Speech on Independence Day 2023

India celebrates Independence Day every year on 15th August. It was on the same date in 1947 that the British, who ruled India for 200 years, left for good. It’s been 76 years when we started as a nation with very few resources, but have come a long way and progressed well.

Short and Long Speech on Independence Day 2023 for Students

Here I present some speeches on Independence Day of India under different word lengths to help you. Just go through them and select your best one:

Independence Day Speech 1

Hello everyone and good morning dear teachers. My name is ______ from class __. I am going to narrate a short speech on Independence Day.

On 15 August 1947, India became an independent nation. For two hundred years British had ruled our country.

Our brave countrymen and freedom fighters put up a great fight against them. Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh are some great freedom fighters. Because of them and a thousand others like them, we were able to gain freedom.

They went to jail, were tortured, yet they never gave up. They sacrificed their all for our independence. Today is the day to celebrate their courage and sacrifices. We must remember them and never forget their contribution.

By hoisting the national flag and singing national anthem we will bring happiness to the souls of those great men. Also, we must celebrate the day together, forgetting all our differences. No religion, no caste, no rich or poor, no you and me’ all are sons of this soil and equally important. I want all to remember these lines – ‘If only we stay united, we will be able to stay independent.’ This will also be the greatest tribute to our freedom fighters. Thank You!

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Independence Day Speech 2

Very good morning to all those present here – Respected teachers, honorable guests, and my dear friends. As you all know that today we complete 76 years of our independence. The same day in 1947, we were finally a free nation, when the British scuttled away from our land. It has been our motherland for ages but reclaiming it back from foreign rulers wasn’t easy at all.

Apart from celebrating Independence Day, we must also think about the reason that made few foreign intruders successfully rule India for over two centuries. The original inhabitants of India, clearly outnumbered, few thousands of intruders, but even then the country was overpowered. Why?

The answer to this question is – the lack of unity! India faced oppression for centuries because it wasn’t united as it should have been. There were thousands of kingdoms scattered all over the land, fighting among themselves. The British turn this loophole into an advantage and ruled us for nearly 200 years.

It took a great deal of fight and sacrifice from the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, and other freedom fighters to gain our independence and to reclaim back the motherland.

But our glorious and patriotic history teaches us a valuable lesson – ‘We are free only till we stay united’! We must understand the importance of unity in preserving freedom. The day we lose our unity we would be compromising our freedom once again.

So, this Independence Day, let us pledge to respect our unity and diminish any divisions of class, creed, religion, culture that is present among us. That would be the most befitting salute to the nation and millions those who sacrificed for it.

Thank You! Have a wonderful day!

Independence Day Speech 3

Hello, my dear friends, respected elders, and guests. We have gathered here to celebrate our 77th Independence Day. 76 years have been passed since the nation became free from foreign rule. British ruled India for almost 200 years and going through that period wasn’t easy at all.

We have learned the value of freedom, the hard way. History teaches us that the freedom that we enjoy today is priceless and cannot be equated with anything else. Freedom is symbolic of our free will and dignity. It is our pride and honor that we are actually celebrating today.

It is also a day to retrospect our patriotic past and remember those who have sacrificed their all to make the motherland free. It is only by honoring them and working towards an India of their dreams that we would be able to do justice to their sacrifices.

Celebrate we must, for the freedom was hard-earned and calls for a celebration. Nevertheless, it is also a time to do an analysis of our journey from 1947 to date. What have we achieved in these 76 years? Could we have done any better? If so, what were the reasons that hampered our progress? Learning from our past mistakes and rectifying them would be a befitting tribute to the nation and the people who died for it.

Most important of all – what collective measures we should now take, to leverage the nation on the path of progress and prosperity. What must be done to remove hunger, poverty and improve education, health, and other parameters?

Friends, the word ‘Independence’ has much more significance than just being free to elect the government and enjoy liberties granted and celebrates it every year. It is also about being free for choosing the future of the country; free to chart out a progress plan as the nation expects us to do.

The hope of millions of poor of India reflects in the deeds of its educated and elite class. We would be free in the true sense only when the land is free from poverty, illiteracy, and other social evils.

This Independence Day let us resolve to make our beloved motherland free of all her adversities, in the best possible way.

With this, I might wish to end my speech. May I request you all to cheer ‘Jai Hind’ on top of your voice!! Thank you All! You have been a great audience!

Independence Day Speech 4

Good morning respected Principal Sir, teachers, honorable guests, and friends. As you all know that it’s been 76 years since India gained independence in 1947. Every year on 15th August the country celebrates Independence Day with joy and patriotism. This is the reason why we have gathered here – to celebrate our 77th year of freedom.

Friends, as you all know that independence was gained after putting up a long persistent fight against the imperialistic regime. The life under a foreign rule had been tough and taught us many bitter lessons. It took almost 200 years of grappling with the autocratic regime, to push it out of our motherland.

A great amount of credit for this commendable achievement goes to our freedom fighters and political activists of the pre-independence era. The men and women, who made the freedom possible, gave their life to breathe in free air. Thousands of them didn’t live to see the day, but their resilience reflected in a thousand of others who carried their patriotic legacy.

Today, I won’t be talking much on – how freedom was achieved and the contribution of our freedom fighters. You are learned and well educated and know the history of India’s freedom struggle as the back of your hand.

Today, I rather chose to talk on what we can do, as the learned and educated elites of India, to respect the freedom and our freedom fighters.

 Celebrating Independence Day is very important to let our future generation carry the legacy of its glorious past, but, the sacrifice of our freedom fighters is something that needs to be honored every day and every moment of it.

How can we do that? We, people like me and you all, the educated elites, must take the responsibility of taking the nation on the path of progress, with complete sincerity and devotion. I think that would be the greatest honor we can do to our country and those who gave their life for it.

We must also take the responsibility of uplifting our underprivileged brothers and sisters, who face poverty and unemployment. Even, 76 years after independence there are millions, who sleep hungry on pavements and roadsides. They struggle to get even one square meal a day. In the splendor of celebrations let’s not forget about these brothers and sisters of ours.

The freedom that we so pridefully carry on our heads today also brings loads of responsibilities on our shoulders. Responsibility to rest not till the day when no brother and sister sleeps hungry; responsibility to see that every child is educated and nourished; responsibility to make sure that the Constitution is followed, in word and in spirit.

Our veteran political leaders and freedom fighters have envisioned an India free of any kind of discrimination among its people, as the Constitution states – Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and the Democratic Republic of India. It is our primary duty to uphold the dignity of the Constitution and make India the country as it states. Then only, we would be doing justice to the nation and the freedom that we enjoy.

Friends, Independence Day is more about taking up the charge of a progressive India, than to attend conferences, parades, and other celebrations. I’m not suggesting that we must always not celebrate.

We must celebrate as it is a day of great joy, but at the same time, we must also remember the responsibilities that freedom has bestowed upon us. Celebrate we must but at the same time contribute to the progress of the nation in the best way we can.

Let us pledge this Independence Day, that we would be upholding the theory of nation before self. I think that would be a true tribute to the nation and its freedom fighters.

With that, I might wish to end my speech. You all have been a wonderful audience. Thank You!!

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