Essay on Hyperloop

Essay On Hyperloop

Science and technology have led to marvelous discoveries in the world. The life of man has changed to a modern man from a nomadic traveler and this has been possible only because of technology. The advancement in technology has resulted in the development of tools and machinery ranging from simple ones to highly complex ones. This has made our life easier as well as comfortable. We could not imagine our life at present without these tools and technologies. There are new inventions in different sectors taking place every now and then. Hyperloop is also one of the newest emerging technologies that still have to be executed.

10 Lines Essay on Hyperloop

1) Hyperloop is the newest and fastest mode of transportation.

2) The pod (capsules), metallic tube and terminals constitute the Hyperloop.

3) The idea of the vacuum train (Vactrain) was given by Robert H. Goddard in 1904.

4) This idea was further developed by Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX).

5) The estimated speed of Hyperloop is about 1220 km per hour.

6) Passengers could feel dizzy due to high speed.

7) In November 2020, the first human trial of hyperloops was done by Virgin Hyperloop.

8) It consumes less energy and is environmentally friendly.

9) Hyperloops are designed in such a way that they are free from collision and are weather resistant.

10) By seeing its efficiency, it is termed as “fifth mode of transportation”.

Long Essay on Hyperloop in English

I have elaborated on this technology in detail in the form of a long essay. It is an important topic on the basis of competitive exams. I hope that this might aid the students of all classes to be able to understand and get an idea of writing essays, assignments and projects on this topic.

1600 Words Essay- Hyperloop: A New Innovation as a Vehicle of Land Transportation


The invention of different means of transportation on land, air and water has been a boon to entire humanity. It took a lot of time and effort to reach from one place to another when there were only bullock carts. The advancement in technology gradually resulted in the development of different vehicles on land, air, and water. Have you heard about the Hyperloop? Hyperloop is also a new innovation as a vehicle of land transportation. There might be several questions in your mind related to Hyperloop and that will be answered in the essay provided below.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a proposed mode of transportation that will be crash-free, less power-consuming, and possess an ultra-high travelling speed. It is meant for carrying both passengers and goods. This form of transportation after execution in the coming future will prove itself to be very beneficial for the people of the world. The time in traveling larger distances will be reduced with the evolution of this technology. This technology states that the train will travel in tubes that will have less air pressure and thus no friction. The entire system will be controlled electrically and hence an environment-friendly concept.

Concept of Hyperloop

The concept of Hyperloop technology is proposed to travel in a vacuum and the idea of ‘Vactrain’ was initially given in the year 1904 by Robert H. Goddard. The credit for developing the concept of Hyperloop technology goes to the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He suggested this technology in the year 2012. Later, after working on this concept he drew an online plan of this high-speed technology in the year 2013. He stated that the distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles was covered in only 35 minutes by using this mode of transportation. The concept of Hyperloop technology was further opened by Elon Musk to the entire world. This was done to implement changes required in the idea and the concept must work soon in reality. Universities and companies all over the world started working on the concept of Hyperloop technology for making test trains.

Working/Principle of Hyperloop

  • Hyperloop represents the finest form of transport infrastructure for the people on the earth. The working of this technology is stated below.
  • The Hyperloop technology consists of different pods, metallic tubes for movement, and terminals. The reduced air resistance and friction will propel the pods with very high speed and less utilization of fuel.
  • The pods or capsules are supposed to travel in metal tubes that are having very little air pressure. It means that the pods with passengers will be travelling in a vacuum.
  • It is a maglev train that works on the concept of magnetic levitation. The magnets are placed below the pods in place of tracks in normal trains. The magnet pushes the pods upwards and thus trains propels forward by the application of magnetic levitation and electric propulsion.
  • Electricity is required for the movement of pods and thus energy for movement can be provided by solar cells, nuclear reactors, windmills, etc.

Need of Hyperloop

Life at present is moving at a very fast pace. People do not want to waste their time and be efficient in their schedule and work. The development of the Hyperloop will be beneficial for the people who have to travel to larger distances. People have to face traffic issues while travelling larger distances and thus they often reach late to their desired destination. Moreover, there has been no development taken place in railway technology. The trains move on track and thus have to overcome surplus friction and thus require more energy for transportation. The development of the Hyperloop in future will be a technology that will move very fast with no friction and air resistance.


