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Technology is something that helps us and makes our work easier. It is something available everywhere so people can easily use it either in the form of an auto-rickshaw or a mobile. We search for something when we need it but nowadays, we rely on internet or other developed technologies and there are very few of us who really want to develop something new.

Short and Long Essays on Is Technology Limiting Creativity in English

I have discussed various prospective of technology and how it is affecting our creativity.

Is Technology Limiting Creativity Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Today we have a comfortable and easier life because of technology.

2) Technology is taking over our jobs and thus making us lazy.

3) Since all our work is done by technology, it is limiting our creativity.

4) People do not want to work hard because all their work turned easier due to technology.

5) Technology is limiting our ideas and thinking capabilities.

6) In every field of life, we are highly dependent on technology.

7) We find it easy to use technology for every work rather than doing it ourselves.

8) Technology is responsible for hindering our imagination power.

9) Technology is making us addicted by serving our needs without any effort.

10) Technology does not provoke creativity it only enhances the existing idea.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Is Technology Limiting Creativity?


Development is good; either it is developing a nation or a technology. All of us want to live a peaceful life so we develop various technologies. Somehow, they are very helpful but it is also a belief that it is limiting our creativity in many ways.

Facts about Technology

  • There are different types of technologies which have been developed in the recent decade, and it is growing day by day. Somewhere it has proved helpful whereas somehow it has also made people lazy.
  • Technology has made our work easy and as a result, people don’t want to work hard.
  • When you have more than 100 options of the same thing, than why will someone work hard for another new one.
  • In a report, it has been shared that everyday people search more than 3.5 billion activities on Google. Imagine when there was no Google then either they have to search for another option or they would have their own idea to complete their task.
  • There are different technologies and some are helpful in solving your questions where are some help us to play some games. When there were no video games people use to develop their own games. This shows that somehow technology has badly affected creativity.


We cannot think about living without technology, because it is everywhere either you have to take a shower or want to search a school for your child. It is everywhere, but it is up to us how much we use it and how we can limit its access. In different research it has been found that mobile phones are not good for infants, still, many children play like a toy with mobile phones. One should really think about these things and develop their own ideas to deal with it.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How Technology is Making People Less Creative?


Creativity is something that cannot be thought of because it is an internal process. It contains our own ideas and also helps us in many ways. It helps us to develop new ideas, thoughts and etc. Creativity helps us to introduce new things; either it is a gadget or an idea. It helps us to think and develop our own things. It was an idea that Thomas Edison invented the bulb. So, I can say that creativity is the main source of developing technology.

How Technology has Affected Creativity?

What happens if you are served the same food every day? You will be fed up with it and you would like to have something new. Similarly, we need something new in every stream; like to wear, to read, new gadgets, etc.

  • Creativity helps us in many ways as it helps us to solve our problems. Whenever we face a problem, we seek for help. And the person who solves our problem is the one who is really creative. After the growth of technology, rather than thinking on our own, we search on the internet and quickly find an answer. Somehow, I can say that technology has really affected our creativity.
  • In the present era, if you want to make a project, you will simply Google it and will simply try to copy it. But when there were no internet people use to think of themselves and use to create something new and decent.
  • Technology has made us lazy and we cannot imagine a single day without it. We are so much stuck to our smartphones that, we can’t think of anything without it.
  • Creativity or a new idea is something we get when we analyze, we observe people, things, etc. But nowadays we don’t even have time for ourselves. All we need is our phone and a good internet connection. Dress designers also get their ideas from nature, or from an old tradition. But nowadays very few of us have time to ponder on the worldly things. Technology is forcing us to just copy and paste things.
  • We cannot develop new things suddenly; it needs a lot of time, patience, attention, etc. But there are very few of us who have all these qualities. We can waste time on a phone but we can sit idle without doing anything only for an hour.


The more we learn the more we become able, to think, to do something new, etc. But nowadays different technologies provide things which are already present in society. So, have time for everything because one should know all either it is a technology or a process to develop a wheat farm. We can get creative ideas from anywhere.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Technology and its Role in Creativity


Creativity is something when you don’t need an internet or a phone to think something new. If your ideas are influenced by a particular website then it is possible that it will not be a new one. Learning is a different thing but when you learn to create something new then it sounds different.

A creative person is someone who loves to bring out a new thing but nowadays very few of us have time to do so. We are so much stuck to our day to day work that we never try something new. We are getting used to technology and it can badly affect us.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a new idea or way of thinking which is recognized by your name. For example, it was Newton who got the idea to investigate the reason behind why the apple fell down? Similarly, it was Words worth’s creative mind which gave us the famous character ‘Lucy’. So, it will be not wrong if I say creativity brings change and create new things.

It was the creative mind of Leonardo da Vinci that he draws the painting of Great Monalisa. Similarly, the new devices, gadgets, technologies all are the outcome of different creative minds. Creativity helps us to develop new things. When we need something, we think and try to fulfill our needs and, in this sequence, we develop something new.

Role of Technology in Creativity

It was a creative mind that gave birth to the internet and also other technologies. And now we are discussing the various aspects of technology in promoting or demoting creativity. Everything has some pros and cons depending on us what we adopt.

Some Positive Points

  • Technology is really helpful in generating new ideas because when we want to make something, we need some information. For example, a car manufacturing factory has an engineer to take care of the engine whereas a color expert gives new and decent colours to his car. So, the owner should know about the engine section as well as the coloring section and these kinds of information can be easily found on the internet.
  • You cannot explore the world or know people across the globe but if you have an option called the internet. You can search for whatever you want and know anything from any part of the world and get better ideas.
  • Technology helps us in various ways and also inspires us which encourages us to bring some new ideas and thoughts.

Some Negative Points

  • Technology has made us indolent and which never encourages us to do something new. Laziness is something that never allows you to progress.
  • We have become used to some technologies like our phones, social media, etc. all these distract us, and when we have to submit our projects or assignments, rather having our own ideas we search it on the internet and complete our task quickly. This hinders us to think and develop new ideas.
  • There was no technology when various famous inventions like electricity, the bulb, pencil, etc. came into existence. All were the creative ideas of some famous people. Nowadays people prefer to copy things rather having their own imagination.


It is our need which provokes us to invent something new. When a child will get all that he wants without any effort then how can he understand the importance of new inventions. So always inspire your child to do things on his own. Use a calculator when it is very much necessary or just to check your answer. Search the answers of a chapter in the book first then go for the internet. These small habits can bring a big change. So, use technology but in a limited way.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Is Technology limiting Creativity

Q.1 Who is considered the Father of Modern Technology?

Ans. Nikola Tesla, a researcher is considered the Father of Modern Technology.

Q.2 How technology is affecting our daily life?

Ans. Technology brought us various gadgets that are simplifying our daily life.

Q.3 What do we call a person who loves technology?

Ans. The word ‘Technophile’ is used for a person who loves and has an interest in technologies.

Q.4 From where the word ‘Technology’ is derived?

Ans. ‘Techne’ and ‘logos’ are the two Greek words forming the root of ‘Technology’.

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