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National Doctors’ Day is observed to honor the profession of doctors and their contribution to the healthcare industry. First National Doctor’s Day was observed in the United States in 1933, since then it has spread to other nations as well. There is no specific date for observation and it varies for every nation.

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National Doctors’ Day Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) India celebrates National Doctors’ Day on 1st July every year.

2) In India Doctors’ Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

3) Dr. Roy was a respected doctor and philanthropist who also served as the second CM of West Bengal.

4) This day is celebrated to honor all the doctors for their contribution to society.

5) Different nation celebrates Doctors’ Day on different dates.

6) The first Doctors’ Day was celebrated in 1933 by the United States.

7) Since 1991, India celebrates National Doctors’ Day.

8) Many events are organized in West Bengal on this day.

9) Every year Indian Medical Association decides on a particular theme for this celebration.

10) Hospitals organize many events like medical camps and free checkups on this day.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Celebration of National Doctors’ Day


In India, National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on 1st July on the birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who also served as the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. Mr. Roy was a highly respected doctor, philanthropist, and politician.

How is Doctors’ Day Celebrated?

Doctors’ Day is being celebrated in India since 1991. Government and non-government healthcare organizations, take the opportunity to thank doctors for their contribution.

Small to big events are organized in hospitals and clubs all throughout the country. As Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy hailed from West Bengal, the grand event is organized at the Doctors’ Day Rotary Club in the state capital Calcutta.

Hospitals in co-ordination with several non-government organizations arrange free medical checkup camps for the general public. Also, award and commemoratory events are held at several levels for the doctors.

How to Celebrate National Doctors’ Day

There are several ways for you to celebrate National Doctors’ Day as listed below-

  • Send a thank you card or flowers to your family doctor.
  • Go through the history of medical science and aware yourself with some legendary doctors.
  • Join a local event or host a small event yourself to honor doctors in your society.
  • Pledge to yourself that come what may, you will never dishonor the profession of a doctor.
  • Inspire others to respect and acknowledge the efforts of doctors in the overall well-being of society.


National Doctors’ Day is a very significant occasion both for the doctors as well as for the society they serve.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – When and How Doctors’ Day is Celebrated in India and Abroad


National Doctors’ Day is observed to honor and acknowledge the efforts made by the doctors to the society. Doctors are the brain and vital members of any healthcare system. There is no specific date of National Doctors’ Day and every nation observes it on different dates according to the local history or culture.

Doctors’ Day Around the World

The dates of the observation of National Doctors’ Day are different for every nation. However, the custom of celebrating a day dedicated to the doctors first originated in the United States by Eudora Brown almond. Thus began the tradition of observing National Doctors’ Day in the US on 30th March to commemorate the first anesthetic surgery conducted.

Brazil celebrates it on 18th October to commemorate the birthday of Saint Luke as celebrated by Catholic churches.

Likewise, every other nation has its own date for observing the day as in India it is observed on 1st July.

National Doctors’ Day – India

National Doctors’ Day is being observed in India on 1st July since 1991 when it was officially instituted by the Government of India. The date was chosen in honor of a legendary physician belonging to West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy also served as the second Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal and it is a coincidence that 1st July was also his death anniversary.

Apart from being a doctor, Mr. Roy was also a philanthropist, freedom fighter, and is considered the man who shaped modern Bengal. He was also among the very few individuals to obtain both F.R.C.S. (Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons) and M.R.C.P. (Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom) degrees simultaneously.

The Observation

Every year a theme for the observation is announced by the Indian Medical Association around which the events are organized. In 2019 the theme was “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”. It seeks to curb acts of violence against doctors by patients or their bereaved relatives.

Many events are organized by healthcare professionals to commemorate doctors and acknowledge their efforts and hard work.


National Doctors’ Day is a day to thank the doctors who work tirelessly for the society and remain on call 24/7. Without doctors, society would be plagued with diseases and soon end. It is essential that the efforts of doctors be applauded to inspire them and motivate them to tread pridefully on the path of service to society.

