creating artificial livers and kidneys, technology helps save lives.

7) Technology has provided us with many useful innovations, like the Internet.

8) Misuse of technology can be dangerous if it is not handled properly.

9) Thanks to technological advancements, everything has become compact and efficient.

10) During the past few decades, technology has fundamentally changed the world and our daily lives.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Role of Technology


“Technology”- the study and application of technical aspects of a material, science, nature in order to design a mechanical, electrical, biological, and information system to enhance our efficiency with making our life easier. Technology has a history from the Neolithic age or before. The people in the Neolithic age or before used their skills, resources, and developed technologies for their optimum use. Since then, technology has made a vast advancement in the life of human beings.

Role of Technology

The first visible use of technology on a mass level was started in the 18th century as the Industrial Revolution, where human hands were replaced by machine tools. After that many researchers, scientists, and engineers have tried to bring technology closer to humans. This bonding of man and technology has made our life more dependent on technology and easy as pie.

Technology has penetrated from the atomic level to the gross level of our daily life. We cannot imagine our life without technology. The implementation of technology has made it possible for us to look into other planets situated at a distance of several light-years beyond.

The technology has also mobilized our economy. People can easily hang out with their friends, relatives, far and close ones at their will. Technology has become a 360-degree system of this planet. Whether it is about shopping, automation, IT, medicine, space, education, communication, etc, you can easily find the presence of technology.


In short ‘technology is our new digital age lifeline’. Day after day, technology is expanding and advancing. New inventions, vision, researches are done using technology as the backbone.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Technology: As a Game Changer during Covid-19


It was by the end of the year 2019 when the world witnessed the new ‘Coronavirus’. The first case of novel coronavirus was reported in the people of the Republic of China. Nobody knew what this novel virus was all about. As time elapsed the whole world was under the grip of this deadly virus. The world stood still and was perplexed about this new coronavirus. All the activities like trading, traveling, economy, working, production, education, etc. were put inside the cage called lockdown. Then, it was the technology that came to rescue the world from COVID-19.

Role of Technologies during Covid-19

Technology emerged as the sole dependent thread that helped the world to fight against COVID-19. Here are a few essential sectors where technology proved to be a boon.

  • Health Care

As with limited knowledge about coronavirus and its cure, the technology worked as our mentor in studying about Covid-19. The Covid-19 hospitals were created and patients were treated. Labs were set-up to diagnose the virus. Research is still going on to find a cure for this virus. It is all possible due to the medical technology capability that kept us alive and moving.

  • Economy

Coronavirus has seriously damaged the economy of the world. The world is still suffering the effect of coronavirus. But, during these tough times also economy survived due to technology. Most of the economic activities like banking, stock trading, payment system, and businesses are made to work over the internet. The IT infrastructure took the burden of all the activities and made it possible to transit from offline to online.

  • Education

The biggest concern that parents have today is about the study and future of their wards. The whole education system is under the lockdown till today. But, in the period of lockdown technology showed us the silver lining. Technology gave us the solution to the virtual classroom and e-learning. Student started their study through online mode. Over the online mode, students and teachers came together. The teachers delivered their lectures through different software developed by the IT companies. The lectures are as interactive as they used to be in physical classrooms. This new structure of education has given parents a sense of relief and safety for their ward’s future.

  • Work

Everybody needs money to meet their needs. The coronavirus is contagious in nature. The only solution that is available is social distancing. But, social distancing doesn’t mean to shut down our work. Nowadays the offices are carried over laptops or smartphones. From petty work to high-level board meetings are organized by technology.


Once again technology wins the hearts of billions of people across the world. Not only technology has kept the world moving but also provided safety without comprising our health. All those years of hard work, time, money are showing us the result that how technology is changing our lives.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Technology: The New Digital LifeLine


Days have gone when we have to visit banks, queue for tickets, bills, public phone booths, appointments to doctors, and government offices. If you have not experienced these long queues and tedious work, then you are lucky enough to bypass these entire mammoth tasks. Thanks to the inception of technology and its application.

Applications of Technologies

Today, technology finds its application in every field ranging from personal, public, professional, and extraterrestrial life.

  • Personal Life

Technology has given us the medium to communicate. Communication devices like pc, smartphones, tablets, and laptops have proved to be best friends of today’s generation. This generation loves to work at a fast pace and believe in designing their own life by following unconventional ways. In earlier days writing was only limited to literary people’s work. But in this new digital age, anyone can write and present it to the world.

Concepts like blogging, vlogging, chatting, self-publishing over the internet are common nowadays. To accomplish these concepts one needs to have an electronic device and internet connection to get the work done.

The digital aged tech-savvy generation has new places to hang out with friends known as social networks. The social network not only keeps people connected virtually but also offers ample of opportunities for earning. There are many websites that support freelancing jobs, online business models, digital marketing, and various other options to choose.

  • Public Life

Everybody wants to keep themselves updated regarding the events going around our surroundings. People live two identity life. One is real and the other is e-identity. Dominantly, the way we are spending our time on the internet, we can easily access any information just by a click. Even the government is also connecting with the masses and listening to their problems. We can easily convey our simplest as well as complex problems by simply dropping a message.

Obsolete technologies have been scrapped and are replaced by the new upgraded technologies. One of the major reforms brought by technology is financial and health inclusion for the public. Public transport like the metro, bullet trains, airplanes, cruises has reduced our time of travel significantly. Travelling is no more hectic job. All the hectic process like ticketing, booking, and reaching the destination has been minimized.

Modern technology is used to improve the productivity of crops. Different cropping equipment is used by the farmers to make their farming convenient. Farmers can easily take advantage of technology by using good quality seeds and communicating with the experts. This minimization of the global world into the local world has been only made possible by technology.

  • Professional Life

The vast ambit of the profession has categorized jobs to numerous sub-category jobs. If you have the basic skill required by the industry, then anyone can earn their livelihood. In the past, livelihood heavily depended on manual work like farming, manufacturing, milling, and book-keeping, etc, but with the use of technology, anyone can work and connect irrespective of their location. The location of a professional doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is the timely completion of work at your ease. To add more to the ease, work from home is a new place of office, especially amid pandemic, natural disaster, and other unseen circumstances.

  • Extra-Terrestrial Life

New explorations in outer space have only been possible due to the use of technology. Once sending a mission in space was considered as close to impossible. But, with the power of technology, these space missions are no longer an impossible task. More new technologies are discovered to enhance the reach of human beings to look outside our solar system.


Internet traffic is a new form of income generation. At a very rapid rate technology has infiltrated in our lives. Life is no more time-limited but is running in terms of 1 or 0. The only language that technology understands is of bits, chips, and energy.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the root word of technology?

Ans. The word technology has been derived from two Greek words techne which means art and craft and logos that means words.

Q.2 Why is technology important?

Ans. Technology is important as it has made our life more convenient and easy.

Q.3 Is technology good or bad?

Ans. Technology is not good or bad but it depends upon the way we use it in our life.

Q.4 What was the first invention in technology?

Ans. The stone tools used by early man were regarded as the first invention in technology.

Q.5 Which country was the first in the world to invent technology?

Ans. Egypt was the first country in the world to invent technology.

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