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The lion is one of the most powerful land animals and is also known as a big cat. They are also known as the jungle King and they roar in such a way that can be heard up to 8 km distance. Really their qualities make them special and the king of the jungle.

Short and Long Essays on Lion in English

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Lion Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Lion is a wild animal that lives in jungles.

2) Lion is a powerful animal and hence considered the king of the jungle.

3) Lions look heavy and dangerous.

4) Lions are carnivorous animals that eat other animals.

5) The average weight of a lion ranges from 180 to 190 kg.

6) Lion is the laziest animal that sleeps for about 20 hours.

7) Asiatic lion, Barbary lion, Congo lion, etc are some types of lions.

8) Lion, Panther, Jaguar, leopard, snow leopard, and tiger belong to the same family.

9) Most of the lion population is found in India in the Gir Forest.

10) Due to overhunting, lions are now among the endangered animals.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Lion: a Bravest Animal


The lion is known as one of the bravest animals. It belongs to a Felidae family (cat) and is listed among one of the biggest cats. There are five animals in this category apart from Lion, Panthera, Tiger, Snow Leopard, Jaguar, and Leopard. All of them hail from the same family and this is the reason why they look alike. A lion looks different and is considered one of the most powerful animals.

About a Lion

A lion is a wild animal with four legs and they look heavy. The male Lion has a mane which makes them look heavier; whereas the female Lion which is known as Lioness has no mane. They mostly live in the jungle and live in groups. Their group is known as ‘Pride’, they have 5 to 30 Lions in a pride. Lioness and cubs also live in these groups naming pride.

They live together and also hunt together. They sleep for 20 hours and do the remaining task in the remaining hours. These Lions are especially found in the Gir Forest India and India is known as home to these animals. They are also found in Eastern African countries, Southern Africa, etc.

Lions eat flesh and sometimes they are also seen eating grass, actually, they are not grass-eaters but they eat when they feel indigestion. Eating grass helps them to vomit and they feel better.


Different animals have different qualities and their qualities make them special. A lion is a powerful animal. In India, they also have some mythological importance and this is the reason that in some parts of the nation, people pray them.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Lion: The King of Jungle


Lions are wild animals and they live in jungles, especially in the area like sub-Saharan Africa in grasslands. They prefer living on rocky hills, or in tall grasslands instead of big trees or in areas heavily filled with trees. They are carnivorous and are also known as big cats.

Some Facts about Lions

  • The average weight of a male lion is near about 180 to 190 kg and a lioness can weigh up to 125 kg. Their weight benefits them while hunting.
  • Male lions have manes and it grows as per their age and is also protects from any kind of attack on their neck.
  • Lions living in their hotter regions get water from plants like Tsamma melon.
  • Usually, they hunt during the night and they sleep up to 20 hours. Because of their body type, they eat a lot as well as they rest a lot and hunt and perform other acts in the remaining time.
  • They also prefer hunting during storms because the noisy atmosphere helps them to hide their presence.
  • Lions believe in living in groups so they are also termed to be social animals.
  • Lioness hunt the most and the male stay to protect their pride.
  • A lion can stay for 4 days without water but can’t remain for a day without food.
  • India has the largest number of Lions in the world that can be seen in the Gir forest which is in Gujarat.
  • Lions hail from a cat family and are the only cats that live in groups.

What Does a Lion Eat?

Lions are marked as one of the laziest animals. They sleep for 20 hours and always prefer eating meat haunted by others. They are also very big stealers; they steal other’s food and have their meals.

A lion needs around 16 pounds of meat every day whereas a lioness eats 11 pounds. They prefer hunting big animals like buffalo, zebra, etc.

In some parts of the world lions also hunt human beings and they are especially found in Africa.


All of the living creatures are different from one another. Some of them are carnivorous whereas some are herbivores. They together make a balance in the ecosystem. They follow a cycle; the herbivorous animals eat grass and plants and the carnivorous animals eat them. The above mention reasons make the Lion the best and one of the most powerful animals. They have all the qualities of a king and this is the reason why other animals always fear lions.

Essay on Lion

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Lion: its Types and Why they are in Danger?


Our earth is a beautiful planet and our environment, nature, different animals, creatures, ocean, etc together make it look beautiful. Can you imagine a world without animals; yes it can be but will not be as beautiful as our earth looks now. The presence of vivid species on this planet makes it more beautiful.

The way there are some people who eat veg food and there are also people having non-veg food. Similarly, animals are also two types, some of them are herbivores whereas some of them are carnivorous. The lion is a carnivorous animal and also holds the title of the ‘Jungle King’. Its unique qualities and abilities make it the best to hold the above title. There are different types.

Types of Lion

Lions are of different types depending on the place and region. They differ in their looks and I have mentioned them below:

Barbary lion

They are especially found in North Africa; it is a rare breed of Lion family. The other names of a Barbary lion are Atlas lion, Egyptian lion, and North African lion.

They are considered to be the biggest of the Lion species and their weight varies from 250 kg to 300 kg.

Asiatic lion

The name itself defines its place and it is mainly found in India in the Gir National park. It is the largest surviving species of Lions in the world.

They are a bit short in comparison to African Lions and they are spread in an area of 20,000 km. They weigh up to 190kg (male) and 120kg (female).

Asiatic lions have a double-layered longitudinal fold near their stomach and belly area. This gives them a new look and they also have less hair as compared to an African lion. Due to the presence of fewer hairs near the neck area their ears are easily visible. This makes them look different.

West African lion

Panthera leo leo is especially found in West Africa and is one of the rarest breeds. In the beginning, it was found in entire Africa but now it is limited up to some areas. The population of this breed has decreased continuously. It was also marked in the Red List. These types of lions have no mane and they live in small pride.

Transvaal lion

The lion which is also known as Panthera leo Kruger is commonly found in South Africa. In some parts, it is also known as Southeastern lion. They are comparatively big and can weigh up to 550 pounds (male) and 400 pounds (female). They have a lot of names and its color turns darker as per age. All lions are born hunters but Transvaal is known as the best because of their body structure. Their body length can extend up to 10 feet, they live up to 13 to 25 years like other lions. They are white toned which makes them look more attractive.

Congo lion

Also known as Panthera leo azandica and central African lion. They are found in Uganda. The only difference of Congo lion is their mane which is of dark tone; whereas others have different colour tones depending on their age and some other factors. But Congo has a dark-toned mane which makes it different from others.

Why Lions are in Danger?

Some major reasons behind why some species in the red list are;

  • Hunting was not illegal before and in old days people use to go for hunting and it was a matter of pride to hunt a lion. So, this is one of the major reasons.
  • Overpopulation, the world is growing and people are expanding there are as a result new industries and residential areas are build, and forests are demolished.
  • Used in medicinal purposes, at some places lions and tigers were hunted illegally for medicinal purposes which also affected their number.


We should contribute our part to save our animals; either it is a lion or a Tiger. All of us have the right to live and we should understand that the earth is not our own property. Animals and other living creatures have equal rights to live. Lions are the pride of the jungle and should be saved.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What does Lion symbolize?

Ans. The lion is the symbol of bravery and courage.

Q.2 What are group of Lions called?

Ans. The group of Lions is called pride.

Q.3 What is the gestation period of a female lion?

Ans. The gestation period in a female lion is about 110 days.

Q.4 What is the average lifespan of a Lion?

Ans. A Lion has a life span of about 15-20 years.

Q.5 How many days can Lions live without eating?

Ans. Lions can live 14 days without eating.

Q.6 What is the running speed of Lion?

Ans. The running speed of the lion is 81 km/hr.

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