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A day when it rains off-season, and usually without warning is called a rainy day. As much, a rainy day is a surprise, it is also pleasing and a welcomed occurrence. The several advantages and effects of a rainy day on people and nature are discussed in these essays.

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Short and Long Essays on Rainy Day in English

Given below are some essays on Rainy Day under various words limit of 100 to 120 words, 250 words, 400 words and 600 words including some important FAQs on rainy day to help you more. These essays are written in such a way that range of students may use them:

Rainy Day Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A day when it’s raining outside is termed as a rainy day.

2) A rainy day makes the surroundings pleasing and beautiful.

3) People feel it difficult to go outside on a rainy day.

4) A rainy day cools down the weather with a soothing breeze.

5) Everyone loves rainy days, especially children.

6) A rainy day has many advantages for humans and nature.

7) A rainy day helps the farmer with their crops.

8) A rainy day replenishes the soil and helps new plants to grow.

9) Many working people don’t like a rainy day as it creates delay.

10) People usually enjoy spicy snacks on a rainy days.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Rainy Day: A Respite from Heat


Whenever a rainy day occurs it brings a smile to the faces, especially the children. They are the ones who enjoy it the most and take the maximum out of a single day of the shower and cool breeze.

A Respite from Heat

This is one of the greatest advantages of a rainy day. As it usually occurs in non-monsoon months, it brings relief from the heat of the sun. The air gets cooler and the gust cool breeze could be felt everywhere. After long and continuous sunny days, the feel of cool wind is just heavenly and a moment that you wouldn’t like to pass away.

The shift in temperature is quite replenishing for humans as well as other living creatures. Everyone comes out to enjoy the drizzle and the breeze.

Replenishing Nature

Rainy day acts as a kind of booster dose for the health of nature. Rain touches everything in nature, be it lifeless of living. It fills the natural reserves of water so that the water can be used by humans and animals alike. Animals and birds depend only on rain for their water requirements and a rainy day refills their much essential water reserves. New plants and vegetation also sprout up during the rainy day.


Rainy day is the best thing that could happen to the earth and its creatures, amid heat and sweat. It is indeed a much-awaited and welcomed by all the living creatures as well as the earth also.

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Essay 2 (400 Words) – Advantages of Rainy Day


‘Rainy day’ is the term used for the day when it rains out in or off-season. Usually, a rainy day witnesses the occurrence of continuous or intermittent rain for the full day. Rainy day is advantageous for everyone as we will discuss in this essay.

Advantages of Rainy Day

Rainy day is good news for everyone in society for some reason or the other. It benefits the farmers; the animals and birds seem to love it; children also enjoy and love it. The benefits of rainy days for each member of the society are described below.

  • For Farmers

Rainy day benefits the farmers as it waters their fields, which is good for the crops. Many crops need a certain amount of water to be retained by the soil, which is met by a rainy day. Without rain, the field would require water to be artificially taken to them using tunnels or waterways. It certainly saves a good amount of labor, time and money of the farmers.

  • For Students

Students love rainy days because most of the schools declare a holiday due to rains. It gives the children a day off to play and enjoy the rain. They can stay back home and watch the rain wash off the land and vegetation. Children love the drizzle and the joy of playing with paper boats is also an unforgettable experience for them.

  • For Nature Lovers

For nature lovers also, the rainy day is a much-awaited event. Suddenly the earth which had been lying dead in the sweltering heat of the sun comes back to life and reveals its hidden beauty. All the creatures come back to life. The animals, the birds, all seem to love and enjoy the rain. Also, the trees and grass get cleaned and look greener.

  • For Elders

The elderly and the aged also love the rain and seem to enjoy it. For them, it is a relaxing moment to enjoy with other family members and children. There is nothing as good as simply sitting on the window and enjoying the drizzle and the cool wind.


Rainy day is not only loved by all but is also beneficial for nature, vegetation, and the people as well. They all seem to welcome the rain, even if it lasts for only a single day. The best way to enjoy a rainy day is to admire the beauty of nature.

Essay on Rainy Day

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Effects of Rainy Day


Rainy Day is loved by the children and elders and it seems to make their life a little less boring even if it is for only a day. As the drops of water fall on earth so do the creatures become swell with life and joy. In this essay we will go through the effects of a rainy day on rural and urban life, its advantages and also the inconveniences caused.

Effects of Rainy Day

Be it village life or urban life; rainy day affects each one of them in its own way. We go briefly on how the rainy day affects the life of a common villager and a city dweller.

  • On Village Life

Usual days in villages look a bit sleepy than the cities. That’s because, the main occupation of villagers is agriculture, so you don’t have people rushing out to reach offices on time, as in the cities. There are only farmers tending to their fields and a bunch of students headed for their school. If rain occurs, it doesn’t affect everyone much in a village; though it might delay them a little.

Farmers can easily wait for the rain to subside without fearing for any loss; unless the rain is too much to damage their crops. Also, the village residents seem to take a rainy day as usual activity. The children also don’t seem to fear to get wet and enjoy the shower. Unlike the children in the cities, the village children could be easily spotted playing in rain and enjoying the rainy day.

  • On Urban Life

The effects of a rainy day, as felt in urban settlements, are completely different from that of the villages. People here get delayed to their offices and businesses by a good amount of time. In cities time means money; therefore; quite a few city dwellers don’t like a rainy day much. The office goers and the shopkeepers don’t welcome an out of season rainy day, because it means a long delay or loss for them.

Also, the cities having poor infrastructure planning may face water clogging, causing further inconvenience to the people. Also, the essential emergency services get delayed due to water clogging and traffic jams. But, despite the complaints, the people still seem to admire and love the rainy day for the sheer beauty of nature that it reveals.

Advantages of a Rainy Day

The following are the advantages of a rainy day as felt by different sections of the society as well as nature and other living creatures.

  • It replenishes the soil and provides nourishment to the plants.
  • Refills the natural water reserves as well as the groundwater.
  • Provides a much-welcomed respite from the heat for the humans and animals as well.
  • Children get a day off from school and to play in rain.
  • A rainy day is also welcomed by the farmers as it waters their vegetation and replenishes the soil.
  • It provides an opportunity to conserve water through rainwater harvesting.
  • Refills the ponds deep inside natural forests, which is very important for the wildlife.
  • Even a day’s rain could help grow new plants and vegetation.
  • Acts as a natural cleansing agent by washing off dust and dirt from the surface of the earth as well as the air.
  • Gives relief from the heat and make the weather more pleasing.
  • It becomes more easy and enjoyable to work on a rainy day than in sweltering heat.


Rainy day is loved by children as well as elders from all walks of society. Though it causes a little discomfort on several fronts, people still seem to a rainy day.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Rainy Day

Q.1 What do we see after rains in the sky?

Ans. We can see the rainbow after rains in the sky.

Q.2 Which colors can we see in the rainbow?

Ans. We can see violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors in a rainbow.

Q.3 What do we wear on a rainy day when we go out of the house?

Ans. We wear raincoats, rain caps, and gumboots on a rainy day to go outside.

Q.4 What is the benefit of the rainy season after the summer season?

Ans. The occurrence of the rainy season after the summer season gives us relief from the scorching heat of summer.

Q.5 Which state in India receives the highest average annual rainfall?

Ans. Sikkim is the state in India that receives the highest average annual rainfall.

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