Essay on Internet of Things (IoT)

Essay on IoT Internet Of Things

There are different devices that are present around us and help in making our work easier. Some of them can be operated manually by us while some work by internet. The advent of the internet in the world has totally transformed our life. Earlier before the invention of the internet and its several applications, everything was done manually by us. This required excessive effort and was a time taking process. Nowadays, the scenario has totally changed and the internet is involved in everything that we do at present. Either it is shopping, traveling, entertainment, education, etc. In this way, the internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. It is the Internet of things that enables us to do different work without any type of human interference.

Short and Long Essay on Internet of things (IoT) in English

I think we all are aware of the term Internet of Things but might feel difficulty in writing about this topic. I have provided a long elaborated essay on this topic that will help the students in getting the details of this topic. I hope that this might be useful for the students of class 1-12th in getting an idea of writing essays, assignments and projects on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on IoT (100 – 120 Words)

1) IoT or Internet of Things refers to the ability of devices to share data using the Internet.

2) The IoT devices are embedded with sensors, chips and various other tools.

3) The IoT concept also makes use of Artificial Intelligence.

4) IoT devices save the precious time of humans and make our life comfortable.

5) The emergence of IoT devices reduces the workload of humans.

6) Today the concept of IoT is used in various sectors.

7) Kevin Ashton is considered as the father of IoT.

8) Smart watches, smart home appliances, Alexa, Siri, etc are the examples of IoT devices.

9) IoT devices are easily prone to security threats like hacking.

10) However, fixing errors in the devices would be a challenging task.

Short Essay on IoT (200 – 250 Words)

Today, we are dealing with smart technologies for yielding smart results. It will be much better and easier if we are accompanied by smart things. This need is well fulfilled by the emergence of IoT. Internet of Things is the ability of physical things to communicate with each other using sensors and chips via the internet. The motive of IoT is to make devices work smartly without human interference.

The idea of connecting things is not a new concept. Researchers have shown many related applications earlier. But the actual idea of making devices to communicate through the internet emerged during the 1980s to 1990s. Finally, in 1999, this technology got its name from Kevin Ashton as the “Internet of Things”. Till then, the applications of IoT are flooding the market.

Smart devices like smart watches, smart speakers, smart healthcare systems, smart home appliances, smart traffic management systems, etc are some examples of the Internet of Things. IoT is responsible for giving us luxurious life full of comfort. However, there are some limitations with IoT like compatibility. Only compatible devices are allowed to share data using IoT. While sharing data on a network, no one can give you a guarantee regarding the data. Therefore, privacy and security could again be an issue.

1800 Words Long Essay- IoT : Reducing Workload and Time


Technology is playing a major role in our lives. The advent of different types of technologies has changed the way of our living and working. The discovery of computers and the internet has brought a revolutionary change in the world. People at present mostly depend upon the internet and computer to perform their maximum tasks. Not only it has changed our lifestyle but also made it comfortable. Internet of things is also an aspect of the internet. We will discuss this technology, its history, application, and future scope in the essay provided below.

What is meant by the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT refers to the collection of different types of daily life appliances and gadgets used in different sectors that are broadening the aspect of the internet. The connectivity with the internet enables these devices to share and receive data with different objects. Internet of things simply means the network of devices that are able to share and receive data and information with other devices via using the internet.

The things or objects in the Internet of Things above are well equipped with sensors, software, and machine learning techniques. The use of such objects reduces human interference in doing any of the work. The advent of IoT has totally changed the life of human beings by reducing their workload and time. The advancing technology day by day is giving rise to different smart objects thereby improving the standard of living of human beings.

An Account on Concept of IoT

How interesting it is that the devices are able to communicate with each other or human beings? This is all possible because of advancements in internet technology and the development of smart devices.

  • The emergence of the concept of the integration of smart devices stated as ‘Internet of Things’ came into existence in the year 1982.
  • A Coca-Cola vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania was the first smart appliance that was termed as ARPANET device.
  • The word ‘Internet of Things’ for first time was used by Peter T. Lewis in his speech in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation held in Washington D.C. in the year 1985.
  • The Phrase ‘Internet of Things’ was first time used by Kevin Ashton in the year 1999 and thus he is regarded as the father of IoT.
  • It was emphasized by Kevin Ashton that every device needs short-range mobile transceivers embedded in it so that it can establish communication with human beings and other devices.
  • Several other important works and improvements in this field have taken place in successive years and the percentage of people using this concept has also increased as the years passed by.

IoT Architecture

The objects in Internet of Things have a definite constitution of technologies that enables them to work efficiently by using internet connection. These devices are architecture that is a combination of several technologies. The technologies that are embedded in IoT are enlisted below:

  • Different Types of Sensors- IoT devices have sensors embedded in them so that these devices can sense whatever is happening in the environment. It is working in the same way as the human sense organs are working. The connection of sensors with the internet helps it to collect information from the surroundings.
  • Internet Connection- An internet connection is a must to enable the sensors in the devices to connect it with other devices so that the sending and receiving of data becomes convenient.
  • Several Computing Devices- These devices help in making the process of data collection, analyzing, and sending more easily.
  • Machine Learning and Analytics Devices- The use of machine learning and advanced analytics by the Internet of things make this process more efficient. It helps the devices to collect maximum data in very less time.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Artificial intelligence and machine learning help the devices to develop connectivity with other devices in the IoT network in a smarter way. In another way, we can state that it smoothen the process and helps in reducing human interferences in performing any kind of task. Example: Alexa, Siri, etc.

