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The population is one of the burning topics of not only India but also in the world. There are some places overpopulated in the world. Population Explosion means a continuous increase in the population of human beings in a particular region. It can be either in a city or a country.

Short and Long Essays on Population Explosion in English

You can be explored about population explosion through these well worded essays packed under words limit of 100 words, 250 words, 500 words and 600 words.

Population Explosion Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Population explosion refers to the massive increase in population.

2) Growing population is a matter of concern for the entire world.

3) India and China are the topmost populated country in the world.

4) Population is good until it goes out of control.

5) Overpopulation leads to several problems for people and the country.

6) Growth and economy of a country are majorly affected by population explosion.

7) Public awareness and government initiatives can help in controlling the population explosion.

8) Illiteracy and a decrease in mortality rate is the major reason for the increasing population.

9) Population explosion can raise unemployment, poverty, crime rate, etc.

10) Population control will help in the development of the country.

Essay 1 (250 – 300 Words) – Population Explosion


When population crosses its healthy limit then this condition is known as population explosion. In India population explosion is at its peak. India is now ranked 1st in population statistics. In India family planning is necessary to be enacted and Govt needs to take this issue very seriously. Earlier in 2019 population bill was proposed but it was never enacted like other bills.

A burning question

This issue has been raised since independence by many members of parliament and at times the bill was almost passed but few members voted against the bill. Thus the bill was discussed but never enacted. BJP MP Ravi Kishan, Nishikant Dubey etc proposed private bill of members to tackle the issue of population explosion.

Current Scenario of India

By Feb 2023, statistics proved that India has taken over China in population. India has 1.42 billion population and china which was ranked first earlier, has 1.41 billion population. Population explosion is one of the most discussed topic in parliament, currently.


We as citizen of India need to seriously think and take the responsibility to follow the rules of family planning. BJP MP Ravi Kishan said in parliament that if India wants to become VISHWA GURU, then we need to enact two child policy and family planning rules.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How to Control Population Explosion


India has been marked as one of the fastest developing countries. Development is good but it should have multiple dimensions. There should be growth but in certain terms. A nation’s development is decided in many ways like the economy, politics, education, trade, etc.

What is the Population Explosion

The drastic increase in population is termed as population explosion. The population is not bad but when it increases in an uncontrolled manner then it is not a good thing.

Every day thousands of children take birth and due to the development in the mortality rate, there is a drastic increase in population. Although, it is a good thing, in many ways, it has affected our population. India and China are the first two countries having the highest population and it is increasing day by day.

When the resources are less and people are more and they aren’t able to get the required things, then it is an alert, it directly affects the growth as well as the economy of the country. A nation will not be called developed unless people living there get basic facilities. These facilities are education, employment, proper food, and good living space. The population explosion directly affects all these factors.

How to Control Population Explosion

By Proper Advertisement: There should be proper advertisement of different birth control methods because there are many who don’t even know and many who feel shy to ask with someone. When there will be proper knowledge among people, they will think about it and will also use it.

Women Education: There are many parts of the nation where people do not focus on women’s education but it is necessary for many ways. An educated woman can think about her future she can make a decision and is helpful in many ways. Illiteracy is one of the major reasons behind overpopulation.

Some Government Initiatives: There are many countries that provide subsidies to the only first two children. Similarly, the central government also provides various benefits to the first two children only but this should be adopted everywhere. And the government should do a proper campaign to increase awareness among people.


Overpopulation is definitely a problem and is increasing day by day. It is quite true that the government should take certain majors still we should also try at our level. Colleges and other NGOs should organize different campaigns to promote awareness among people.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Population Explosion: Reasons and Drawbacks


When anything increases in a continuous amount in an uncontrolled manner then it is known as an explosion. When it is in terms of human beings then it is termed as population explosion. It is for the first time in the history of Homo sapiens that the population has crossed more than 5 billion; although there is a lot of difference between the sex ratio of man and woman.

Reasons behind the Population Explosion

There are various reasons behind the population explosion I have discussed some of them below:

The Decrease in Mortality rate: Due to the development in the medical sector, there is a decrease in the mortality rate. Although it is good in many terms but is also one of the major reasons behind the population explosion. In other words, we can say that the less the death rate will be the more the population will grow.

Illiteracy: Illiteracy is another reason behind the increased population as India is a country where more than 50% of the population hails from villages. Also, a country where girl child mirage, the killing of girl child is common and, in this scenario, there are very few who care for their daughter’s education. I can say that many women are still illiterate. So, they don’t understand the importance of family planning and don’t know much about birth control methods.

Lack of New Principles: There are many countries that have laws and rules for children. As people can’t have more than one or two children. There is nothing like this in India and as a result, people are free and they have many children.

Some Cultural Hierarchy: Sometimes families also have 5 children just because everyone needs a boy so they keep on having a child every year unless it is a boy. It is also one of the major reasons behind the killing of a girl child. The Patriarchal society has made boys superior although there is nothing special about boys. Still, the cultural belief is still alive in many localities and this is also one of the major reasons behind population explosions in our country.

Drawbacks of Population Explosion

Too much of anything is harmful either it is vitamins and minerals or population. They cause some imbalance in a society which is not good in many terms.

Poverty: India is a country where you can find a large number of poor. The more members will be in a family the more the family should earn and when they fail to manage things, it automatically hinders them to fulfil some basic needs. This leads to poverty. Although India is a developing nation there are many equally poor.

Unemployment: One of the main problems which can be easily seen. Nowadays there are very few jobs in comparison to the population. When more people will be unemployed it will automatically lead to poverty. There should be a balance in everything then only there is peace and harmony in a society.

Increase in Crime: We can say that poverty and unemployment are directly proportional to the crime. When people will not have money and not even any source of earning it, they will tend toward some negative acts. And nowadays you can daily read news of robbery or loot in the new paper. The crime rate is increasing day by day.


The population explosion has many drawbacks and there is nothing positive in it. We should bring a certain rule to control it. Although there are many benefits provided by the central government, still there are many who don’t even know about it. Various campaigns should be organized to develop awareness among people.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the present population of India?

Ans. The present estimated population of India is about 1.42 billion (in 2023).

Q.2 Which country has the world’s largest population?

Ans. India is the country with the world’s largest population (1.42 billion in 2023).

Q.3 What are the three factors that determine population growth?

Ans. The three factors that determine population growth are birth rate, death rate, and migration.

Q.4 Which state in India is most populated?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state of India.

Q.5 Which state of India is the least populated?

Ans. Sikkim with a population of 610,577 is the least populated state of India.

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