Essay on My Favorite Teacher

There are several professions in this world. Some are responsible for curing people while some are busy enhancing the lifestyle of millions. One of the most important professions is that of a teacher. A teacher is responsible for educating children as well as the entire society. No profession is achieved without gaining an education. Therefore, the role of a teacher is surely unmatchable. Today, we will discuss about my favorite teacher through these essays in detail.

Short and Long My Favorite Teacher Essay in English

Here, I’m providing essays on My Favorite Teacher in different word limits of 100-150 words, 250 words, and 600 words for students in English Language. These essays will surely help you to write effectively on this topic. The language is kept simple so that every student can understand them properly. You can also get some FAQs related to this topic at the end of essays.

My Favorite Teacher 10 Lines Essay(100 – 150 Words)

1) My favorite teacher is Mr. Anand Mukherjee.

2) He is our class teacher also.

3) He teaches us English subject.

4) He has good communication skills.

5) He teaches us with great patience.

6) He is my role model and I follow him.

7) He also entertains us in between studies.

8) Sometimes, he tells us stories and poems to engage us in studies.

9) He motivates us to do hard work in studies.

10) He is the best teacher in our school.

Essay on My Favorite Teacher (200 – 250 Words)


Having a favorite teacher can make it much easier and quicker for you to move through your school years in a more relaxed and enjoyable manner. Not every teacher is the same. What we learn at school is what actually helps us throughout our lives.

My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Sarita Gautam. She teaches us Science subject. She is also my tuition teacher. She teaches us very well. She uses practical methods to explain the concepts in Science.

Additionally, she promotes extracurricular activities as well. Her extraordinary qualities make her a favorite of many students. She is also my role model. Her role is not only that of a teacher but also that of someone you can talk to about anything you want. The students in the school love her for her politeness and humility.

She motivates me to work hard and score good grades. When I have any doubts, she helps me to understand the topic very well. She makes practical more interesting and engaging. My favorite teacher always guides me to follow the right path. She teaches us to say the truth and respect everyone.


I like going to school even more now because of her incredible enthusiasm and positive attitude. We should always respect our teachers and also thank them for what we are today.

Long Essay on My Favorite Teacher (500 – 600 Words)


Throughout our lives, we encounter different teachers. In addition to creating a strong foundation of knowledge regarding subjects, teachers also play a crucial role in preparing students for life. Since students spend more time in school than with their parents, teachers play an important role in the development of the lives of students. A few of them are particularly special and they have different influences on us. We refer to them as our favorite teachers and learn a lot from them.

My Favorite Teacher

We all have a favorite teacher whom we admire and are inspired by. My favorite teacher is Mr. Rajesh Tiwari. He teaches us mathematics. It is hard to find a better teacher than him at this school. His ability to explain everything clearly makes him very talented. Each student pays attention to his class. Maths used to be one of my least favorite subjects in school. In spite of that, Rajesh sir teaches it in such an attractive way that I now enjoy this subject very much.

I love how he takes the time to explain everything from beginning to end and he also ensures that every student in the class understands everything before moving on to the next topic. Even after I leave this school, he will remain one of my favorite teachers, and he is someone that I will never forget.

My Guide: My Favorite Teacher

There can be a huge advantage in being able to have at least one teacher that you feel particularly comfortable with. It is true that a good teacher can also act as a mentor, guiding you not only academically, but after school as well. As a result of their guidance and help, we can make good choices in life. When we participate in any of the school or inter-school competitions in dance, sports, education, or any other discipline, my favorite teacher guides us very well.

Qualities of My Favorite Teacher

I think my favorite teacher possesses all the qualities that a good teacher should have. His way of teaching is excellent, and he has a great sense of humor. His philosophy is to live a simple life and to think high. Reading is something he loves to do.

He always encourages his students to read as many books as they can instead of watching TV or playing video games, which are mindless activities. His ability to understand student problems and to always provide a helping hand to them is what sets him apart from other tutors. His teaching skills have made him a well-known teacher in school.

Importance of Teachers in our Life

Teachers are the ones who build the future of millions of students. They make us capable to make important decisions or need to perform other crucial tasks throughout our lives. Teachers inspire their all students to study well and to become the best humans that they can be. The future of a community, society, or country is indirectly shaped by the teachers. They mold us and our future accordingly in order to achieve the goal of becoming responsible citizens of the country.


In each and every one of our lives, we have a teacher who has truly shaped our lives in a positive way. In the heart of every student, there is a special place reserved for teachers. The role of teachers in their student’s life is irreplaceable. They selflessly help us to achieve success in life.

I hope the above provided essays on My Favorite Teacher will be helpful in understanding the role and significance of a teacher in our lives as well as how to write short and long essay on My Favorite Teacher.

Essay on My Favorite Teacher

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Favorite Teacher

Q.1 When World’s Teachers Day is celebrated?

Ans. 5 October is declared as World’s Teachers Day by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Q.2 Who is considered the first teacher in the world?

Ans. Confucius is considered the first teacher in the world. He was a private tutor who teaches history.

Q.3 Who is the most famous teacher in India?

Ans. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is the most famous teacher in India whose birthday is observed as Teacher’s Day.

Q.4 Who is the first teacher in our life?

Ans. A mother is considered the first teacher in our life.

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