Essay on How to Operate a Device

How to Operate a Device

Technology has led to the invention of different devices. These devices are meant to ease the complexity of our work. We have been blessed with several types of devices that are useful to us in different ways. The use of the devices becomes easier for us when we are familiar with their working procedures. When we buy a product or device and open it we find a user manual with the same that helps in getting known with the working procedure of the device.

Short and Long Essay on How to Operate a Device in English

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10 Lines Essay on How to Operate a Device (100-120 Words)

1) A device is a thing that is responsible for making our tasks easier.

2) In this technological period, we are blessed with several multipurpose devices.

3) In order to manipulate the working of a device we need to operate it.

4) Every device has a different method of operating and using it.

5) Some devices do not need electricity and can be operated manually.

6) Many devices like television, video games, etc can be operated by remotes.

7) The upcoming devices like Alexa can be operated through voice recognition.

8) Certain advanced devices can be managed through mobile applications.

9) Many household devices work on electricity but you can operate them through buttons.

10) Devices such as smartphones are operated just by touching the screens.

Short Essay – 250 Words


We are surrounded by different types of devices. These devices are the blessing of science and technology and have been invented to make our work faster and easier. We can get the benefit of these devices only when we know the procedure to operate that particular device. All the devices do not have the same operating procedure and so we need to learn about the operating procedure of every device before bringing it into our use.

Smart phones and computers reducing the work complexity

People earlier did all the calculations manually and they note down everything on paper. It was time taking process and the chances of mistakes in calculations were very common. The advent of computers and smartphones has reduced this complexity. Nowadays smartphone is present in every house of the societies. The people in villages still lag behind in using these smart technologies. It is because they find difficulty in understanding and learning the operating procedure of these devices.

Digital devices putting constraints on older generations

The development of digital devices is good for the younger generation but they are putting a major constraint on the people of older generations. It is because they do not have the habit to use these devices. They feel difficulty in operating these devices. It has become more complicated for older generation people who work in offices or banks where the manual system of working has been replaced by digital devices. It is mandatory for every organization and system to make the people understand the new devices and their operating procedures before bringing them into use.


The knowledge of the operating procedure of devices helps us in using the devices in a proper way. This also reduces the chance of frequent damage to the devices.

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How to Operate a Device – Long Essay (970 Words)


In today’s world, life is moving at a very fast pace. We cannot imagine our lives without the use of different devices. The use of these devices makes our life easier and more relaxing. We can finish our work in less time. It is more appropriate to state that the invention of these devices has changed our lifestyle. They are more efficient and reduce the workload by making it simpler and time-saving.

What is a Device?

The device can be referred to as assimilated tool or medium that aids in our work. The invention of different devices traces its root to the development of technology. This is a science era and we are totally dependent on different kinds of technologies in our lives. Day by day new invented devices are replacing the older ones with older technologies.

When are talking about the devices than the most necessary thing is to discuss its operating procedure. Nowadays we are familiar with certain devices that we use in our daily life. We need to know regarding the operating procedure of the device when it is bought new as every device is operated in a unique way. We are not friendly and known with the device until and unless we come to know how the particular device is working.

Different Ways of Operating Devices

The operating procedure enables us with the working of devices. It is different for all devices. Some of the operating methods are enlisted below:

  • Manually – There are many devices that do not need any power and can easily be operated by our hands.
  • Remotes – Some of the appliances or devices are controlled and run by remote. We need to know about the functioning of different buttons in the remote to operate these types of devices.
  • Voice Recognition – Due to the advancing technologies there are many devices that are very sensitive and can be operated by commanding them by whatever we say. Alexa is a recently invented application that helps in understanding the voice commands so that the device may work.
  • Smart Applications – Computers, mobiles, laptops, etc. have become very common in our lives today and can be easily operated by the smart application provided by the android and ios system software.

About Some Common Devices

There are different kinds of devices that we bring into our use in our daily lives. We can take the help of devices in making our work easier in cooking, washing, studying, office works, etc. Therefore the devices are also categorized on this basis. Some devices are very easy to be operated while some are provided with a complex working procedure. Here are the examples of the working process of some devices that we are using in our daily lives.

  • Entertainment Devices

The devices like television, radio, video games, etc. are classified as entertainment devices. They can only work with power and are controlled by remote systems. The remote contains different buttons and we can easily switch on, change channels, perform different functions and switch off the device by a remote provided with the device. There is also a user manual that guides us and gives us the information about the device and its operation.

  • Computing Devices

The devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. comes under the category of computing devices. Computers are the most important form of the invention. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. are the advanced forms of computers. The operating procedure of the computers is controlled by the operating systems in the computer. This helps in developing the communication between us and computer as well as between the different parts of the computer. The operating system provides several applications through which we can find solution to our problems. These applications need to be understood well for using it. They are not very difficult and can be easily used to perform different tasks. Android is one of the most used operating system that helps in operating the device.

These devices help us in enhancing the task efficiency, communication, studying procedures, etc. They have become the necessity in our lives.

  • Household Appliances

The appliances like washing machine, mixer grinder, hair drier, iron, refrigerators, toaster, etc. are the devices that make our work easier. They help in reducing our time and effort in completing our tasks. These devices need not to be operated manually but work on power. We need to know how we can bring them into our use. They work by utilizing the power as we press the button for different tasks provided in the appliance.

  • Solar Devices

The devices that work on the principle of solar energy are termed as solar devices. Solar water heater, solar cells, solar cooker, solar charger, etc. are classified under the solar devices. They work by the energy they get by the sun. The thermal energy gets in different appliances is made into use or stored for later use.

Are Devices a Blessing to Human Beings?

Earlier when the technology was not developed people use to do all the work manually. This would take lot of time and effort. Slowly and gradually the technological advancements left behind those times by the invention of several devices. This was really a blessing for mankind as these devices could make the work easier and less time taking. Today we are well provided with different types of devices involving newer techniques and that is replaced eventually by the upcoming technologies.


The knowledge of the method of operating the devices is a way of making people user-friendly. This helps in avoiding any kind of accident or side effect. We can be familiar to a device only when we know how it works. By knowing the operating procedure of the devices we can bring them into our best usage.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which type of device is an emergency light?

Ans. An emergency light is a battery-operated device.

Q.2 Which device is used in establishing communication of a PC with a networking device?

Ans. NIC (Network Interface Card) is a component in PC that helps in developing communication of a PC with a networking device.

Q.3 What is Joystick used for?

Ans. Joystick is an input device and used for computer gaming.

Q.4 Which type of Device is Digital Camera?

Ans. Digital Cameras are input devices.