Essay on Childhood vs. Adulthood

Childhood and adulthood are two significant stages of life. They are significant because your whole life is shaped out of them and what you do in your life depends on what you did in these two stages.

Short and Long Essay on Childhood vs. Adulthood in English

I have given below three different essays of varying word lengths on childhood vs. adulthood for my readers. You can choose anyone you feel better as per your need:

Childhood vs. Adulthood Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Childhood and adulthood are the two different stages that play a vital role in our life.

2) Childhood is the initial stage of life and adulthood comes after that.

3) Childhood is the most innocent and carefree stage of life.

4) Childhood is considered the learning and growing stage.

5) Adulthood is the most focusing stage that needs hard work.

6) Adulthood is responsible for deciding the future of a child.

7) Childhood needs more care and attention than adulthood.

8) Childhood is responsible for shaping our adulthood.

9) Childhood is the best stage of life when we do not have any stress or worries.

10) Adulthood gives us an introduction to life and struggles.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – How Childhood Affects Life


As a child grows, he passes through different stages of life, experiencing new things and becoming wiser with each experience. Childhood and adulthood are two significant stages that shape your life. Childhood has a larger effect on life as we would try to understand in this essay.

How Childhood Affects Life?

Childhood is the learning phase of life. You are new to the world and use your newly found senses to perceive things, actions, and their impacts. It is during childhood, you learn that playing with a knife can wound you and thousands of similar lessons. Also, during childhood, you develop future aspirations like that of becoming a doctor, scientist, teacher, etc.

As you grow, your aspirations as a child are reflected in what you do as an adult. Like a child who has always wanted to become a scientist will show an unusual penchant for scientific experiments as an adult. So, what you study or do as an adult and in later stages of life, is probably decided when you were a child. No one else decided it for you but it was your own decision.

Also, the way a child is treated shapes his/her attitude and moral values. Treat a child badly and he/she will grow up in a rude adult. On the other hand, providing love, care, and nourishment to a child will make him grow as a considerate and sensible adult with high moral values.


It is quite evident from the above explanation that childhood is a significant stage of life that shapes your life and future. The foundation of your life goals and the attitude that you carry is built only during your childhood.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What is Childhood and Adulthood and How Childhood Affects Adulthood


Both childhood and adulthood are two significant stages of life. Anyone who is born has to go through these stages no matter what. In this essay, we will discuss what is meant by childhood and adulthood and how the former affects the latter.

What is Childhood?

Childhood is a stage when one is still considered a child. Legally in India, anyone who hasn’t completed the age of 14 is considered a child. From 14 to 18 is considered teen and above 18 a person is categorized as an adult. It is evident that childhood is a growing phase in the life of a person. You start learning about so many things – relations, friends, school, subjects, etc, but you remain a master of none. You keep on exploring as long as you are through childhood.

What is Adulthood?

Adulthood is a stage when you have grown wiser than childhood and can be trusted to go on with your life independently. As childhood is an initial stage of your life, adulthood is, on the other hand, an initial stage of your career. Your decisions during adulthood will shape your career in the future. It is mostly a reflection of what would you like to do in your future or what you have decided to become.

How Childhood Affects Adulthood?

Childhood affects adulthood in many ways. The experiences you go through as a child mould your personality that shapes the attitude you carry as an adult. Adulthood is nothing but a reflection of your childhood experiences and how you understood them. For example, a child who has faced criticism and exploitation may develop a callous disregard for society and relations. On the other hand, he/she may also seek love, respect, and chose to grow in a sensible and respectful adult.

Childhood is also a time when you develop your liking towards some particular subjects or career options. You go on to pursue your dreams and your adulthood is nothing but a struggling stage of yours towards your dreams. What you wanted to become as a child, you will make an effort for the same as an adult and hopeful of making a career out of your aspirations.


Both childhood and adulthood ate entangled together and interrelated. You carry your childhood experiences as an adult and it shapes your career growth up to a large extent. Nevertheless, both are significant stages in an individual’s life.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Childhood vs Adulthood


Childhood and adulthood are inevitable phases in the life of every human being. From the day one is born, till the day he/she dies, life is nothing but a series of incidents, taken actions, and their outcomes. One step from childhood into adulthood. It is a life-changing transition in several ways; we would know in this essay.

Childhood – A Learning Phase

Childhood is that phase of life when one is still in the learning phase and depends on the family and close relations for taking important decisions. It is a stage when one isn’t wise enough to make independent decisions and is guided by elders who have good experience in several social and career-oriented subjects.

During childhood, the instincts of a child are exploratory. They profoundly seek to discover everything around them. The curiosity of a child is the same as the one you would display when you enter an entirely new place or hold a new thing in your hands. But, as a wise man, once crowned the phrase ‘curiosity kills the cat’; the same applies to childhood as well. The curiosity that the child has, could be dangerous, therefore, he/she needs a caretaker, which they get in the form of parents and other relatives.

Adulthood – Time to step into the real world

Adulthood is the phase of life when you start growing out of childhood and take steps towards independence, gradually becoming an independent and self-reliant adult. It must be noted that adulthood is nothing but an outcome of all the lessons you have learned in your childhood and how you have evolved learning them. It is a transition from playful and exploratory being to a calculative and wiser human.

Adulthood is also the time when all those who have guided you through your childhood, watching your every step, are now gone only to watch you from a distance. They can only give suggestions, but now, your life and decisions are entirely your own. You take charge of your own life, dealing with your own social life, career, etc in your own way. You face the competitive and harsh world out there, on your own. You have no one but your own skills and attitude to help you out there.

Which is better – Childhood or Adulthood?

Well, the answer to the question is not definite but depends entirely on individual experiences of both stages. A child, who has faced adversities and poverty in childhood, might find it a harsh experience, worthy of forgetting. While an adult whose experiences of adulthood are not good enough would think that childhood was better. So, you see that the opinion depends on the individual experiences that one had during childhood and adulthood.

But there is one thing that we must understand – how harsh or difficult childhood is; it also presents ample opportunities to shape up your future. Amid all the difficulties there is still hope for improvement. There is hope that one day you will grow into a happy and loving adult provided you do what is right, under the guidance of your parents and teachers.

Adulthood on the other hand is the time when you implement with full force what you have learned during childhood. You make an effort to shape your future and make true your childhood aspirations. So, both childhood and adulthood have their own benefits and each of them is better in its own way.


Both childhood and adulthood are significant phases of life. Childhood is an initial phase followed by adulthood. Both are significant in their own ways and cannot be compared.

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