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Our physical body is made by mixing five elements of nature. Out of them, the earth is an element that provides stability to life. How often when we feel stressed, sad, or depressed, we like to visit a quiet place that holds flowers, trees, birds, and a flowing river near the site. We feel relaxed and at home in nature’s lap. Out of different ways to connect with nature, gardening is a nature’s technology where we interact with nature through planting, seeding, harvesting, and by appreciating the beauty of nature.

Short and Long Essay on Gardening in English

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Gardening Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Gardening is the art of growing plants and vegetables on a small piece of land.

2) Gardening is mostly done either in the backyard or front space of the house.

3) Some people plant flowers to decorate their garden.

4) Gardening gives us fresh and healthy vegetables.

5) Gardening helps to produce happy hormones in the human body.

6) Gardening is a good way to keep oneself engaged with nature.

7) It also helps in maintaining good physical fitness.

8) Gardening is also good for mental health and peace.

9) Many people prefer gardening as their hobby.

10) Organic gardening, miniature gardening, kitchen gardening, etc are some types of gardening.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What is a Gardening and it’s Advantages?


A Garden is a bounded piece of land which is situated either in the front or backside of our home. The art of planting trees, flowers, grass, shrubs, and vegetables by using fertilizers, small agricultural tools in a limited space of our home is called gardening.

Advantages of Gardening

Gardening is a branch of horticulture. Gardening is also considered as a therapy that helps our body in increasing the happy hormone level. Gardening helps us to grow the vegetables that are sufficient for our needs. Vegetables grown in our garden are more healthy, tasty, nutritious, and chemical-free. We can easily grow vegetables according to our choice. Along with growing vegetables, we can also plant flowers of different varieties. Flowers of lively color soothe our eyes and bring positive vibes in our home.

Gardening helps us to decorate and add beauty to our home. In this hectic lifestyle, gardening is the best activity that keeps us fit and healthy. Doing gardening regulates our glands for metabolism. It also provides serum vitamin D to our bodies. Vitamin D is a good natural source in providing calcium for our bones to stay stronger, and boosting our immune system.

Gardening does not only lifts our physical performance but is also good for mental health. Gardening acts as a tool in combating loneliness which is common nowadays. Elderly people often complain about social issues. So, engaging in the activity of gardening can sort out this problem of loneliness.


Gardening is a physical activity that requires minimum weights to lift in building our body. Gardening can be a hobby for everyone, where we work, toil, sweat, and relax. It has a lot to offer to us from physical to mental if we really want to work with nature.

Essay 2 (400 words) – How to do Gardening


Gardening is no more just a hobby to do. Gardening requires several activities from planning to planting. In order to design our own dream garden, we must have knowledge of different activities involved in gardening. Though gardening sounds simple, it incorporates a lot of complexities to deal with. Just like anything, the garden also requires good content for gardening. Here is a few content that we can use to enhance the beauty of our garden.

Content for Gardening

  • Ornamental Plants

As the name suggests that these plants are used for decorative purposes. The ornamental plants include flowers, trees, and grasses. These ornamental plants are used in the garden, landscape, as cut flowers and houseplants.

The ornamental plants have focused features like flowers, leaves, stem, texture, scent, fruit, and artistic form, cultivation of that is called floriculture. The main aim of using these ornamental plants is to give pleasure in the eyes of the visitors, guests, and the public.

  • Growing Vegetables

The vegetables used in gardens can be broadly divided into root vegetables, leaf vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Root vegetables are plants that store the edible portion as root under the soil. The root vegetable gardening can be easily done in pots or directly into the soil. Similarly, leaf vegetables are plants that consist of leaves as their edible part.

They are usually the green leaf of the shrubs. While the other two vegetables like fruit and herbs are used primarily for consumption, medicinal benefit, spices, dyes, and natural cosmetic items. Gardening of all these vegetables not only saves money but also provides 100% organic vegetables.

  • Hedges and Lawns

In most countries, neighbour doesn’t have a brick wall for separation. The brick wall occupies a good space of the land and a huge amount of money too. So people in these countries build hedges as fencing for their garden. A hedge not only gives the privacy but also adds a stunning look to the garden.

