Essay on Is Milk a Complete Meal

Is Milk a Complete Meal

Good health is necessary for leading a happier life. We all have been taught by our parents and teachers to take a healthy diet and drink a glass of milk every day as it is a complete meal. I think it is true that many of us love drinking milk but some of us do not like drinking milk and therefore try to skip it every day even after getting scolded by our parents. Isn’t it true? We are advised to drink milk every day and therefore we must know that why it is important for us.

Short and Long Essay on Is Milk a Complete Meal in English

10 Lines Essay on Is Milk a Complete Meal (100-120 Words)

1) Milk is a liquid that keeps us healthy and fit.

2) Milk is a good source of calcium, potassium, vitamins, and phosphorus.

3) Milk is considered a complete meal due to its high nutritional value.

4) Milk also gives us protein in high amounts.

5) Milk can be consumed in different forms like milkshakes, tea, curd, etc.

6) Milk is necessary for the growth and development of children.

7) It keeps our immune system strong and healthy.

8) Milk makes our bones, muscles, and teeth stronger.

9) Milk contains all the vital nutrients and gives us instant energy.

10) Consuming cow milk is healthier for people of all age groups.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Milk is an important constituent of our daily diet and is consumed by all of us either as a whole or in form of tea, coffee, milkshakes, milk products, etc. Milk is enriched with every essential nutrient that is required by the body and therefore it is stated as a complete food. It is advised by the doctors that milk must be consumed by people of every age group to be healthy and fit. People who are not able to digest milk are advised to consume products made from milk.

Milk makes us Healthy and Strong

The consumption of milk is considered good for health. It gives us energy and helps in strengthening our bones and teeth. Milk is most essential for children who are growing age. They need essential nutrients that are necessary for growth and development. Milk enhances our immune system and makes us healthy and fit. The people who reside in villages are stronger than the people living in cities. It is because village people get pure milk but people in cities have very few options of getting pure milk.

Adulteration in milk affects its purity

Adulteration in milk has become a very common practice these days. People add water and other chemicals in the milk to increase its quantity and earn more money. The process of adulteration in milk deteriorates the quality of milk. The nutrient value of milk decreases and it is not healthy to consume impure milk.

Why is milk white in color?

We all have noticed that most milk is white in color. It is because all the constituents of milk are also white in color. Milk is composed of water that is colorless and reflects all the colors. Every nutrient present in milk also reflects all the colors. Thus, the color of milk is white.


We all must try to inculcate the habit of drinking milk every day as it is a complete meal in itself.

I have also provided a long essay with details of this topic. I am sure that you will include milk in your daily diet after you know the importance of drinking it daily.

How Milk is a Complete Meal – Long Essay (950 Words)


The word ‘Milk’ itself brings our attention towards the food of the healthy diet. We have seen the picture of a glass of milk in books, videos, television, newspapers, etc. in healthy diet charts for good health. Even a small child learns that milk is very important for our body. Many have the habit of drinking milk every day in the morning or before sleeping at the night.

What is Milk?

A generally white-colored liquid food that is produced by mammals to feed their babies is called milk. It is full of nutrients essential for the growth and development of human beings. Milk is the first food for a baby of animals and human beings till the baby is unable to digest solid food. It is not only consumed by the babies and small children but also by the adults in their diet. Milk is termed as a complete food and is prescribed by many dieticians and doctors for good health. There are different types of milk like cream milk, skimmed milk, dry milk, etc.

How do We Obtain Milk?

Babies are breastfed by their mothers in both animals and humans. As we grow up we drink milk that is obtained from different animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, etc. These days milk is also available in packets. Raising the cows and buffaloes for milk has become a big business nowadays. There are many industries that provide the milk contained in the packets of certain quantities. We can buy this packet of milk from any shops in the market. The milk is pasteurized before drinking. Boiling the milk before drinking is necessary as it kills the bacteria that may cause disease when taken in raw form.

Uses of Milk – We all are well aware of the fact that milk is a nutrient-rich liquid food meant for drinking. Moreover, milk is also used for many other purposes too. It is used as a chief constituent in making several products like Ghee, cream, cheese, butter, khoya, curd, etc. Many sweets are also prepared by using milk.

We use milk to prepare tea and coffee. The people who hate drinking milk can taste these products that are prepared from milk only.

Importance of Milk for Health

People have been drinking milk that is obtained from different animals for years. There are many countries in the world where people consume more milk. India is the largest producer of milk and also exports it in other countries. Milk is a wholesome liquid diet that contains the essential elements required by the body for its growth and development. It is most necessary for the children that are in the growing age. It is because they need a good diet for their proper physical and mental development. It is also essential for the expecting mothers for a good heath of baby and mother. Milk is said to be a body-building food as it helps in building our bones and muscles. The essential elements in the milk are required for strong teeth and bones.

Many people after reaching the age of fifty or more are caught up with several types of diseases like osteoporosis and other health issues. Their bones start weakening because of the deficiency of calcium and potassium. There are many pills that are prescribed by the doctors and are not efficient in getting recovery from the disease. Milk is most important for these people as it will help them to recover faster from these health issues as it is the natural source of calcium and potassium. Cow’s milk is said to be most beneficial and to be taken daily by both young and adults.

Is Milk a Complete Meal?

New-born babies are fed by the milk of their mother. They cannot intake anything other than milk for about 6 months. Milk is the only food that a baby is fed with and it helps in the growth and development of bones and muscles of the baby. Milk is a complete liquid food that contains every essential constituent that is needed for our body. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, and fibers. These all are needed by our body for getting a healthy body.

According to me, milk is a complete meal as it contains almost all the vital nutrients that are required for a healthy body except iron. Milk is rich in two types of proteins i.e. Casein and Whey protein. These proteins help in bodybuilding and recovering damaged cells as they contain all nine types of essential amino acids required by the body. These proteins are also helpful in inhibiting the risks of heart diseases, cancers, and other health issues. High protein in the milk helps in weight loss too.

Milk is a source of high calcium and potassium that helps in making our bones and teeth stronger. Carbohydrates in form of lactose sugar present in the milk provide us with instant energy. All types of vitamins and minerals that are needed for our body are present in milk. These vitamins especially Vitamin-B helps in the healthy functioning of the nervous system of the body. Therefore milk can be considered to be a perfectly complete food that is important for a healthy mind and body.


Milk is an essential component of a healthy balanced diet. We must develop a habit of drinking a glass of milk every day. It will help in strengthening our muscles and bones. We must try to get pure milk instead of the adulterated milk that is sold in the market. Adulterated milk will not be as healthy as pure milk.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions

Q.1 When is the ‘World Milk Day’ celebrated?

Ans. 1st June is celebrated as world milk day throughout the world.

Q.2 Why milk is white is color?

Ans. Milk is white in color due to presence casein protein in milk.

Q.3 Which bacteria are responsible for the formation of curd from milk?

Ans. The Lactobacillus bacteria are responsible for the formation of curd from milk.

Q.4 Which nutrient is not present in milk?

Ans. Vitamin C and folate are the nutrients that are not present in milk.

Q.5 Which country is the largest producer of milk in whole world?

Ans. India is the largest producer of milk in whole world.

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