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“Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, and Knowledge makes you great”. These lines had been said by our former president and great scientist Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam focusing on the importance of knowledge. It is the power of knowledge that made human beings become civilized and work for their betterment from an uncivilized early man.

Short and Long Essays on Knowledge in English

Knowledge is considered to be the greatest wealth of human beings that help in attaining success which in turn makes the society and nation progress. Hope these essays will be useful for you.

Knowledge Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Knowledge is man’s greatest asset.

2) Knowledge is important to decide good and bad for ourselves.

3) Knowledge helps people to attain success.

4) Time and experience are the major sources of knowledge.

5) We need knowledge for performing every task in our life.

6) Books, education, and people help us to acquire knowledge.

7) Knowledge helps in developing a good personality.

8) Knowledgeable people are respected everywhere.

9) Knowledge is the base of invention and development.

10) Knowledge grows by sharing, so we should always make positive use of our knowledge.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Knowledge


Knowledge can be defined as the facts and information that a person comes to learn in his whole life. Different people have different levels of knowledge. Knowledge is mainly concerned with what we see and recognize.

What is Knowledge?

We try to know about different things and that tendency to know and learn about different things, events, or phenomenon is called knowledge. Knowledge about anything helps us in understanding things from our own perspective. The main aspect is that we should know about that thing.

Knowledge helps us in understanding the difference between right and wrong. We learn and acquire knowledge throughout our life. The knowledge acquired is based on experience. People who have lived for more years have more access to everything. They have attained the information as a result of their experience. We can judge a person’s knowledge by the way it is applied in any situation. We can be called knowledgeable if we have information about most things.

People who are having knowledge can understand the problems in a better way and further by the power of their understanding can find out the solution. Merely having knowledge about anything does not mean that we can get success in that field. It depends upon this thing that how we are applying the same. A person without knowledge is unable to understand many things. Knowledge helps us in calculations, solving puzzles, riding a bike, driving a car, etc.


Knowledge makes a person act sensibly and wisely. It helps a person in the development of his personality.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Knowledge is a Lifelong Process and Leads to Inventions


Knowledge is like an ornament. As ornament adds beauty, the same way knowledge makes us wise and adds beauty to our personality. Knowledge is attained by experience. It depends on us whether we have the capability of learning or not. When we have information about anything then only we can further make the judgment. Debates, group interactions, people around us, and several books are different ways by which we can acquire learning and enhance our knowledge.

Knowledge is a Lifelong Process

Knowledge is not acquired at an instant. The whole life we learn and gain knowledge. Knowledge increases day by day. We work on the process of learning to gain more knowledge. We should have a good reading habit to get new ideas and information. The application of our knowledge in the right direction leads us to become successful. We must keep our senses open to perceive and learn different things from our surroundings.

Knowledge is the greatest wealth that one can have. It cannot be stolen neither it fades; instead, it increases day by day. It makes us understand different things, and therefore we can differentiate between right and wrong. Children do not know everything by birth but slowly and slowly learn different activities. Many of us have studied from different subjects but in reality, we do not have good knowledge about the subject. The people with good knowledge are successful in life as they are humble and helping in the same way as a tree overloaded with fruits bends down showing modesty and respect.

Knowledge can Lead to Inventions

The knowledge we possess is turned to the invention is applied in a better way. The different technologies, machinery, and the development we see around us are the results of the application of knowledge or ideas of human beings. We are blessed to have a brain that differentiates us from animals. We have the ability to think, speak, and remember many things in our life. Education is one of the ways to gain knowledge. The development of interest in any particular aspect makes us find more information about that thing. Further, if the information is used up by human beings wisely in a creative manner will lead to the betterment of the society and nation.


Knowledge is a valuable asset to mankind. Knowledge helps people in achieving the goal of their life along with the inculcation of moral values. The people who are learned help in the betterment of society and nation and are respected by all.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Knowledge: Source, Advantages and Disadvantages


Knowledge is basically what one learns and understands in their daily life. Every one of us performs several activities in our daily life. We learn about those activities and understand them well, this is also the knowledge. The level of knowledge depends upon our age experience and profession. The perspective of a scientist will be different from a student and a normal person. Knowledge helps in the building of our personality and helps us in getting a good profession.

Source of Knowledge

Knowledge is not attained in one day but it is a lifelong process. People keep on learning about different things from birth until death. There are many sources from where we can get a lot of information and hence it will help us in the process of constant learning and gaining knowledge.

  • The group interaction, discussion, and communication with our family members and friends will help us to get more information on different topics. Each of us thinks differently and therefore has a different perspective of learning. Therefore when different people are expressing their views and ideas on one platform we can learn many new things from them.
  • The most preferred option for learning nowadays is the internet. Many students and people are dependent on the internet to get information about anything. The Internet provides updated information on any topic. People find the internet as an easy source of learning.
  • Books, articles, newspapers, and magazines are also an aid to provide knowledge about different subjects. This also helps us in knowing the current affairs in chronological order.
  • Teachers and parents are the ones who teach us moral values along with different subjects. Parents are the first teacher of the students and a child learns all the basic activities from their parents. In schools, the teacher is responsible for the all-round development of an individual.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Knowledge

Everything has both positive and negative effects. In the same way, knowledge has many of the better impacts but negative too. The whole thing depends upon the way it is utilized and applied. The advantages and disadvantages of knowledge are enlisted below:

  • Knowledge helps us in the building of our personality. The knowledge about different things will help in becoming a better person in society.
  • Knowledge helps us in identifying right and wrong. If we have knowledge then only we can figure out about anything.
  • Knowledge helps us in achieving our goal. It helps us to become doctors, scientists, engineers, artists, etc, in this way we are helping in the progress of our society and nation.
  • Knowledge helps in the removal of the darkness of illiteracy.
  • If we have proper knowledge or information about anything, then we can talk efficiently on that topic. We can also help others in understanding the topic. This reveals that knowledge helps in building up our confidence.
  • Knowledge helps in learning different skills which in turn will help us to get better employment opportunities.
  • The knowledge that has been gained by continued efforts when applied positively leads to the development of the nation.


  • The positive application of knowledge is beneficial but if the same knowledge is used in a negative way will lead to destruction and loss. There are many people who have good knowledge about many things but they are making their ideas to work negatively which is dangerous for humanity. The manufacturing of weapons and their use for mass killing is the negative use of knowledge. This is leading to the loss of lives of innocent people.

Practice Reading to Gain Knowledge

The regular habit of reading benefits us with different ideas, facts, and information. Reading also helps in the building of our vocabulary which is also the enhancement in our knowledge. It is necessary to inculcate the habit of reading in students from a very young age. It will be beneficial to them as they will develop the capability of problem-solving and recognizing the facts from the very beginning.


Knowledge helps us in correlating things that bring in us a better understanding. Knowledge remains with us throughout our life and makes us better human beings.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by knowledge?

Ans. Knowledge is to know or understand something by studying or experience.

Q.2 What is the root word of knowledge?

Ans. The word knowledge has been derived from the Greek word Gnosis which means knowing through observation.

Q.3 What is the philosophical study of knowledge called?

Ans. Epistemology is the name given to the philosophical study of knowledge.

Q.4 How is knowledge beneficial for us?

Ans. Knowledge makes us intelligent and increases our problem-solving capability.

Q.5 How is knowledge dangerous?

Ans. Knowledge applied in a negative way becomes dangerous for society and the nation.

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