Essay on National Doctors Day

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Doctors’ Day History and Observance


National Doctors’ Day is observed by various countries across the globe on different dates to recognize the contributions made by the doctors to the healthcare industry and to the society as well. It is observed by the patients and other hospital staff to honor and acknowledge the efforts of doctors.

Doctors’ Day – History

At first, the idea of observing a National Doctors’ Day was proposed by Eudora Brown, the wife of Dr. Charles B. Almonds. The proposal was made in 1933 nearly a decade after Dr. Crawford Williamson Long conducted his first anesthetic surgery. The surgery was performed on 30th March 1842 on a patient named James Venable in Georgia. Dr. Long used ether as an anesthetic to successfully remove the tumor from the patient’s neck.

Eudora also proposed that the day be observed on 30th March, which is the birth anniversary of Dr. Long.

Further, the National Doctors’ Day gained popularity in the United States. On 10th May 1934, the Georgia State Medical Alliance adopted a resolution in this regard at a meeting in Augusta, Georgia.

Subsequently, the National Doctors’ Day was designated as a national holiday 30th October 1990 when President Bush signed a resolution S.J. RES #366 in this effect. In the resolution, it was mentioned to celebrate National Doctors’ Day on 30th March to honor Dr. Long.

In 2017 on the appeal of Dr. Marion Mass and Dr. Kimberly Jackson the Physicians’ Day was changed to the Physicians’ Week.

First Doctors’ Day

The first Doctors’ Day was observed in Winder, Georgia on March 28, 1933. Cards were mailed to the doctors and their wives. Deceased doctors were remembered and flowers offered to their graves. The Grave of Dr. Long was also offered flowers and respect was paid to him by the medical fraternity.

Dr. William Randolph and his wife hosted a dinner for doctors and reaffirmed their commitment to observe Doctors’ Day every year.

Observance Around the Globe

National Doctors’ Day is observed on different dates in several nations. A brief description of the observation and dates in some of the important nations is given below-

  • India

India celebrates National doctor’s Day on 1st July to commemorate the birth anniversary of renowned physician, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who also served as the second chief minister of West Bengal.

  • Canada

National Doctors’ Day is observed as National Physicians Day in Canada on 1st May. The date was chosen because it is the birth date of the first female physician to practice in Canada – Dr. Emily Stowe.

  • Australia

In Australia, National Doctors’ Day is observed on 30th March in the memory of Saint Luke who was also a doctor.

  • Kuwait

Kuwait celebrates National Doctors’ Day on 3rd March on the birthday of Dr. Sundus Al-Mazidi. The idea was brought up by her mother Zahra Sulaiman Al-Moussawi.

  • United States

National Doctors’ Day in the United States is celebrated on 30th March. The date chosen was the date when the first-ever anesthetic surgery was performed in America by Dr. Crawford Williamson Long on 30th March 1842.

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is celebrating Doctors Day since 1955 on February 28th; though, sometimes the date might closely vary.

  • Nepal

Nepal celebrates National Doctors’ Day on 4th March to commemorate the establishment of the Nepal Medical Association.


Doctors are very important members of society. They are in fact the only savior in the face of disease and pale health. Their effort in keeping society free from diseases and misery must be acknowledged. For ages, doctors have served the society in their own capacities and helped keep it healthy and happy.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on National Doctors’ Day

Q.1 When is National Doctors’ Day celebrated in India?

Ans. National Doctor’s Day every year is celebrated in India on 1st July.

Q.2 When did the celebration of doctors’ day begin in India?

Ans. The celebration of doctors’ day started in India in 1991.

Q.3 When was doctors’ day celebrated in the world for the first time?

Ans. Doctor’s day was celebrated in the world for the first time on 30 March 1933.

Q.4 Which country was the first in the world to celebrate doctor’s day?

Ans. The USA was the first country in the world to start the celebration of doctor’s day.

Q.5 Which is the highest award given in the field of medicine?

Ans. Lasker award is the highest award given in the field of medicine.

Q.6 Who was the first female doctor in India?

Ans. Anandi Gopal Joshi was the first woman doctor of India.

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