Need of IoT

The developments of a range of technologies have enhanced the lifestyle of human beings. Isn’t it true? Digitalization is taking place in India and the world at a very fast pace. Thus in order to be in the pace with the digital world, the network of smart devices is very essential. It is a technology that helps in establishing a good interaction between the different devices among themselves and also with human beings.

Moreover, the emergence of devices embedded with sensors and advanced technologies reduces the workload of human beings. It helps in finishing different tasks in less time along with developing coordination with the activities taking place in the surroundings. The development of the network of these smart devices is not only useful in household works but also aid in commercial sector tasks. Thus, IoT in the 21st century has become an essential requirement in different sectors all around the world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IoT

IoT which stands for Internet of Things helps in enabling the smart devices to interact with each other by sharing the data. There are several benefits with the emergence of this technology but there are also some drawbacks associated with it. Several advantages and disadvantages of IoT have been enlisted below.


  • The IoT devices help in establishing interaction between the devices connected with each other through the internet.
  • The sensor embedded in the smart devices makes it capable of collecting and accessing different information at any time.
  • The collected data can be analyzed and further brought into action or shared with other devices in very less time. This reduces the effort and time taken in doing the same work by people manually.


  • There are many devices connected with each other in IoT and thus sharing of different information takes place. The probability of hacking some important information increases in such processes.
  • The enterprises concerned with different businesses can acquire information from several devices connected to the IoT networks. It is difficult for them to collect and manage data from a large number of IoT devices.
  • Every smart device does not have compatibility for connecting with other devices as there is no international standard of IoT.

IoT Doing Wonders

The invention of devices embedded with sensors and smart software has widened their application in different sectors. These devices not only form an integral part of household works but also play a major in different sectors like industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, etc.

  • IoT in Manufacturing Sector- The manufacturing and industrial sector has benefitted a lot as the IoT devices help in monitoring the working of all the machines. The machines are connected with each other so that they can develop good communication and can be controlled easily. The quality of the products can also be checked at regular intervals by using these smart devices. Therefore, it can be stated that the development of such smart technologies is helping in increasing the performance of machines, fostering production, and boosting up the customer experience.
  • IoT in Healthcare- IoT devices is of great importance in the healthcare sector. It gives rise to connected devices like wearable’s that help the doctors to monitor different activities of the patients. These devices can also be used by people to monitor their health regularly. Thus, it can be stated that the use of these advanced technologies has improved the diagnosis and treatment procedure by making it more precise.
  • IoT in Transportation- The introduction of GPS and sensors in the devices has reduced the difficulty of locating the exact locations. This reduces the effort and time wastage of transportation companies in searching the locations. They can deliver the products more efficiently with any kind of delay. Thus, IoT devices help in cutting down the cost as the monitoring, tracking of the vehicles and locations can be managed easily by using smart devices. Moreover, it also enhances the customer experience.
  • IoT in Household works- The use of smart appliances in the home enables us to carry our household work with great ease. The working of these devices can also be controlled remotely by using computers and smart phones.
  • IoT in Agriculture- The use of IoT in agriculture is very benefitting for the growth and production of different crops. The smart devices help in collecting the data from the surroundings and further after analyzing the same the action can be taken. The soil parameters can be easily detected by using devices having inbuilt sensors. These devices can easily access the condition and suggest the type of crop that can be grown easily with good yield in the future.

There are several sectors that are benefitted with the advent of the network of smart devices. We can notice these devices everywhere around us. They now have become an integral part of our life. The presence of these devices has made our lives more comfortable.

Future of IoT

There are different types of new innovations taking place in different regions of the world every now and then. Internet of Things (IoT) is also one such invention. It has gained surplus attention of the world and is now being used in different sectors.

The need of the internet is very essential nowadays. Internet, sensors, and advanced technologies have made normal devices turn into smart devices. The integration of these smart devices is referred to as the Internet of Things. There are more than 4 billion smart devices installed in the world at present. The numbers will increase to double in the coming years. It is because the use of the internet in the coming years will more profuse. The large network of smart devices will help in getting vast data in a spark of seconds. This in turn will foster the businesses; increase the product variety, efficiency in the delivery of products, etc. The Internet of things has a good potential in the future but a few challenges need to be addressed to make it a successful technology in the future.


The Internet of things has widened the aspect of internet. This has become the most discussed topic at present. These smart devices influence our life in our travel, shopping, lifestyle, health, daily works, etc. The Internet if things are not only restricted to the household objects but they have their wide applications in different sectors. In this way Internet of Things is having a positive impact on the society.

Yet there are some challenges but efficient working in this direction will reduce the drawbacks in the coming future and make it a technology with great potential. This long essay contains the elaborated details about the Internet of Things. I think that this essay in simple words would have been helpful to all the students and readers in knowing about this most discussed concept of present. I hope that you all will love reading this essay.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Internet of Things

Q.1 What is IoT device in simple terms?

Ans. IoT Device is one that has integrated sensor and software and can connect with each other for sharing of data using internet.

Q.2 Who coined the phrase ‘Internet of Things’?

Ans. The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ was coined by Kevin Ashton in the year 1999.

Q.3 Which basic data is utilized by IoT?

Ans. The status data also called as raw data is utilized by IoT.

Q.4 Which communication protocols are commonly used in IoT?

Ans. The wireless communication protocols like Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, Thread, etc are commonly used in IoT.

Q.5 What is RFID in IoT?

Ans. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification System that enables devices to detect other devices in IoT.