Speech on New Education Policy

Schools are usually one of the boring spots for children but now the scenario is going to change. Schools are going to be one of the best places for children. The way of education is going to change and we will witness some beneficial changes that will be helpful in the development of India. I have brought here some sets of speeches and hope you will like it. 

Short and Long Speeches on New Education Policy

Speech 1 – New Education Policy

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers, and my dear friends; very good morning to all of you, today on the occasion of National Education Day and I got an opportunity to say a few words about our new education system.

National Education Day is celebrated every year on the 11th of November in the memory of our first Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He was the first person to design our education system and it was updated frequently. It was 1965 when our first Education policy was introduced. After this, in the year 1986, it was changed for another time. Then in the year 2020, we got our new education policy.

This policy is different and interesting in many ways. It will encourage children to go to school and there is also a plan of including 10 bag-less classes. The new education system is not about gaining bookish knowledge but it is all about acquiring knowledge.

It will focus on the skills and interests of the student. The new structure of education has been designed as 5+3+3+4 starting from preschool. Now preschool will also be a part of school education. Students are also free up to class 5 to learn any language of their choice. They will not be forced to learn English or Hindi which are compulsory these days.

Thank You!

Speech 2 – New Education Policy: The New India

Respected Principal Sir, my dear Teachers, dear brothers, and sisters; good morning everyone. I, Rashi of class 5, am going to say a few words on the new education policy. I know many of you are excited to know more about this policy.

Our new education policy was announced on 29th July 2020. It was a day of joy on many faces to witness such a versatile and creative education policy. The Education Ministry that was further known as the Ministry of Human Resource Development was working for 4 years to develop this policy. The committee was formed under former Cabinet Secretary T. S. R. Subramanian.

This education policy governs the interest of students and learning is going to be a part of the fun. There is no barrier for students what they want to read or learn. They will be provided with different opportunities and a school will help them to develop their skills. Up to class 4 students will be allowed to develop their interest and once they develop their interest, they will be given proper education from class 5.

There is no language barrier, and students are free to learn their mother tongue up to class 5, and afterward, they can learn any language as per their interest. In the new education policy, the 10+2 system has been changed into 5+3+3+4. Now the graduate programs will be of 4 years.

There is also a plan of ‘education vacation’ as students can drop their studies in between. Sometimes it becomes necessary for students to take a gap, either due to health issues, family problems, or due to carrier. So, there is also a scheme of providing a diploma or certificate as per years completed in college. This is really a very good step and I think will help many of us.

Overall, I would like to say that the new education system is helpful in many ways and is student-friendly. Now studies will not be a burden for any of us and it will also help us to focus on what we really like to do.

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Speech 3 – New Education Policy: A Wave of Change

Good Morning everyone, learnet teachers and my dear students. As we know we have our new education policy and there is a lot to know about it. So, today in my speech I will give you some glimpses of our new education policy and I am sure you will find it helpful.

Change is a part of life and it is good in many ways, although we feel sad and attached to a specific place or thing, change is an eternal part of life and one should always keep on learning and changing.

After leaving our schools, we visit a college and this change is good because it helps us to learn new things. Similarly, the change is new but will definitely help students. It has been more than 30 years since we were following the same education pattern. As per time, there should also be a change in our education system because it is all about learning and acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is something that deals with information and helps us to become successful in our life.

Now the classroom will not be a boring place and the new education policy focuses on learning and developing interest. In the starting years of school, there will be no annual exams; students will be tested only by some assessments. The education structure has been changed from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4. Higher education will be based on interest rather than availability of course.

Apart from students, there is also a change in the recruitment process of teachers. Now the teacher’s recruitment will be based on 4 years B.Ed program and also different training facilities will be organized for teachers. 

Now students will not be forced to read Hindi and English on a compulsory basis. A student can learn either his mother tongue or any regional language up to class 5. This will also protect the existence of some rare languages in India. Now it is time to focus on self-development and growth. The main target of the government through this education policy is to develop India as a superpower.

Now all the colleges will conduct a joint entrance exam twice a year. Students can also leave their college education in the middle. If a student completes only one year of college and leaves the course due to any reason then he will be provided a certificate of the course. The new education policy advocates the study gap due to any reason.

Although we got this new education policy this year, the process started in the year 2015 itself. There was a committee developed under the Cabinet Secretary T. S. R. Subramanian. Many suggestions were received and finally, in 2019 a panel by Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan (former scientist of ISRO) submitted their reports and various discussions were held and this education policy was finally passed.

We are thankful to our government to take such a courageous step in the education sector. It will definitely work as a milestone. There was really a need for change in education. Nowadays there is scope everywhere but due to the lack of proper colleges students either visit foreign Universities or opt for another course.

Apart from world-class education facilities, the government is also planning to increase the GDP from 4% to 6% in the education sectors. They are also inviting foreign universities to invest in India. This will definitely bring a change in our education system. Now there is no need of paying an extra penny for hobby classes because they will be included within the schooling program.

All over I would like to say that this new scheme is boon in many ways and it aims to focus on creativity, multitasking, and overall development of a child’s interest. It is perfect for the new 21st century and gives a new vision of education in the future. 

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