Essay on Robotics and Machine Learning

Essay On Robotics and Machine Learning

We are living in the 21st century and technology has become an integral part of our lives. The advent of computers has been a boon for humanity and is now present in almost every aspect of our life. I think that there is no sector without computers in use. It is now difficult for all of us to imagine our lives without the computer and internet. Earlier the computers were suitable for normal working but slowly the advancing technologies and machine learning has made it more intelligent. The intelligence of computers is increasing gradually which is helping in making our lives convenient.

Short and Long Essay on Robotics and Machine Learning in English

I think that you all are aware of the terms robotics and Machine learning. This is the innovation of the most advanced form of technology and is still in the developing stage. It is a very important topic for students of all classes. They often get such innovative topics for writing an essay, debate, or assignment. It is, therefore, necessary for the students to understand these technologies. I have provided a long elaborated essay on this topic that might help you in understanding the topic in a better way. It might also help all the students in getting an idea of writing essays, articles and assignments on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Robotics and Machine Learning (100 – 120 Words)

1) Robotics and Machine Learning is the field of computer science and engineering.

2) The field of robotics deals with the construction, designing, and development of robots.

3) The first robot ‘Unimate’ was designed in 1961.

4) In 1959, the term ‘Machine Learning’ was introduced by Arthur Samuel.

5) Today robots are used in various fields of manufacturing, security, healthcare, etc.

6) Machine learning allows machines to make decisions.

7) The concept of machine learning is used widely in robotics.

8) The subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning that is used to build intelligent systems.

9) Image recognition and speech recognition are common examples of machine learning.

10) The emergence of robots will reduce human job opportunities to a great extent.

Short Essay on Robotics and Machine Learning (200 – 250 Words)

Today, several new technologies are setting their foot in the world. We all are well aware of Robotics and Machine Learning, a branch of science and engineering. This field is responsible for making smart machines for the smart world.

The field of robotics focuses on the manufacturing, designing, and creation of robots. Robots are machines that can work similarly to humans by processing some set of instructions that are coded inside them. However, scientists are trying to construct robots that can think and behave like humans without providing them with codes. Robots are the helping hands for humans. They are widely used in different fields of work. By seeing the significance of robots, it is expected that soon robots will replace humans. They are used in the field where humans cannot work, like in any dangerous area or area with excessive heat and temperature.

Machine learning, as the name suggests, is used to teach machines but it is different from AI. The field of robotics is incomplete without machine learning. Machine learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that gives power to machines so that they can make decisions without any external instructions. Machine learning is responsible for generating intelligent machines. Machine learning incorporates the theory of learning from past experiences. Machine learning has many applications including speech recognition, medical diagnosis, image recognition, and so on.

Long Essay on Robotics & Machine Learning (2500 Words)


Robotics and machine learning are the technologies that have brought a drastic change in the world. These technologies are gaining popularity and also enhancing the curiosity among the students. The advent of these technologies has been possible because of the advancement in science and creativity of humans.

What Is Meant By Robotics And Machine Learning?

Robotics and machine learning are the flourishing technologies of the future. There will arrive a time when machine learning will be enhanced and most of the work will be performed by robots. Artificial intelligence and Robotics are two different terms but are interrelated with each other. It is because of artificial intelligence that the robots are made by the application of the concept of machine learning.

Robotics- Robotics is regarded as a branch resulting from the combination of computer science and engineering. This field includes designing, construction, operation, and utilization of robots. The branch robotics involves the integration of the concepts of several fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, electronics, bioengineering, control engineering, mathematics, software engineering, etc. The major vision was to design a machine that would assist and guide human beings in doing different tasks. It can not only help human beings but also take the place of human beings as they can perform in a similar way humans do.

Machine Learning- It is also stated as a component of Artificial Intelligence. It is regarded as the learning of computer algorithms by machines. If we talk of human beings, we do not know about everything immediately after our birth. It takes time to learn about every task that we do in our daily life. The concept of machine learning is also based on the same thing. Machines are made to learn about computer programs by providing the data so that they can be able to do the same without any guidance. Gradually they also improve their performing capability day by day. The concept of machine learning is applied in different sectors at present as it reduces the workload of human beings and makes their work easier.

Robotics And Machine Learning – History

The basic concept of practical robotics was structured in the year 1948 by Norbert Wiener. The self-dependent robots first came into existence in the mid of 20th century. Unimate was regarded as the first digitally operated and a programmable robot that was designed in the year 1961. At present, there are several robots that are used in different sectors for performing different tasks. Mostly the use of robots is done in tasks that are difficult, dangerous or risky for human beings.

