Essay on My Favourite Subject

There are many subjects which are equally important as well as informative. Among all subjects, each one of us chooses one subject as our favorite subject. The favorite subject is one for which we have an interest and enjoy studying. We do not get bored with that instead we want to study it regularly.

Short and Long Essay on My Favourite Subject in English

Essay on My Favourite Subject for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short My Favourite Subject essay 10 lines.

My Favorite Subject Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I like all the subjects but I love English more.

2) The teacher who teaches me English is very kind and helpful.

3) This subject teaches me how to talk in English.

4) Learning this subject helps me to express myself more clearly.

5) Learning grammar and tense is really exciting.

6) This subject also helps me to improve my vocabulary.

7) Different stories and lessons attract me to this subject.

8) I love reading English poems and also try to write some.

9) The dramas in this subject make my imagination stronger.

10) English is a global language and thus will help me communicate everywhere.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My Favourite Subject: English


There are many subjects we study in our school curriculum but every student has an interest in studying and exploring a particular subject.

My favorite subject among all subjects is English. When I was studying in the primary section then only I loved to study English, as the book was filled up with different interesting stories. We had two books of English up to class 8th. Further, we had one book containing drama. We have separate teachers for teaching us grammar and literature. I eagerly wait for the period of English.

Why English is my Favourite Subject?

The subject of English helps me in increasing my vocabulary and reading capability. I am fond of reading stories and poems and later on, I use to write it all in my own words. We also have our assignments. We have to perform skits or presentations on the provided topic. I choose to perform a skit and always did the role of the narrator. English is a subject that helps me in improving my writing skills. I wrote many small stories based on my imagination and my story was published in our school library collection. My love for this subject gave me good English speaking ability.

In the future, I want to become a professor of English in any of the central universities. For this, I have to reveal this subject from every angle. The literature part of English is my priority. I can deliver good speeches on any occasion in my school because of my love for this subject.


The subject of English is helping in personality development and enhancing the communication skills of an individual. I love this subject as it is simple and helps us in getting good job opportunities.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My Favourite Subject: History


As a student, we have many subjects to study. The subject which I love to study and find the most interesting is History. So I can say that history is my favorite subject. I always score good marks in this subject.

My Views for Choosing History as my Favourite Subject

According to me, history is a subject that gives us an idea about our past, revolutions that took place, and important events. It would help me in ending my curiosity to know about many things and at the same time would increase my curiosity to know more.

The teaching style of my History teacher is brilliant. She teaches us by connecting each and every event. She makes a flow chart on board and further explained each event in the form of a story. This has made the study easier and interesting. I can remember each and every event date-wise. This is one of the reasons why I started developing an interest in the subject. I also have the aim of qualifying for Union Public Service Commission exams and history would be helping me a lot in updating me with several historical facts and events.

Specialty of This Subject

This subject provides us with inspiring stories of great leaders of our nation and world. We can know about the story of the great warriors, kings, and their dynasties. History helps us to know our evolution.

There are several things we can learn from our past. We can deduce an idea after going through the life history of successful people, that what things we should do and what not to get success in our life. We have come to know about the existence of several civilizations from history only. History reveals our culture and heritage. I love traveling to different places and learn about historical monuments. Many times we had a study tour from our school side and my teacher would take us to the places having their historical importance.

I was much interested in knowing about what had happened in our past, how people led their lives earlier, what tools and devices they used, how they traveled, and many more questions. I am able to know about the story of the freedom fighters and their involvement in making our country an independent nation. There are many branches of History but I love reading ancient history. It gives knowledge about the Vedas and great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.


I love History as my favorite subject. I am having an interest in revealing and understanding the happenings which took place in the past. I also have a good collection of books related to the subject of History.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Favourite Subject: Science


We have to study different subjects when we are in school and college. It happens that we perform well in many subjects but each one of us has a liking for any one subject. This also helps us in making our way clear to achieve our aim.

My favorite subject is Science. I especially love the Biology and Physics branches of science. I have a great liking for this subject. During school hours I wish that all seven periods would continue with the same subject. I may skip other periods but never miss my science classes. I love to do practicals related to the subject. Understanding any concept or process by practical approach is the best thing I love about science subjects. Everything has a proper logic behind it.

Science as My Passion

Since my father also had a great interest in the subject of science, he taught me to observe things and different phenomenon in our surroundings. When I started studying science I was fond of this subject. The subject is full of innovation and experiential learning. There are reasons which make this subject an interesting one.

Science is a subject which explains the different activities taking place. Science is involved in each and everything we do. It is a subject that does not require rote learning but grasping the concept. Every phenomenon which is happening has a reason behind it; science is providing an explanation to it. I am very keen to find about various diseases in humans and animals and their causal agents. I love practically observing any phenomenon or process.

Different science quiz competitions and debates were organized by our school. I always participate in the competition but could not win every time. We also have a science exhibition on our school campus. Many times I have been rewarded for the best project award. I used to score the highest marks in science from the 5th class onwards.

Science – My Favourite Subject

  • Science is a subject that is full of interest, fun, and logic.
  • It requires practical work along with theoretical knowledge to know better about any topic or activity.
  • Science is included in our daily activities.
  • Science helps me in understanding the environment and letting us know about its existence and working.
  • Science has the capacity to give solutions to different problems.
  • Science develops in us the capability of critical thinking which in turn enhances the understanding power of any individual.
  • Since I want to become a doctor in the future so according to my perspective science has contributed a lot in the medical field, and is regularly thriving for better results.
  • I am a person with immense curiosity to find out the reason behind any process or work. The process is connected with the concept which lies in science. I could not simply accept the things in the way they are presented but is eager to know why the same is happening. This made me develop an attraction to science.

Nowadays we could see various problems related to climate, health, and pollution are becoming a serious issue. The solution to these problems could be only possible by the regular researches and discoveries made in the field of science.


All subjects are store-house of knowledge. The subject we like to study and know about it becomes our favorite. We love to find out more related to that particular field. Science is a subject that is based on logic. We need to carry on experimentation to get an inference. I love studying this subject. I find difficulty in simply learning about anything but understanding and getting the concept is easy for me and hence science is my favorite subject.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who is regarded as the father of mathematics?

Ans. Archimedes is regarded as the father of mathematics.

Q.2 Why are experiments essential in science subjects?

Ans. Experiments are required to prove and test the scientific theories and thus are essential in science.

Q.3 Are all subjects equally important?

Ans. Yes, all the subjects have their own importance and we must focus equally on every subject.

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