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The School library is the place which is most planned, peaceful as well as relaxing, meant for reading books and informative materials to gain knowledge. It has a good collection of books related to various topics. Its main objective is to develop the habit of reading in students. It is helpful for staff, teachers, and children of the school.

Short and Long Essays on My School Library in English

Following well-worded essays will help you for sure to know more about a school library.

My School Library Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Library is a place that stores a variety of books.

2) My school has a big library, situated near the auditorium.

3) Our class visits the library once a week.

4) Various storybooks, novels, comics, etc are present in our library.

5) I eagerly wait for the library period because I love reading storybooks.

6) My school library has a large table to sit and read surrounded by bookshelves.

7) When we get any assignments, we use books from our library.

8) I also spend my free periods in school library.

9) We can also issue books from the library for a few days.

10) In my school library, we all are requested to maintain pin-drop silence.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My School Library


Schools are a temple where we do learn so many things about our personal, professional, and social life. Every school has its own library meant for children from kindergarten to 12th standard. The library contains different types of books and provides a suitable environment for reading.

My School Library

My school has a big library with a large collection of books related to various disciplines. We have our library period twice a week. Every class has a library period in their weekly schedule. I am fond of going to the library as I am able to read my favorite storybooks. My school library is decorated nicely. It is a large hall, fully ventilated, and properly lighted. There is a big seating place meant for students in middle. We all usually sit in rows. The books are arranged around the sitting place.

We have two people in our library one caretaker and a librarian. Miss librarian is a lady with sweet nature. Whenever we ask for any of the books, she smiles and gives the book to us. Different English and Hindi newspapers, current affairs, and magazines are also available in the library for reading. We can issue most of the books from our library, except which has a label of could not be issued. They are meant for reading in the library itself. The books we issue have to be handled with proper care. If the book is damaged, lost, or return delayed then we are charged a fine.


The library is a necessary entity of a school. It helps the children to gain knowledge by reading books there only or by borrowing them for studying.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My School Library


A library is a place that has a good collection of books and educational materials. It is a place where one can get access to various books and informative materials. Schools are provided with libraries to benefit the students with reading and knowledge. The library is a storehouse of knowledge for the students and staff in the schools. It is necessary for children to visit the library when scheduled. It provides them with the knowledge of different topics and developing vocabulary. It also helps in the overall development of the student.

About my School Library

I am studying in one of the missionary schools. My school has two libraries for students. One is meant for the students from kindergarten to class 5th. The other one is for the students from 6th to 12th students. Both libraries are well built. I am studying in class 8th. My library is beautifully designed with lively walls and interiors. It has windows all around making the room airy. We seat in groups according to the seating arrangements. We call our librarian a sister. She distributes us different books to study. She takes a 15 min class on health and hygiene.

We study various books in our library during our library period. We can also borrow books for studying. I use to borrow novels and several storybooks. I love reading the Enid Blyton series. There is also a facility for searching and reading books online. We have a space called a cyber hub in our library itself. We can read books online and also print them. There is a creative space in our library where we can paste our written poems or small stories. Many students paste their poems and drawings over there.

Arrangement of Books and Informative Materials in our Library

Each student during the library period can read two books. We can get the books by selecting them from the almirah. The catalog is mentioned on the almirah for different subjects. It helps us in locating the books we require. There is an almirah that contains the books only to be read by the teachers. Along with books, we can also read magazines, newspapers, and news digests. They are kept on the big table which is placed in the center of the library.


I have a habit of reading novels and storybooks so I also visit the library in my free periods. It is a place that provides me with complete silence and to read peacefully.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My School Library


The School library is meant for providing the students to attain knowledge and availability of various books. I think every school must have a library with a good collection of books and informative materials. This will be beneficial for both students and teachers of the school.

Description of My School Library

My school is having a huge library with a vast collection of books. It is located on the top floor of the school. On the top floor of my school, there is only our library and a hall. The library is fully air-conditioned and decorated with motivational quotes and pictures. The library is divided into two sections.

One section is filled with properly arranged books in the almirah having proper catalogs subject wise. The other section is the seating place which contains comfortable chairs and tables. When we enter our library period we see that books are distributed in our reading places. There is a counter made for borrowing and returning the books.

In Charge of our Library

There is a person who takes care of our library and serves us in the library called the librarian. Our librarian is very gentle. She helps us with finding different books. She has the knowledge of different books where they are kept. She manages the library very well along with one helper. She also issues us the books we want to borrow. She also has the duty to charge a fine from us when we make a delay in returning the books or if the book is damaged. She sometimes explains to us the benefit of reading.

The Environment of the Library

Our school library is full of liveliness and peace. We usually observe that ‘silence please’ is written in the library. I often visit my library for reading purposes as I find our library as one of the suitable places. Different students and teachers are reading books and doing their work in a peaceful environment. While reading books I always get lost in my imagination as I usually read storybooks. I find the library environment soothing and quiet, best for reading.

Purpose of the School Library

There is the utmost need for a good library in the schools. It helps the students of the school in many ways.

  • It inculcates the habit of reading in the students. From a young age in schools, a child must be taught to read in the library. As a kid, a child finds the library an interesting place and gets to learn a lot from there. Small children are fascinated to read storybooks full of pictures and the library helps in providing the same.
  • It provides a peaceful and relaxing environment along with various collections of books to a student for studying inside the premises.
  • There are some of the students who are poor and could not afford to get all the books. The school library serves them with the books of their need.
  • During examinations, students need different books to study. They are benefitted by the libraries in the school as it contains several reference books.
  • School libraries provide students with the facility of getting information about the different subjects on one platform.


Reading books is a good habit. Due to the development of several technologies, the habit of reading is reduced in students. The School library is helping in the development of reading in students. In the library, students can read other informative materials like current affairs, magazines, and newspapers which make them aware of day-to-day activities. The library is a knowledge hub for the students and teachers of the school.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the root word of the library?

Ans. The word library has been derived from the Latin word ‘liber’ that means book.

Q.2 Who is regarded as the father of the library?

Ans. S.R. Ranganathan is regarded as the father of the library.

Q.3 Which is the largest library in India?

Ans. The National Library of India located in Kolkata is the largest library in India.

Q.4 Which is the oldest library in Asia?

Ans. Saraswathi Mahal Library is the oldest library in Asia.

Q.5 When is National Library Day is celebrated in India?

Ans. National Library Day is celebrated every year on the 12th of August in India.

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