The other thing that people include in their garden is the lawn. The lawn is made from the special grass like fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, etc. The lawn gives a feel of a carpet to the garden where the family can sit down and enjoy the company of their loved ones.

  • Garden as Art

For some people, the garden is an inside reflection of their home. So they pay special attention, in noting even minute irregularities of the garden. Various statues, lights, fountains, wood furniture, steel, etc are available in the market. The gardeners can use these accessories to design their creativity.


The maintenance of all this content in our garden motivates us to take a keen interest in gardening. Gardening helps us to visualize and give wings to our creativity. Creativity brings the best out of us and improves our style of living. Gardening no more remains a monotonous hobby that lacks thrill, excitement, and zeal in our routine.

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Different Types of Gardening and their Beauty


Gardening is not only associated with planting trees, flowers, herbs, shrubs, and fruit, but also has different types of gardening. In metropolitan cities, the space for living is a major problem. This problem of living is solved by apartment culture with no backyard for gardening. But still, people have managed to find ideas and enjoy their time in gardening.

Types of Gardening

  • Organic Gardening

In organic gardening, the plants are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, urea, or any other chemical material. The plants are grown with self-made compost in our backyards. This compost is mixed with the soil in our garden. The compost consists of high nutrient-rich micro-organism that makes the soil fertile and chemical-free.

  • Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen gardening has a historical link with the French. Kitchen gardening is done separately from the residential garden. This form of gardening requires a small space for growing vegetables prominently useful in our kitchen. Generally, kitchen gardening can be of two types. The first type is growing vegetables from waste food and the second one is growing fresh vegetables on the window sill. They are a more organized way of doing gardening in which symmetrical beds are used to give aesthetic value to the garden.

  • Miniature Gardening

Miniature gardening is creating a small modeled garden inside a garden. They are just a replica of the big garden. These gardens are grown inside a small pot, tank, or tub. According to space, the under the covering of the garden is done. In matching to the undercover shrubs, miniature artificial items, pebbles, and dwarf plants are combined to give a modeled effect. They can be easily kept inside the home, office, or even in personalized living space.

  • Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a technique of doing gardening in a very small space without comprising the scale of the plantation. In this type of gardening, the plants are grown in the panel. The panel can be a freestanding or attached to a support. The panel is designed in a vertical structure with a hydroponic system. The gardening can be done in a space of the size of a photo frame to a large wall. The vertical system of gardening finds its application both internally or externally in compliance with the interior and exterior of the space.

  • Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is done to maintain a balance within the ecosystem. This type of gardening is done without harming the other creatures of nature. The more focus is given on developing the coordination between human and nature. More help should be taken from the natural habitat insects, composts, companion plants, and integrated pest management.

  • Permaculture Gardening

In Permaculture gardening, the plants best suited for the land are used. While in conventional gardening we grow every plant without considering the weather, soil nature, wind, and demography of the place. In other terms, permaculture can be also called as selective gardening. Permaculture gardening is a self-sustainable method that revitalizes the soil and gives good value to the plant.

  • No-till Gardening

No-till gardening is done without the special preparation of the land. The concept of ‘no-dig’ or ‘no-till’ is being applied in gardening. The basic purpose of no-till gardening is to keep the land fertile without using any heavy toiling or digging. Mulching is done by using decayed old leaves, plants, and flowers as a layer for gardening. The layer makes the surface fertile, retains water level, and protects the plants from unwanted weeds.


In this modern world where technology is gaining its upper hand over nature, gardening can be a solution for minimizing the ill effects of technology. For those who think gardening is for old people, must look as their option for a career. Along with career, we can help ourselves, the community, and other creatures of the planet in establishing a more sustainable environment for living.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why gardening is considered a good hobby?

Ans. Gardening helps in relieving stress and is good exercise for our body and mind.

Q.2 When did gardens come into existence?

Ans. The gardens came into existence in the 16th century.

Q.3 Which is the oldest Garden in the world?

Ans. Orto Botanico di Padova in Italy is the oldest garden in the world.

Q.4 What are the common hand tools used in gardening?

Ans. The common hand tools used in gardening are axe, sickle, scythe, shovel, spade, fork, and rake.

Q.5 Which is the world’s largest natural flower Garden?

Ans. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden.

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