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Games are the best way of exercising our body and mind. Games bring a thought of playing, winning or competing in us. Games are an important part of our life. We come to learn a lot and also entertain ourselves by playing games. Each of us has different choices in games. Some of us love playing indoor games while some are interested in playing outdoor games. Playing games help us in attaining health and fitness of our body and mind.

Short and Long Essays on My Favourite Game in English

I hope, these essays may help you to get better about your favourite game.

My Favourite Game Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I mostly like playing outdoor games as they are good for my health.

2) My favorite game that I love playing is cricket.

3) I play cricket every day in the evening with my friends.

4) I also love watching cricket on the television.

5) M.S. Dhoni is my favorite cricketer.

6) I’m good at batting and wicket keeping.

7) Cricket is a team game and I’m a good team player.

8) When we play cricket in the locality, my team always chooses me as a captain.

9) Recently, I also got selected for my school cricket team.

10) Scoring high runs and winning from another team gives me happiness and joy.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My Favourite Game is Badminton


Games play a very important role in the development of our mind and body. Studies along with games lead towards the overall development of a person. We can see that in schools the time table consists of two or three-game periods during a week, focusing the necessity of games along with studies. Playing games makes us healthy and fit.

Game I Play

I usually played indoor games at my home like carrom, chess and Ludo. Playing these games along with my sisters is my favourite time-pass at home. Sometimes we fixed some gifts or winning price after winning the match.

My Favourite Game is Badminton

My favourite game is badminton among all the games. It was during winter days when my mother used to wake us early in the morning for walking and studying. Since I could not study in the morning therefore I decided to play badminton in the morning. It proved to be a great exercise for me and keeping healthy. I also have the problem of mood swing and this game made me feel relaxed.

Since I had got a good practice of playing badminton, I got selected in my school badminton team. I feel energized after playing badminton. Many of the times I had played from my school side and have received the awards too. I had got a craze for this game and therefore I used to reach to the ground on time for playing with my friends.


Games are necessary for fitness. When we play outdoor games, they make us fit and give exercise to our muscles.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My Favourite Game is Hockey


It is said that the overall development of a child or a person, requires the mind and body to be fit and healthy. Playing games help us in achieving fitness of body and mind. We have seen that many people have made their career in games. There are many people who have a habit of playing games regularly. Games are also necessary as studies and other works are to us.

My Best – Loved Sport

I play many of the games like chess, carrom, and basketball. But, the game for which I have most liking is hockey. Hockey is a game which keeps us indulged. It requires attention and focuses to play this game. The game is played between two teams. Both teams play to make a goal towards the opponent’s side. I love playing as well as watching hockey matches on television. We have played for many of the matches organized in our streets.

The game of hockey consists of two teams and each team consists of 11 players. The players are playing with the spirit to make a goal. They hit the ball towards the opposite team to make a goal. The game is played on the grassy field. A single team consisting of the 11 players have 10 players and one goalkeeper. The team players have to make the ball to cross the line towards the opposite team to make a score. The players can not touch the ball by hands or legs but only by means of their stick. The goalkeeper can only touch the ball. The decision of the referee is final. The mistakes are penalized.

Hockey – as National Game of India and its Present Status

Hockey is an international game and played throughout the world. It is the national game of India. We have many of the best players in hockey in our country. Our country team has also bagged up many of the Olympic medals and trophies for winning.

It is sad to state that growth and fame of this sport have reduced from many years. Sports hockey is not getting any support over the other games like cricket in India. There is no heed towards the growth of this sport in our country. We do not have good facilities and playgrounds to support and train the aspirants. Since this game had a good history and also is our national game, therefore must be supported by the government.


Games must be a part of our daily routine. I love playing hockey and it helps in getting my mood refreshed. Every year in India, National Sports Day is celebrated in the honour of Major Dhyan Chand, a legendary hockey player.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Favourite Game: Cricket


Games are important at each and every level of our life. Small children learn many things from games. They put their imagination and thinking while playing games and also learn to inter things. Playing games for children is important as it helps in the growth and development of the child. It also helps in personality development. Many children are born with talents to play well but the practice is required, for making their talent as a carrier.

Cricket – My Favourite Sport

I play many games such as basketball, carrom, chess, and kho-kho. The game I love playing as well as watching too is none other than cricket. Sachin Tendulkar and Vivian Richards are my favourite cricketers. From my childhood, I used to play cricket in my colony. I was given the task of fielding as I was small. Though I was not very good at playing this game, I found it the most interesting sport to play and watch.

It was a favourite time pass during our summer vacations. We spent most of the time playing or waiting for our chance. There were many fights initiated in this game as people got annoyed by the loud shouting or breaking of window glasses by hitting of the ball.

Most of the people are fond of this sport, when there is a match between India and Pakistan everybody clings to the television till the match ends. When I got admission in the college for completing my higher studies, I started playing with my college team. The team captain was very talented and good at playing cricket. I learnt many things from her. Later I got selected in my college’s women cricket team and played matches with the teams inside the college. I was good at fielding and bowling.

About the Sport

Cricket is a game having two teams, each consists of eleven players. There are additional players too for substitution if some player is unable to play or injured. Before the match starts, there is a toss done by the captions and toss winning team decides what to do first either batting or balling.

The runs are scored by batting team by hitting the balls, bowled towards the wicket. The balling team stops the batting team members from making runs. Other players are involved in fielding. The decision regarding any event on the ground is made by the umpire. The game is played on the pitch which is 22 yards (20 metres) long.

Generally, we observe people and children playing in the street, playground, and stadium. All over the world, people love playing and watching cricket. This reveals the love of cricket in different generations.

Valuable Life Lessons from Cricket

Every sport gives us some valuable lessons that we can implement in our lives. Basically, we learn from each and everything we do in our life. Playing games makes us learn and enhance our qualities. Some valuable things we acquire are enlisted below:

  • Gives a lesson to learn from our failure.
  • Enriches us with the feeling of healthy competition. It will help us to excel in our school, job or other spheres of life.
  • Make us realize the difference between what is right and wrong.
  • Teaches us that practice and hard work helps us in overcoming our failure.
  • Helps in boosting our confidence and speak for what is wrong.
  • Inculcates the spirit of teamwork and benefits of working with unity in a team, with the responsibility to achieve the goal.
  • Playing games enhances planning and strategy making capabilities.


I love playing cricket as it helps me in keeping my body fit. I also find playing games as a means of entertaining myself. We should play outdoor games along with playing video or mobile games, as playing outdoor games helps in building our stamina.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by the game?

Ans. Game is an activity that helps in reducing our stress and gives us great joy.

Q.2 Which is the oldest game in the world?

Ans. The oldest game in the world is mancala.

Q.3 Why is it necessary to play games?

Ans. It is necessary to play games because it helps in keeping our mind and body healthy and fit.

Q.4 What qualities are inculcated in us by playing games?

Ans. The qualities like discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, and patience are inculcated in us by playing games.

Q.5 Which game is most popular in India?

Ans. The most popular game in India is Kabaddi.

Q.6 When did video games come into existence?

Ans. Video games came into existence in the early 1970s.

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