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School carnival is an event that every school organizes once a year or twice. This is a package of full entertainment with encouraging activities, delicious food items, and several programs. There are many schools that organize this event only for enjoyment and fun, but many organize this event with a motive behind it.

Short and Long Essays on My School Carnival in English

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My School Carnival Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) School carnival is the must needed break from our daily academics.

2) Every school organizes a carnival to encourage students in other curricular activities.

3) Every year I eagerly wait for my school carnival.

4) Our school organizes a carnival in the month of July.

5) We start preparing for the carnival a week before.

6) I always participate in various activities held during the carnival.

7) Our school also organizes food stalls which I love the most.

8) Different games with prizes are the loveliest part of this fete.

9) Many students prefer volunteering and helping teachers.

10) Every student and teacher feels excited for the carnival.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My School Carnival


School carnival is one of the fests which is organized by the collaboration of teachers, Children, and staff of the school. This is the best way of relaxing from the daily routines of school. It can also be called the break to the student from the academic studies and routine.

Every school organizes a school carnival once during the year. Some of the schools arrange this carnival for a special cause while others organize the event for fun and break. This event involves the efforts of teachers and children to make it a successful one. Arrangement of the school carnival requires proper planning and better execution.

My school Carnival

My school also organizes a carnival in the month of November. People in the nearby areas of the school are invited. Our parents are specially invited to attend the carnival. There are many stalls set up by the student and teachers of all sections. The stalls are lined up according to different classes. There are food stalls and game stalls. There is a lot of hustle and bustle on the carnival day. Parents enjoy the carnival very much. Students of different classes are busy helping their teachers till the end of the carnival. There are winning prizes for the best stalls in the carnival. The stalls which have the best collection of money are awarded.


We enjoy ourselves a lot at our school carnival. We invite our friends to our school and have a lot of fun. All children including me wait for this day eagerly.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – School Fete: a Great Day to Enjoy with Family and Friends


There are some of the events organized by the school which is meant for making students relax from the daily routine of study. It also helps in the overall development of the student as it requires a presentation of the skills of the students. One such event arranged in our school is my school’s fete.

About My School Fete

Every year on 14th November on the occasion of children’s day, our school organizes a fete. We are excited about this event and wait for this day to arrive soon. This event is held in the playground of the school, which is located at the back of our school premises. The preparation for this event is started two weeks before the event date. We have to contribute an amount to our class teachers.

The participation of students is necessary to make the event a successful one. Some students who are interested in volunteering are selected for volunteers. Many of them are selected to help the teachers in the stalls. The event is started with the ribbon-cutting ceremony by the chief guest and his speech. There are many stalls set up in the fest. Some of them have various games and a quiz. Others are serving with a variety of food and snacks.

Invitations are sent to our parents for giving their presence at the event. The stalls are set according to the classes. The parents visit the stalls put up by their wards along with other stalls too. The students and teachers are busy with the different activities of the stall till the end of fete. I enjoy the different snacks and foods in the school’s fete with my friends and parents. Some of my friends are not from my school but on this day we all gather and enjoy the day.

School Fete is a Great Day to Enjoy with Family and Friends

A school is a place meant to study and gain knowledge. Generally, we have most of our school days loaded with a busy schedule of studies or exams. There are few days which are celebrated or an event is organized. School fete is an event that gives us relaxation from the busy study schedule and provides entertainment. The idea of school fete fills our eyes with a spark.

I really enjoy this day with my friends and parents. We play many games and enjoy the taste of a variety of food items. My parents also attend this event by taking out time from their busy schedules.


The events like school fetes must be regularly organized in our schools because it provides an opportunity to the students to present their skill and creativity.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My School Carnival: Activities and Importance


The word carnival itself means enjoyment and fun. A school carnival is an event that is organized by the school for its students, families, and visitors. This is the day that makes the students and teachers get rid of the daily schedule and enjoy the day. This event has a greater contribution to students, teachers, and staff. They put their efforts to make this event successful. Students do not have to carry their school bags and books on that day.

I Love My School Carnival

I am studying in a mission school. Our school carnival is held in February. This is the best time for organizing this event as we can enjoy it before the commencement of our exams. This event is considered to be the last event of the academic year for us. Our school organizes this event every year with a motive. The school management has to raise funds for education and helping poor people. They collected a massive amount and donated it to poor people. The school had a noble cause behind arranging this event and therefore many people visited the fest.

Different Activities in our School Carnival

The starting of the carnival takes place with a welcome dance and speech of the principal. Some reputed personalities are invited as our chief guests and the inauguration of the carnival is done by the chief guest only.

Many stalls are set by different classes. There were twenty-five stalls in our school carnival. Twelve were related to games and the rest thirteen had a variety of food and snacks. There were many games like fishing, shooting, etc. The food items in the stalls had the dishes of different states of India. At one place we can get the taste of different states. The students of the higher standard had stalls with computers and video games. At the end of the day, the best performing stall is awarded some prize money or gift hamper.

School Carnival – The Result of Proper Planning and Co-ordination

There is proper planning before the event to be organized. Several teams are made to handle different activities and are headed by the team in charge. Few teachers handle the responsibility to check the proper execution of the plan. Teachers of various classes choose the students for their help. Many students are chosen as volunteers. The discussion about different ideas for activities is carried out by teachers and the best ones are finalized.

Importance of the School Carnivals

The school carnival involves the participation of the students, teachers, and staff. These carnivals would not be possible without their combined effort. This fest inculcates a lot of values in children.

  • Helps in Refreshment – The organization of the carnival gives a break to students from their daily academic routine. They can enjoy and get refreshments.
  • Teamwork – Students learn to work in a team. Each and every team has been assigned different work. The students get experience working in a team and learn to trust each other.
  • Responsibility – The work is full of responsibility. It is necessary that work given to any student has to be completed on time. This helps the student to understand the real meaning of responsibility.
  • Dedication – The students working in the fest do their work with proper attention till the end to make the event successful. This shows their dedication to the work. They get inspired and further apply the concept in their life.
  • Students get an opportunity to present their talents – There are many students who are good at poster making, singing, dancing, etc. These students get a chance to present their talents to the public in the carnival.
  • Brings students closer to their teachers – In the carnival students and teachers are working together to give their best. In this way, the students become franker to their teachers and teachers also get a chance to understand the students.


The school carnival brings a feeling of joy and entertainment. Parents also get a chance to get entertained and refresh themselves by visiting the carnival with their children.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by carnival?

Ans. The act of and merrymaking by organizing any event or fest is called carnival.

Q.2 What is the root word of carnival?

Ans. The word carnival has been derived from a Latin expression ‘Carne vale’ which means farewell to meat.

Q.3 Which city in the world has the largest carnival celebration?

Ans. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the city of the largest carnival celebration in the world.

Q.4 How is school carnival good for students?

Ans. School carnival gives refreshment to the students from the monotonous schedule of studies.

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