Essay on Google

Essay On Google

There was a time when we had to struggle hard to find answers to any typical question. One option was considering books. Can you imagine how difficult it was to read several books just to find answers to some simple questions? Another option was to collect information from people. This was also very annoying and time consuming.

Then came the era of the Internet, which made our life as simple as we can imagine. After the introduction of the internet, the term “Google” became the solution to every problem. All we need to do is search Google and all our problems will be solved in a few seconds.

10 Lines Essay on Google

1) Google is a top-ranked search engine in the world.

2) Google was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

3) The development was started in 1996 however; the company was officially incorporated on 4 September 1998.

4) The developers initially named Google ‘BackRub’.

5) The name Google was adopted from the word Googol (1 followed by 100 zeroes).

6) Google provides a wide variety of features that help us to stay connected with society.

7) Advertising is a major source of revenue for Google.

8) YouTube, Gmail, Drive are some products of Google.

9) The Page Rank algorithm of Google differentiates it from other search engines.

10) Sunder Pichai is the current CEO of Google.

Long Essay on Google in English

Here, I’m presenting an essay on Google. Every human is well aware of this term but to know the detailed information about this topic you need to go through this essay.

900 Words Essay – Google


Many of us are unaware of the wide variety of services offered by Google. However, most of the Google Applications are designed according to users’ needs. This is the major reason Google is ranked as the best company in magazines. They always try to customize their services by keeping users’ requirements as their center.

Google- The Era Of Simplification

Google is a multinational company that provides various internet-based services to customers. It is counted among the top five information technology industries of the world. Although the company is most popular as a search engine. As a search engine, the main motive of Google is to provide the most relevant results of the search. It is the most famous search engine in the world.

The term Google became very popular and significant that it can also be used as a verb. The main aim of Google is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Searching and accessing this information is much easier, only one needs to have an Internet connection. Google makes a huge amount of revenue by advertising.

Evolution Of Google

In 1996, two students of Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin started developing Google as a research project.

They named the new search engine “BackRub”. The concept of page rank influenced the market. Afterward, they changed the name to Google, which was inspired by the term “Googol” meaning 1 followed by 100 zeroes. They used this term to signify that the large number of information will be provided by the search engine.

 On 15th September 1997, the Google domain was registered. And on 4th September 1998, the company was officially incorporated. In 2015 Google changed his name to which is working as a parent company for Google and its subsidiaries.

In 2001, Eric Schmidt was appointed as the CEO of Google by Brin and Larry Page. In 2015, Sunder Pichai was appointed as the new CEO of Google replacing Larry Page, who is now the CEO of Alphabet.

Features/ Applications Of Google

A wide variety of applications is provided by Google. Some of them are listed below:

  • Stay Connected And Updated: Today we can stay connected and updated with society with the help of various features of Google. Any news related to the business market, world news, political issues, etc can be accessed easily using Google. However, it also keeps us updated with the news related to the entertainment industry.
  • Get Everything Just By Asking: With the new feature of Google, we need not search everything just by typing. Instead, we can search just by speaking. It is the fastest way of searching.
  • Travel Anywhere: Some services like Google Maps allow us to travel anywhere carefree. We need not worry about directions. It also updates us with the traffic. A complete traveling guide is provided by Google.
  • Shopping At Fingertip: Apart from shopping online, it also provides the details of the shopping. Tracking your orders, paying the bill online, etc can be done easily. Worries related to bookings are far apart with the emergence of Google. 

Products And Services Of Google

Google offers more than 50 internet services today. It provides many other services but the most popular service is a search engine. Due to which most people know its existence. Some of the most popular products and services of Google are as follows:

  • Google Search Engine: The famous service provided by Google is the search engine. It is one of the most widely used search engines in the world. It is available in about 149 languages. The main motive is to provide the users with their search results.
  • YouTube: YouTube is owned by Google and is the second most visited website in the world. It is a social media platform developed on 14 February 2015. It allows users to share videos over this platform.
  • Google Drive: The Google Drive was developed on 24 April 2012 by Google. It is a file storing and synchronizing service with billions of active users. It offers users 15 Gb of free storage however it does have paid plans for 100 GB, 200 GB, or 2 TB storage.
  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome was developed in 2008 by Google. It is a web browser initially developed for Microsoft windows. Web browsers are used to access the world wide web. It is one of the best browsers which provide safe and secure browsing.
  • Gmail: The most popular free email service provided by Google is Gmail. It has more than 1.5 billion active users today. It was developed on 1 April 2004, which is now available in about 104 languages. It also provides high storage capacity.

What Made Google Unique From Other Search Engines?

The technique to sort the searched results made Google unique from the traditional search engines.

Google uses a different method of organizing the page. Other search engines rank the results according to the number of times the searched word is mentioned on the page. But the Google search engine introduced another algorithm known as “PageRank” or (PR). According to this, the results are ranked according to the total number of pages linked to it.

This algorithm provides better results and hence helped Google to become the top search engine in the world.


Google is a fast-growing organization that left its competitors behind. Yahoo and Microsoft are the most famous rivals of Google. Not once but twice, Yahoo refused to accept Google as it wanted to expand its own business. Yahoo failed to compete in the market which resulted in a complete shutdown. In most mobile phones especially in India, Google apps are added as inbuilt.

I hope the above given essay on Google would be helpful for you to increase your knowledge.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Google

Q.1 Which is the first Google phone?

Ans. Google Pixel is the first Google-branded phone.

Q.2 Where is the headquarter of Google?

Ans. The headquarter of Google is located in Mountain View, California.

Q.3 Who was the first person employed in Google?

Ans. Craig Silverstein, Stanford’s Ph.D. student, was appointed as the first employee in Google  as the Director of Technology.

Q.4 Who was the first CEO of Google?

Ans. Eric Schmidt was the first CEO of Google.