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Schools are one of the best stages and they develop a child in many ways. Students love their school but some of them want to include and also exclude some time-honoured rules and regulations. There should be change as per time in our education system.

Short and Long Essays on School of My Imagination in English

Let’s discuss some schools with new imaginary ideas under 100 – 120 Words, 250 Words, 500 Words and 600 Words limit essays:

School of My Imagination Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The school of my imagination is quite different from the existing one.

2) I want a school where we can study in the middle of nature.

3) I also want a school where 3D practicals should be done.

4) My school of imagination must have one game period every day.

5) I want a school in which we have all the sports items.

6) I want a school that does not force us to carry heavy bags every day.

7) I dream of a school that provides one free period when students are free to do anything.

8) I want a school where students are free to choose their subjects and teachers.

9) The school of my imagination must promote practical studies rather than theoretical ones.

10) I also want a school that provides vocational education to students.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – School of My Imagination


School is a basic learning platform for all of us. Many of us don’t like going to school in the beginning. But as soon as we make friends, we start liking our school. School is a platform where we learn a lot of basic things. Although they are basic, they help us in our entire life. I love my school and I am sure that all of us love their school.

What do I Imagine About my School?

  • I want to be in a school where I could be allowed to wear a colourful dress. I like to wear my favourite colour. It keeps me happy and when I feel happy, I can concentrate in a better way.
  • Normally the classes are very long and I get tired till the last class. So, there should be some relaxing period in between.
  • I also imagine a school where biology and chemistry were taught practically. There are separate 3D classes for some special subjects. It also seems interesting and will help us to remember things for a long time.
  • Maths is not something just for our notebooks. It should be also taught practically, if possible. I always wanted to be in a school where I could learn different things in different ways.


Imagination is something that takes us to another world and not all we think is possible. But we should not stop imagining. My school is one of the best in the city, but I feel some of the above changes will make it better.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My Imagination about My School


We go to school to learn and we are provided different books and notebooks to learn. If school is a place of learning then why we should not focus on overall learning. I always want to be in a school where I could be free to learn anything. My school would look like a science museum, where things are demonstrated practically.

How ‘my Dream School’ Looks?

  • I always want to be in a big school with a decent infrastructure. Students from different classes have different subjects. Similarly, each and every class should be designed in a different way. This will encourage children and help them to perform well to get into the next class.
  • In my dream school, students wear dresses according to their profession. A boy who wants to be police can wear Khaki, whereas an air force officer can wear the white and blue uniform. This will give them the feel of their favourite profession. This will also keep them motivated and focused on their profession.
  • I don’t like reading history from books and in my dream school, the history classes are given live. There was a Robo teaching history because it can show all the places instantly from google. This will also help us to love the subject.
  • In my dream school, there was a big playground and there were different courts for football and basketball. They also supported students to perform well in sports. A school should really have big playgrounds and a green environment.
  • There is also a period called the imagination period, in this class, we are free to discuss what new ideas we have and how to implement these ideas. There should really be a class for encouraging and testing what knowledge students gained in different subjects.
  • Teachers play a very important role in our life and when a student likes his teacher, he can blindly trust and obey them. Whereas if a student does not, he will try to stay away from them or would like to bunk their class. So, I dream of a school where I could choose my own teachers for every subject.


Really it will be amazing if I will get my dream school, learning will become easier, interesting as well as convenient. A school is a place where we learn and now it’s time to change some old and off educational patterns.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Dream School


Education is a basic need and each and every student has to go to school to learn some basic tricks and techniques for their higher education. Some of us like our school and some of us don’t. We always imagine some features that could make learning better. We include our comfort and the way we like education could be. I also have my dream school and would like to share it with you.

My Dream School

  • I love my school but when I have to carry my bag, it really scares me. I really want to be in a school where teachers don’t force me to bring the heavy bag. I am a tall boy and my backbends due to its burden and has badly affected my personality. Not only I, but many of my friends also complain about the same.

I wish to have a school where digital books would be allowed. We can take the screen shorts of class notes and can easily read them at home.

  • I also dream about a school where I could learn everything. I am a curious child and I really want to know how iron can be soft, how the motor does work, etc. So, there should be different vocational training for interested students. I also want to know how the potters make pots, Diya, etc? The reason behind why we cannot open every door from the same key? etc. really these things fascinates me.
  • I also want to learn to make small gadgets like the water heater, electric iron, call bell work, making a speaker, etc. and wish to have a school where I could be thought all these things practically.
  • My dream school would permit their students to choose their own subjects and learn whatever they want. I find some subjects really boring still; I have to suffer with them. So, I always wish to be in a school I could be free for choosing my subjects.
  • Biology is not about learning from books; it should be taught practically. When we will see the original plant cells, it will be easy for us to understand. I always wish to have a school where I could learn things like this.
  • There should be an innovation period in every class and students should be allowed to make something new of their own. This will develop their mind and will help them to think and promote their creativity. Many students want to make new things but they won’t get proper equipment or chemicals to perform an experiment. So, I always dream to be in a school where I could get all these things to try something new.
  • The 3D education system should be introduced in school and as per my dream school; those subjects which cannot be taught practically should be taught online with the help of 3D technology. This is all about my dream school and I am sure that these changes will definitely change the way of learning in our country.


A school can be more interesting than we think. Time has changed and students should not be confined up to classroom teaching. Different education patters should be included in their syllabus, and by adopting some of the above-discussed features we can make schools more interesting. We are following an old tradition of learning and in this age of technology and online platform, we should also upgrade our education system. This will help the upcoming generation to cope up with the society easily and will also help them to promote their innovative ideas.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on school of my imagination

Q.1 Who is considered the first teacher in the world?

Ans. Confucius is considered the first teacher in the world.

Q.2 Who is considered the “father of exam”?

Ans. Albert Sherman John Paul Osborn is renowned as the “father of exam”.

Q.3 Who is responsible for inventing homework?

Ans. Roberto Nevelis was responsible for inventing homework.

Q.4 Which was the first education board in India?

Ans. In 1921, the Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education was set up as the first education board in India.

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