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Throughout our lives, we come in contact with many individuals. Some of them affect our lives and last a lifetime, while others are quickly forgotten. Some relations originate by birth, and some are made throughout life. Beyond every relation or person, there is a person who takes the living beings on this planet. Who gives us birth, i.e., none other than a mother. A mother is beyond any relation/person in the world. She acts as a teacher, as a friend, and as a partner. A mother stands in every situation with her child.

Short and Long My Mother Essays in English

Here, I’m presenting short and long essays on My Mother under different word limits of 100-150 words, 250 words, and 600 words for students in English Language. Students usually get this topic to write in exams. These essays will surely help them to write effective essays or paragraphs on My Mother.

My Mother Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) My mother is my best friend and a best mother in the world.

2) Her name is Anjali and she is very responsible to us.

3) She stays at home and manages household work.

4) She helps me every time.

5) She cooks very delicious food.

6) She helps me in completing my school homework.

7) She cares and loves us very much.

8) My mother says we should respect everyone.

9) She never beats me but sometimes scolds me.

10) I love my mother very much.

Short Essay on My Mother (200 – 250 Words)

Mothers are not just regular people; they are superwomen. My mum is a superwoman because she was there for me at every step of the way, giving support and encouragement. She never left me alone whenever I needed her. She was there for me at any time of the day or night, no matter the circumstances.

I find motivation in every aspect of her behavior, including her effort, tenacity, loyalty, and dedication. I obey my Mother not only because she’s my mother or because we should show respect to our parents. But I obey and love her because of how well she cared for me while I could not communicate. My love, care and respect for her will never end. When I was a little kid unable to talk, she fulfilled all my requirements, even smaller or bigger.

Still, she always tries to fulfill all my smaller needs. She was the one who showed me how to walk, how to talk, and how to take care of myself. Similarly, my mom is entirely responsible for significant advancements that I’ve made in my life. If she hadn’t shown me how to take baby steps, I won’t be able to take these more significant moves in the right direction.

Long Essay on My Mother (500-600 Words)


Mothers are the most important person in the family since she is the link between all of us. She never forgets to look out for the well-being and nutritional needs of everyone in the household. She is constantly concerned about even the smallest necessities of the family. She helps manage the house, the academic performance of their kids, their careers, and their future. The finest creature that God has ever made in this universe is the mother because she loves her kids and family without conditions.

Importance of Mother in Life

“Maa” is not just a word; it’s a feeling in itself. When we say maa, many of our problems seem to fade away magically. Moms play crucial roles in every aspect of our life from early in the morning till she goes to bed in the night without any expectation. She always makes us happy without letting us feel down for a moment. Without mom, we cannot imagine our life.

Mothers are the First Teachers in our Life

Mother gives us hope and motivation for every up and down of our life. She is the only one who knows their kids very closely and deeply. No matter where children are in life, whether they are starting school, getting married, or having a child, they always need their mother’s help. She is the one who shows kids what it means to be a strong support system they can count on.

My Mother: My Superwoman

When I think of love, honesty, truth, and compassion in this world, the first person that comes to me is my mother. My mum has always been a source of motivation for me. She is a remarkable human being. She is the lady whom I look up to and respect the most. She is the first person who wakes up each and every morning in the house. She gets up at 5 AM in the morning and comes near me to adore. This is the first thing she does every day.

After that, she gets my brother and me out of bed and gets us ready for school. She then prepares tasty breakfast and lunch for us, and she has a new dish each day. After that, she goes to wake up my father with a cup of tea. My mother and father take us to the bus station and leave. Mom’s reassuring hand wave is a constant reminder that she will be there for us forever. She is helpful to us with our schoolwork and studies. When any of us become ill, she is the one who stays up through the night worrying about us. She is always highly worried about our well-being, especially our schooling and health.

In addition to us, my mom takes care of my dad and grandparents. We all look up to her as a pillar of strength. All my family members are bound by her strong bonds, and she is responsible for creating them. She always meets my grandparents’ all needs at the right time. She never turned down helping our neighbors or friends. She always set herself as a role model for us. For me, my mother is the real superwoman.


No amount of money can ever repay what a mother has done for us. Our only duty is to repay her love and affection. We should always make our moms feel special with small and sweet gestures, even though she won’t ask for anything in return for her love, care, and protection. It is our duty to express to her how much we love her if we want to make her feel special. We should always be sweet and kind to our lovely mothers.

I hope the above given essay on My Mother will be helpful in understanding the importance of a mother in our life as well as how to write an essay on my mother.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Mother

Q.1 Why Nature is called Mother Nature?

Ans. Like a mother, nature nourishes us and focuses on every life-giving aspects, this is why it is called mother nature.

Q.2 When Mother’s Day is celebrated?

Ans. Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May month.

Q.3 What is the full form of mother?

Ans. Magnificent Outstanding Tender Honorable Extraordinary Remarkable.

Q.4 Where did the term mother came from?

Ans. The word mother is derived from the Greek word “Meter” and Old Germanic word “Moder”.

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