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Patriotism is identified by a sense of responsibility and love towards the motherland and fellow citizens. The principle of service before self is eccentric to patriotism.

Short and Long Essays on Patriotism in English

I am giving below three essays of different word lengths for my readers.

Patriotism Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The feeling of love and respect for the country and its people is called patriotism.

2) A patriotic is a person that always chooses the nation before everything.

3) Patriotism is the devotion and attachment to the nation.

4) A true patriot can even sacrifice his life for the country.

5) Patriotism is a feeling that encourages people to contribute to the nation.

6) Honesty, bravery, and courage can be found in a patriotic person.

7) Patriotism is helpful in a country’s development and growth.

8) Patriotic citizen is respected everywhere.

9) Soldiers are the true patriot of our nation.

10) Patriotism helps to establish peace and harmony in society.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What is Patriotism and its Significance


Patriotism is a feeling that encourages service to the motherland as the utmost priority. Responsibility for the nation becomes more significant than one’s own personal life or issues. Patriotism in one line could be expressed as ‘service before self’ where service refers to the ‘service to the nation.’

Identifiers of Patriotism

There are some certain identifiers of patriotism. They are clear signs indicating the existence of patriotism in a person or in a community. Some of the most prominent identifiers are listed below –

  • Unconditional love for the nation.
  • A general concern for the state of fellow citizens.
  • Zeal to protect the nation from external threats as well as internal conflicts.
  • Unity among the masses belonging to different backgrounds, keeping in mind the larger interest of the nation.
  • A sense of accountability to the state of the nation.
  • A sense of service towards the nation and its people.
  • Upholding the principles of democracy and the rights of fellow citizens at all costs.

Significance of Patriotism

Patriotism is an important prerequisite for the progress of a nation, more significantly so for a nation as culturally diverse as India. It is patriotism that unites Indians belonging to different religions and cultures and compels them to work for the overall good of the nation and its people.

Patriotism unites people, who keep service to the nation before self and protect the rights of each other, upholding the principles of democracy.


Patriotism is at the core of national development. It unites people to defend their nation and also to work for its growth and prosperity.

Essay 2 (300 – 400 Words) – Patriotism and its Examples


The word ‘patriotism’ had been eccentric to the Indian freedom struggle, even long before that. It was patriotism that had united people from different backgrounds together. In this essay we will understand a simple definition of patriotism; some examples of patriotism and its significance.

Patriotism in Simple Words

In simple words, patriotism is a sense of responsibility, love, and respect towards one’s nation. It is also identified by a sense of unity as well as concern for other citizens. A patriot puts the nation first, before his/her own issues. It is identified by a deep sense of duty towards the nation even above self.

Examples of Patriotism

Indian freedom struggle is the best example of patriotism. When East India came to India, the latter was a disintegrated group of small to large kingdoms, having their own governance and rules.

Subsequent British atrocities and unjust trade policies instilled unrest among the original inhabitants of the continent. This unrest consequently led to a territorial unity arising more out of the need of the time than anything else.

Kingdoms and their subjects knew that they have to stay united if they ever have to fight the British out of their land. This developed the concept of one nation that is India and zeal to defend her freedom and the right of her inhabitants. This feeling of risking ones’ own life for the freedom of the nation and her people is nothing but patriotism.

The history of Indian freedom struggle is replete with many patriots who never gave it a second thought before sacrificing their lives and belongings for the freedom of the motherland.

Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai are few patriotic names that have given their all to the service of the nation.

Modern Day Patriotism

Patriotism today has become a broader concept than it was a century before. Today, patriotism is in participating in national development and taking part in national festivals, enthusiastically. It is not necessarily identified by fighting for the nation and for the rights of its people, but also by working for its improvement and ensuring the prevalence of democracy.


Patriotism is an essential requirement for democracy to be established and for it to be successful. India is a perfect example of how patriotism acts as the binding principle between different communities, who together participate in nation-building keeping the interest of the nation before self.

Essay on Patriotism

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Types and Qualities of Patriotism


Patriotism is a sense of love for one’s motherland and ethnic roots. There is much similarity between patriotism and nationalism, but the former includes a patriotic and unconditional love for the motherland. It is an ideology that inspires citizens to defend their motherland till their last breath.

Types of Patriotism

There are primarily two types of patriotism namely, blind patriotism and constructive patriotism, that we will discuss now.

  • Blind Patriotism

Blind patriotism is identified by a strong and assertive love for the nation and heritage, often compromising with human rights. Let us understand it with a simple example – Self-declared patriotic groups harassing couples at market places and parks, in the name of preserving the conservative culture of the land, is an example of blind patriotism. People of groups with blind patriotism; tend to think that their ideology is in the best interest of the nation, even if it sidelines the basic principles of democracy and human rights.

  • Constructive Patriotism

Unlike blind patriotism, constructive patriotism has democratic principles at its core. There is a feeling of oneness and a sense of responsibility towards fellow citizens. There is also an urge to contribute to the nation’s progress and growth as well as its safety. The concept of constructive patriotism is to put the interest of the nation before self. It is constructive patriotism that compels a soldier to defend his/her national borders as a primary duty. His/her own family comes after the service to the nation and its safety.

Qualities of Patriotism

There are few qualities of patriotism that are evident in the person or in the society. When we talk about the qualities of patriotism, it must be kept in mind that it is constructive patriotism that we are talking about. Following are some of the qualities of patriotism –

  • Love for the nation

Patriotism includes an undeniable love for the nation. There is a visible zeal in the person or community, for doing something for their motherland. It could be anything from defending territories to helping fellow citizens to take part in national activities.

  • Concern for Fellow Citizens

This is also an important quality of patriotism identified by a sense of responsibility and accountability towards fellow citizens. For example, a soldier defends the boundaries keeping in mind that he/she is defending the millions of families of fellow citizens. Similarly, a patriot will always long for helping fellow citizens in need. There is a general sense that the nation is not separate from its inhabitants and the interest of both needs to be protected.

  • Sense of Sacrifice

This is indeed the most important characteristic of patriotism. A true patriot never hesitates in sacrificing his/her own life to the service of the nation. There is even a sense of pride in sacrificing all for the nation. Patriots don’t repent their losses; rather they derive pleasure from the sacrifices.

  • Taking part in nation-building

You don’t necessarily need to be a soldier or a revolutionary to be a patriot. You can be a simple citizen engaged in his/her day to day activities, yet be patriotic. If you take part in nation-building activities, participate in national festivals, keeping always the growth of the nation and concern for fellow citizens, you too are very much a patriot.


Patriotism must be viewed together with unity, love for the nation and citizens, and also an urge to do something for the nation. It is not a separate entity but the inclusion of many nationalistic feelings and activities with the interest of the nation and its people at the core.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the root word of patriotism?

Ans. The word patriotism has been derived from the Latin word ‘Patria’ that means country.

Q.2 What should we do when the national anthem is being sung?

Ans. We should stand in attention whenever national anther is sung.

Q.3 How can we show our love for our country?

Ans. We can show love to our country by becoming good and responsible citizens of the nation.

Q.4 Which country in the world is stated as least patriotic?

Ans. East Germany is stated as the least patriotic country in the world.

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