Benefits of Hyperloop

The development of very fast speed means of transportation will be a boon for mankind. There are several advantages associated with the development of this technology and those are discussed below:

  • High-Speed Travelling- The implementation of Hyperloop technology will enable people to travel at ultra high speed and reach their destinations in a few minutes.
  • Less Energy Consumption- The Hyperloop technology operates in a vacuum and these results in no friction and air resistance. The pods attain a very excellent speed in absence of both after applying electric propulsion. This technology consumes very little energy and therefore it is an economic concept.
  • Frequent Travelling- The Hyperloop covers a long distance in a few minutes and is then again set for departure, unlike trains that take time in next departure after reaching the destination.
  • Weather Resistant- Hyperloop technology is resistant to weather conditions as the pods will travel inside the metal tubes. There will be no effect of bad weather conditions on this means of transportation.
  • Eco-Friendly Concept- The Hyperloop uses electricity to operate that is generated by solar panels. Secondly, it does not produce any type of emission and noise that makes it a clean and environment-friendly technology.

Challenges in Implementing Hyperloop Technology

Hyperloop is indeed a very innovative idea and is supposed to be the future of transportation in the coming years. There are some challenges that will occur in the execution of this technology in the coming years. These challenges have been discussed below:

  • Requires Higher Investment in Building- The cost of building this mode of transportation will be very high.
  • Problem to Passengers– Hyperloop will be a high-speed train and thus the passengers might suffer from issues like dizziness, nausea, or stomach problems while traveling on this train.
  • Mobility of Passengers will be Ceased During Movement of Train- The passengers will not be able to move from one place to another in the moving train as the speed will be very fast. Thus, they have to avoid their emergency needs during the trip.
  • Requires Extra Technical Skill- The pods in the hyperloop will be running in the loops of metal tubes. It will require excessive technical skills to make long vacuum chambers for the movement of pods.
  • Designing of the Hyperloop- The steel pipes are used that will enable the pods to move in it.  The process of contraction and expansion is observed in the steel and thus this will not be a good option. Therefore other alternatives must be considered while designing the hyperloop.

The scenario of Hyperloop in India

India needed development in the means of transportation and thus in the year 2017, the NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) had confirmed six proposals that were put up by the Ministry of Transport. The ministry fostered the need for improvement in the public transport system and wanted the implementation of new transportation measures.

The proposal was signed for approving the execution of six technologies and they are hyperloop, metrino, pod taxis, stadler buses, hybrid buses, and freight railroads. Later in the year 2018, Maharashtra state made an agreement with the virgin group to carry on the project for designing of hyperloop from Mumbai to Pune. The advent of hyperloop on this way will make this travel of 3 hours only. Recently, India is planning to launch the Hyperloop earlier than the United Arab Emirates but still requires this technology needs 3-4 years to be executed in reality in the nation.

Impact of Hyperloop Technology on System of Transportation and Society

The development of hyperloop technology is going to be a great innovation in the transportation sector. Its execution in the world will bring a positive change in the system of transportation. There have been no such fast means of transportation till date. This will therefore be called an efficient transportation technology. It is faster than trains and aircraft.

Hyperloop technology will be a boon for society. This will enable the people in the society to travel to longer hours of people in a few minutes with an ultra-high-speed. Moreover, the departure frequency of the hyperloop will be high and thus people do not have to wait as they wait for the arrival of trains. This will enhance the chances of job opportunities and the tourism sector.

Hyperloop will reduce the distances from distant places. The distant places in this way can be linked to the main cities as the hyperloop will take very little time to reach from one place to another.  It uses solar power and utilizes solar panels to produce electricity that is a cost-effective method. This states that the fare charges will be less than that of the bullet train fare. Hyperloop will also carry goods and thus result in delivery of goods on time.

Is Hyperloop the Fastest Technology on Land?

Hyperloop after being executed in the coming years will probably be the fastest technology on land. It is faster than trains and airplanes. It will move at a speed that is two times the speed of a plane. It is supposed to travel at a speed of 1200 km/hr after it is successfully executed in the world. There is no such innovative technology in the world till present. Yet, there are some challenges associated with implementing this technology in reality, and this need to be tackled for making it a most marvelous mode of transportation on land.


Hyperloop is now the most awaited means of transportation for being executed in reality. The transportation facility of such type is the dire need of the hour. It is because this technology operates in an environment-friendly way. The rising pollution and vehicular emissions and noise pollution are becoming dangerous for the environment day by day. The advent of technology causing no pollution and emission will be a boon for humanity. I expect that the essay might have been interesting and have quenched your curiosity regarding Hyperloop.

 I hope that after reading this you will be able to explain and write about this technology without facing any kind of hurdles.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Hyperloop

Q.1 What is the fastest estimated speed of the hyperloop?

Ans. The fastest estimated speed of the hyperloop is 1220 km/hr.

Q.2 Is turning possible by the hyperloop?

Ans. The process of turning is difficult for the hyperloop and thus it will travel straight.

Q.3 Which country in the world is expected to have the first hyperloop?

Ans. India with the execution of the hyperloop from Mumbai to Pune is expected to have the first hyperloop.

Q.4 How many companies in the world are working on Hyperloop technology?

Ans. There are about 15 countries in the world that are working on Hyperloop technology.