Machine learning is an essential component of robotics. The word Machine learning for the first time came into existence in the year 1959 and the credit of the creation of this term goes to Arthur Samuel, an American expert in computer gaming and artificial intelligence. Machine learning was also stated as the self-teaching of computers. It was said that the machine will learn from the experiences. This experience will be attained by performing the tasks. The more the experience, performance will be better. Machine learning is an essential component that gives rise to artificial intelligence. Machine learning is designated as a different sector and it gained popularity in 1990’s. It is often observed that the Artificial intelligence term is used many times to state machine learning but both are different terms. The intelligent part of machine learning can only be said to be artificial intelligence.

Characteristics Of Robotics

The presence of robots at present is observed in different fields for different purposes. Although these robots are used in different sectors and assigned different types of tasks, they have some common attributes. The common features in their construction are mentioned below.

  • Mechanical Construction In Robots- There are different types of robots used in different environments and have some level of mechanical construction. The mechanical construction i.e. the designing of frame, form and shape is essential for performing any of the tasks. It is common in all robots but the technique differs according to the sector in which the robot is performing the task.
  • Components For Power Production- Every type of robots have some electrical components that are meant for providing electrical power. Power is essential for all the robots to perform the task as we require energy to do our work. There are some electrical components that provide power by converting the electricity into power. The electrical component of the robots is necessary for the movement, operation, sensing, and controlling.
  • Requires Computer Programming- The computer programming code is very essential for all the robots performing different tasks. The robots are given the commands so that they can work accordingly. They cannot perform any of the tasks with the programming code. Even if the robot has proper mechanical construction, electrical supply but lacks programming, it cannot work. It is because the programs are the core of the robots for performing different types of tasks. It works only according to the commands given to it and thus every kind of robot requires the programming code for performing action or task.

Processes Involved In Machine Learning

The procedure of machine learning is classified into three major categories. This is dependent on the signal or feedback received by the learning system.

  • Supervised Learning- The learning process is presented with both input and output. The system is expected to learn the general rule that will help in getting the desired output by the provided input in the computer.
  • Unsupervised Learning- This procedure of learning states that only input is provided to the system and the work of finding the exact point from the cluster of data is the work of the system itself. It is an example of feature learning.
  • Reinforcement Learning- This process of machine learning states that learning takes place when a computer program interacts with a dynamic environment that involves software agents and performs a particular task. The reward in the form of feedback is provided to the computer system.

Machine Learning Having A Major Role in Modern Robotics

The machines are basically invented to make our work easier. Isn’t it true? The trend is changing and now machines are made smarter and they can easily perform the tasks without any type of human interaction. This is just because of the advancing technologies at a very fast pace. Machine learning that is also said to be a subset of Artificial intelligence is really a wonderful concept. The part of intelligence in machine learning technology is helping in creating marvelous inventions. One such invention with the application of machine learning is the formation of intelligent robots. The field of robotics has a role in many sectors in its formation and Artificial intelligence is one among them.

Robots Assisting Human Beings- The robots at present are able to do everything like human beings. It would not have been possible without the existence of machine learning. A robot like us does not have the natural sensing power of differentiating different things. The process of unsupervised learning is used generally. We have to make it clear to them by giving commands. These commands that they learn are in the form of computer codes and this states that the process of machine learning is essential. It helps the robots to act in an intelligent way. The commands are provided to the robot in the form of input data and thus it acts accordingly. Thus, machine learning has a very important role in robotics.

Application Of Robotics And Machine Learning

Robotics and Machine learning are two different technologies that have a wide application in different sectors. Robots are designed for different types of tasks and this is possible because of machine learning. The robots designed are not similar for every work but they are specific. It means that a particular type of robot is designed for a particular type of work. It will not be able to perform the works for which it is not designed. Therefore, the robots of every category are given a specific name so that they can be designated from each other.

The application of Robots is observed in different fields and that can be designated as military robots, industrial robots, construction robots, medical robots, domestic robots, nano robots, etc. In the same way, there is a vast application of machine learning and some of the areas are Agriculture, anatomy, data quality, marketing, machine translation, robot locomotion, search engines, etc. Machine learning is a process that is used in different machines of various fields to make them work in an intelligent way.

Benefits Of Advancement Of Robotics

The gradual advancement in robotics technology is resulting in the formation of intelligent robots with the capability of performing different tasks. This has been possible because of the application of machine learning. The advent of intelligent robots is benefitting different sectors and businesses. The benefits of the robotics technology are listed below.

