Essay on Importance of Forest

Forests are important entities bestowed upon us by nature. We are blessed to have provided with such a valuable asset. They are regularly providing us with food, wood, air to breathe, and other essential services. They also prove to be a home for several living organisms. Without forests, we cannot imagine our life and other activities, but the leading causes like deforestation and clearing are of great concern and should be reduced.

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Importance of Forest Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

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Essay 1 (250 Words) – Value of Forest to Living Beings

Importance of Forest

Forests are the best gift of nature provided to mankind. It provides space for living to many of the living organisms. Apart from this, we are availing a lot of benefits from the forests. Forests constitute different kinds of herbs, shrubs as well as trees. Many of them constitute to provide medicinal value.

We obtain a variety of timber products from our forests. Moreover, they are helpful in removing the pollutants in the air, thus helping in the reduction of air pollution.

So, the importance of forests are enlisted below:

  • Provide shelter and shade.
  • Provides air, food, fruits, timber and water, and medicine.
  • Act as a natural atmospheric purifier.
  • Helps in managing climate, soil erosion, and controlling noise pollution.
  • Helps in sustainability by managing biodiversity.
  • Provide people with employment benefits.
  • An important aspect of the environment, a reservoir of greenhouse gases.
  • Aesthetic value.


Forests are sole providers of various benefits to mankind. Therefore it is our responsibility to help in the reduction of activities which are leading to a reduction in the forest land. Since it provides us with different services and on the other hand we are benefitted too, then why are we forgetting our role in the protection of forests?

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Why do we Need to Conserve Forest


Forests are a place of dwelling for many of the living organisms. They are a unique blessing of nature to us. They provide to us with a lot of essential services which includes air, wood, shelter, shade, and different commodities. They play an active role in changing of climate, by regulating the mechanism of the water cycle. Since forests provide a home or shelter to many of the living organisms, therefore when the forest place is cut down or cleared for the agricultural land, these organisms suffer from the habitat loss, further the process leading to biodiversity loss.

Forests comprise of different varieties of organisms including birds insects and mammals. They are important as they are responsible for the pollination and dispersion mechanisms. Thus the forest is home to these group of habitants.

Why do We Need to Conserve Forest?

There are many aspects which provide us with the need to save our forests.

  1. They provide us with all essential requirements like food, air, wood, shelter to a diverse group of living organisms.
  2. They help in the prevention of soil erosion by binding up the mother earth.
  3. They are the purifiers of air around us.
  4. They are responsible for some climatic changes as well as rain and temperature regulation.
  5. They are helping in charging of water aquifers.
  6. Forests do contain some herbs (of medicinal value) which are used in making up medicines.

Effects of Deforestation

Man is continuously being driven by the race of development. Thus urbanization is favored. The forest lands are cleared up for the purpose of living and building up of industries. This act of human beings which is totally focused on development purposes is leading to the destruction and degradation of the forest land. Man has totally changed to a greedy one, without worrying about the future or nature. Thus the number of trees is being cut down on a daily basis.

This leads to a lot of climatic abnormalities, and an invitation to different disasters like floods and droughts.


Therefore the main focus should be on the need of conservation of the forest entity. It will give sustainability and fulfil our need without compromising the needs of our future generations. Man has continuously been active in obtaining the benefits from the environment, but in due course of time, forgot to return the same to the environment itself. This leads to an imbalance in a natural cycle. The emphasis on planting more and more trees should be laid down.

“Ped lagao – Vatavaran ko swacch banao”

“Plant more and more trees, making the environment pure to breathe”.

Essay on Importance of Forest

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Importance of Forest


Forest as the word strikes in our mind, suddenly there comes a picture of greenery and trees blooming with fruits and flowers. So coming to our definition forest is a wide area of land with different types of trees, herbs shrubs and bushes. Forests cover about 30% area over the globe.

Importance of Forest

Forests are an important feature provided to mankind by our mother nature. It provides us with different essential services and fulfills our needs. It is also a home to different living organisms and also too many of the tribes. Forests are of many types depending upon the climatic conditions and types of trees it constitutes of. It may be evergreen, deciduous, partly evergreen, dry, and tropical.

Forests are a source of employment for the masses. Many people are actively involved in directly or indirectly making their living by the forest products, either timber or non-timber products. So we can say along with providing up with the habitat, forests help in earning livelihood too. Some of the people also worship forests and the trees, they call it sacred grooves, so it can be stated that forests are of religious importance too.

Some of the points showing how forests are important to us in our life are enlisted below:

Ecological and Economical Importance

  • Productive – It provides us with a different type of food, fruits, as well as medicine. Apart from this it also provides us with timber which is the basic raw material for different finished goods. Timber is the raw material for the input of different industries.
  • Protective – It is a dwelling place for several living organisms as well as tribes. Therefore sustains the biodiversity too. It provides a home to about 80% of the terrestrial organisms. The floors of the forest have its own value, as it contains a lot of decomposers and saprophytes.
  • Social and Recreational – Provides us with a place for hanging up, as well as a soothing place and atmosphere for healing and medication.
  • Forest helps in the reduction of noise pollution by absorbing up the high noise levels of the vehicles.

Climatic Importance

  • Forests are responsible for the reduction of soil erosion, as the roots of the trees are helping in the proper binding of the surface layer of the earth, thus helping in prospering the fertility of the soil.
  • Forests help in managing the climate over a region as it actively helps in processing of the water cycle. It also helps in temperature regulation.
  • Forests regulate the running water, by absorbing it rather than allowing it to flow and get wasted. It helps in recharging of water aquifers by absorbing the flowing water.  Helps in reduction of water during floods.
  • Forests are playing the role of natural purifiers, by absorbing the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Forests are the second largest reservoir of carbon dioxide gas after the oceans. Thus playing a major role in the reduction in levels of global warming effects.

Factors Leading to Forest Degradation

  • Deforestation
  • Unplanned cutting up of forests for agricultural land.
  • Overgrazing
  • Increased demands for wood and fossil fuel.

Measures of Forest Conservation

  • Actively starting campaigns and making people aware of the scenario. Public participation should be enhanced.
  • Reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and wood by choosing some alternative.
  • Reforestation and afforestation policies.
  • Control on forest fires.
  • Sustainable use of forest products.


Forest is the resource which is of very much importance to human beings. It provides us with our basic entities; therefore it is continuously paying to us instead of gaining anything from us. We are and always will be in debt to our mother nature. We should take a step forward in conserving our forest resources. Today they are available, but in future, if they get depleted, then we will be only the sole sufferers.

A man along with nature is a beautiful creation of this nature. Nature as well as a human being is totally interdependent. Trees are the beauty of our environment and ecosystem. We need to protect them for the survival of every organism. The proper forest and forest product management policies must be implemented, along with punishments and penalties for ones who are not following the same.

“Forests are life – Save this Entity”

“Van hi jivan hai”…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where are evergreen forests found on the earth?

Ans. Evergreen forests are found near the equator.

Q.2 When is International Forest Day celebrated?

Ans. The International Day of Forest is celebrated every year on the 21st of March.

Q.3 Where is 60,000 years old underwater forest located?

Ans. The 60,000 years old underwater forest is located in the Alabama State of USA.

Q.4 Which is the oldest rainforest in the world?

Ans. The Daintree rainforest is about 180 million years old is the oldest rainforest in the world.

Q.5 Which country in the world has the largest forest cover?

Ans. Russia is the country with the largest forest cover in the world.

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