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All of us are different from each other, but our motive is the same. All of us want to become successful and also want to acquire knowledge. To analyze how much, we have learned it is very necessary to compete with others and take part in different competitions. I have discussed some positive aspects of the competition below and hope it will be helpful for you.

Short and Long Essays on Is Competition Really Good

Essay on Is Competition Really Good for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Is Competition Really Good?


All of us have some dream but the problem is the population growing day by day and the positions are less nowadays. It means not everyone can be a singer or a doctor. So, if you want to become something or you have some ability, you have to compete with others and prove yourself. This process is named as a competition. In simple words, it is a process through which you can show how you are superior to others.

Why Competition is Important

  • There are many benefits of a competition and if someone fails it does not mean they are unable, it shows they are not ready and should work hard for the next time.
  • I can say that competition helps us to improve and analyze our progress.
  • If you are one of those who work hard, then competition can really be helpful for you and will bring success for you.
  • Competition is important because it helps us to know our abilities and helps us to learn more. It also encourages people to become skilled.

Types of Competition

  • There are different types of competitions and some of them are organized whereas some of them are internal.
  • Sometimes we break our own records; we compete with ourselves and bring out the best of us. This is an internal competition.
  • When we compete with people to prove ourselves then it a worldly competition.
  • It can be organized in schools, different institutions, for filling various posts, in the employment sectors, etc.


There should be a motive for our life and we should know it and work accordingly. All of us have different abilities and to earn we can use our ability as our strongest factor. It is interesting when we are able and we compete. So, in my opinion, competition is a very good thing and it should be performed everywhere.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Competition and its Importance


All of us want to be successful and achieve our aims. But only those are called successful who win or reach the top position. We compete to reach the top and it also helps us to improve and learn. Competition is something that helps us in many ways and should be performed in every field. We should encourage people to take part in a competition and know their abilities.

What does Competition Mean?

When a group of people, come together to win a certain post or position but it can be won by a single person, then it is called competition. It can be of any type and related to any field. There are different competitions organized in the entire world. Sometimes we win whereas sometimes we lose. Losing does not mean we are unable in fact it inspires us to work hard and try again.

Competition should always be taken in a good sense because sometimes people take it wrongly which can make them suffer. Competing in a good way will help us to progress; whereas if we compete to satisfy our envy then it is not good for us.

Types of Competition

It can be of various types depending upon your place. It can be conducted in a school in terms of education, sports, cultural activities, etc. In-office for promotion or appraisal. In life to succeed and achieve more. Where ever we go we face competition is it is quite a good way to prove yourself.

Importance of Competition

  • It helps us to achieve success because in today’s generation we have to compete for everything and competition is the best way to prove ourselves.
  • A competition also develops confidence, suppose a child sings well and he gave a small audition conducted in his city and he won; now this will develop his confidence and now he can even face big stage easily.
  • Competition helps us to polish our skills which help us to progress. We can’t stay in the same position for a long time and competition helps us to grow.
  • All of us have certain dreams and it can be achieved only after competing with others. Therefore, we can say that it motivates us to perform well.


There are multiple benefits of competition and healthy competition will not only bring success for you but will also help you to progress and learn. Life is all about learning and competitions are the speed breakers that interrupt you to analyze how much have learned. Those who know how to handle these speed breakers will never get affected by them and will always succeed.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – How to Win a Competition


The world is full of competition, either it is in terms of education or carrier settlement. All of us prefer the best and want to be successful. You are successful only when someone fails. So, it is everywhere and is an essential part of today’s generation. Competition is something pokes us to learn because all of us want to win and we try hard. We progress when we compete and it is a good sign.

How to Win a competition

One should definitely have some strategies and plan to prepare for a competition. I have mentioned some of the best strategies which will definitely help you.

  • Analyze your ability and make correct strategy: Basically, there are two things one is ‘what you know’ and the second is ‘things you don’t know’ about a certain thing. There are some people who have lots of stamina and also confidence which helps them to learn things quickly and perform well.

First of all, you should make a list of things you know and then also make another list of topics you don’t know and then analyze yourself. Now analyze either you can complete an unknown portion within the time provided? If you can then you should definitely start preparing for it, and if can’t then should focus on what you already know and make it clearer. This is called the correct strategy.

  • Don’t take it as a competition: When you think about winning it will not allow you to learn, you will just remember things you need. Whereas once you will start learning it will increase your knowledge and, in this way, no one can stop you from winning.
  • Have proper study material: Nowadays we prefer the internet for our studies but one should also keep in mind that how much they have to read. Because the internet is like an ocean and the more you will search the more you will get confused. So, make sure the topics which you have to search for. This will save you time as well as effort.

Positive Aspects of Competition

Competition can be of any type, depending upon the situation. Sometimes we compete to look better whereas sometimes we compete to get good marks. But when the competition is healthy then it is good, otherwise, it can harm us. I have bought some positive effects of healthy competition;

  • Develops Focus: When we work hard to achieve something or to win a competition; we become more focused. Focus is something that helps us to perform well and also increases our ability to learn.
  • Helps you to Progress: When you compete with someone or want to break your own records; you work hard and when you work hard, you will automatically progress.
  • It Inspires: When we compete with someone it always inspires us; we always want to show our best and we try hard to win. It automatically motivates us.


Competition is a good thing and it does not matter in which field you are; you should always take part in different competitions to analyze yourself. They are the medium to analyze your learning and knowledge. If you want to be a Police officer, then you have to compete with others like you who also want to become a Police officer. And you have to prove yourself through a common exam. It is helpful in many ways and also helps us to learn more. In my opinion, it is a very good thing and all of us should take part in different competitions in which we can perform well.

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