  • Efficient And Cost-Effective Technology- The robots can work more efficiently as they need no rest like human beings. They can work for longer hours without any type of laziness or tiredness. Moreover, they need no lunchtime and leaves and hence proving itself to be a cost-effective technology.
  • Less Chance Of Occurrence Of Error- Human beings after doing the same work repeatedly sometimes lose interest and concentration. This can result in the occurrence of errors in the work. This type of mistake is not good for the growth of the company and business. There will be no chance of occurrence of such types of errors in the work done by the robots. The work done by the robots will be perfect and thus can increase the chances of growth and expansion of the businesses and firms.
  • Works In Dangerous Situations- There are some tasks and industrial sector works that are critical or full of risk for human beings. In such cases, the involvement of robots in the completion of such tasks is of great benefit. Robots can work in every situation without any chance of getting harmed in such circumstances. This will help us in getting accuracy in those tasks that earlier were avoided by humans.

Challenges In Rising Of Robotics With The Application Of Machine Learning

  • Reduced Employment Opportunities- The development of intelligent robots that are capable of doing everything like humans is a really interesting technology. This technology is advancing very fast but shall be reducing the employment opportunities for workers. The robots can work at a faster rate without taking any leave like humans and it will be more beneficial to the industries. Thus, the rise of intelligent robots can become a great hurdle for humans in getting job opportunities in the future.
  • High Production Costs- A large amount of money has to be invested initially for the production of intelligent robots. This would be beneficial if there is surplus profit gained after the production of such robots. High production cost states that this technology is not sustainable in the long run.
  • Need For The Employment Of Skilled Staff- Robots work because of sensors, program codes, and cameras that are inbuilt in them. Thus, the development of robots does not require normal staff but the staff needs to be full of skilled workers. The skilled workers will be able to manage the working of the robots while developing. Thus, the rise in robotics will require the existing staff to become trained and skilled.

The Rising Trend Of Robotics And Machine Learning

The advancement in technologies is taking place at a very fast pace. This results in the development of new technologies every now and then. The conversion of normal machines and their working as smart machines has also been possible because of the advancement in technology. The machine learning-induced in the machines makes it intelligent and performs the tasks themselves without the intervention of human beings. Such smart appliances are of great benefit to human beings.

The day is not far when robots will be sitting beside the humans in every firm for doing all the work that human beings do. Moreover, the advancing intelligence in the machines might lead to the evolution of robots that would be able to understand human emotions very well. This will be beneficial as well as a challenging gift to the entire humanity.

Difference/Relation Between Artificial Intelligence And Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and robotics both are emerging technologies in the world. They sound to be the same technologies but in reality are two different technologies. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that helps in making the machines that can make machines work like human beings. Machine learning that is the component of AI is majorly used in making machines smarter. This induces the power of learning of the algorithms by the machines and further working according to it without any kind of human intervention.

Robotics is the technology that mainly works with a vision of designing and operating robots. The robots are designed by installing cameras, sensors, and programs in them so that they are capable of doing different tasks. This technology is mainly focused on designing and constructing robots.

Mingling Of AI And Robotics- AI and Robotics are two different technological branches but the application of machine learning in the robots helps them in becoming intelligent robots. The robots cannot work without the program codes and here comes the application of AI in robotics. The application of AI will help the robots in making them work in a smart and intelligent way. The capacity of problem-solving and detecting things physically will be induced in the robots by using AI technology in the robots. Therefore it can be stated that the use of AI and machine learning techniques in robotics enable the robots to work as human beings. The invention of Robot Sophia with her nine siblings by Hanson Robotics in the year 2016 is a recent example of the application of AI in robotics.


Robotics with the application of AI and machine learning is now considered the best option in different industries. This advancement in robotics will soon be able to produce such robots that will be exactly similar to human beings.  It is evident that productivity, quality, and work all increase by the use of modern robotics, and this helps in excelling in different sectors. Every technology has some positive and negative effects and the same is applicable to the technologies named Robotics and Machine Learning. These two branches of technology are gradually attaining a great height but there are also some challenges associated with them. We must try to bring these technologies into our use only when needed. This will surely prevent the entire humanity to suffer from their drawbacks.

I have tried to make this essay very simple and easy. I hope that you will enjoy reading this essay with the details of robotics and machine learning.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Robotics and Machine Learning

Q.1 Where was the first AI robot developed in the world?

Ans. The first AI robot named WABOT-1 was developed in Japan in 1972.

Q.2 Who is regarded as the Father of Robotics?

Ans. Joseph F. Engelberger is regarded as the Father of Robotics.

Q.3 What was the name of the first machine working on the concept of machine learning?

Ans. The SNARC was the name of the first machine that worked on the concept of machine learning.

Q.4 Which is the first robot to get the citizenship of a nation?

Ans. The AI Robot named Sophia is the first to get citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Q.5 What is the name of the first humanoid robot created in India?

Ans. ‘Manav Robot’ created in the year 2014 was the first humanoid robot in India.